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 22nd December 2013

Just three more days to Christmas. I wish all my family and friends a "Very Happy and wonderful Christmas". May all your wishes come true.

The last 12 months have een a very mixed bag for me. I had knee surgery in January and it was almost April before I could properly walk again. However within a few short days I somehow managed to hurt my knee, it twisted out, and then could not walk again until June. By April two of my cats were pregnant, which then made things more difficult for me. I am lucky that I have Carol and Lorraine helping me. They love my cats and without their help I could no longer carry on breeding.

Fortunately we had some lovely weather during July and August and with the help from my neighbour Roger a lot of the much needed repair work on the cat houses was carried out. Storm`s pen got a complete revamp and had a new queens pen built. I was struggling with the painting, especially the lower sections of the walls in the cat houses. Had to be painted lying flat on the floor to paint under the queens pen, which hangs on the wall. That is when I came to realise just how disabled I was. Once lying down I then could not get up, as there was nothing to hand onto to lever myself upright. It is surprising how inventive one can become when needed. All the outside concrete floors were painted again and with my rheumatoid hands this took quite a long time and many days.

Carol helped with the garden as usual and I managed to plant up all of the Hanging Baskets. Downside of those is the watering on hot days. I can no longer lift a 2 gallon can and everything just took twice as long. I usually managed to work 14-16 hour days and it helped with losing weight. Sadly it has not taken long to put it all on again since October.

I had some lovely kittens over the Summer months and all their new owners are very happy. Sadly 3 of my Mums had to have Caesars and were spayed at the same time and re-homed when their kittens had gone. All 3 produced some of their kittens with no problems, but then a last one was left behind and the Caesars had to be done. It was Delights 1st litter and Calypso and Cupcake were only 2 years old and on their 2nd litter. As a breeder it is very hard to lose ones cats at such a young age, but I have kept some of their offspring.

Show winners have been the kittens Sargenta Silver Dixie- silver tabby- and Sargenta Silver Diamond - silver spotted- belonging to Angela Gage in Northern Ireland in January. Their 1st show wins see: 2nd March. 1st CC awarded on 7.9.13 for Diamond and 1st CC & BoB also to Sargenta Silver Dixie. Dixie went on to become Best British Adult in Show. On 2nd November both cats were shown at the Ulster All Breed Show were both of them gained their 2nd CC`s with Diamond getting BoB and 1st in all his side classes. Dixie also awarded 1st and 2nd in side classes.

 In Belgium Desmond and Davina did well on 7th April. Sargenta Silver Desmond was awarded his 1st CAC in Hannut Belgium on 10/11th August, followed by his 2nd and 3rd CAC on 14/15th this month in Weisweiler Germany. Certificates given by Dutch and German judges. Desmond is now made up to Champion and my 115`s Titled cat. Many congratulations to Virginie Polemans, his very proud owner.

Sargenta Silver Belinda - my silver tabby girl- had 6 beautiful kittens on 25th July this year to my, now neutered, boy Ch Countrystyle Silver Isaac. A truly outstanding litter. The last kittens from Isaac and I have kept 3 of them. On 19th October at the Kentish Show in Maidstone Belinda

was awarded her 3rd CC and made up to Champion. Sargenta Silver Emperor - silver tabby- made his debut at the same show. He is a son of Isaac and Sargenta silver Cupcake. In his side classes he got 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd. As Cupcake had the Caesar and was spayed I have also kept his tabby sister Ella-May.

The sad news this year is that Sargenta Silver Earl - silver tabby kitten from Isaac to Tigatails Brandysnap born 19th May got run over in November. He was a really stunning boy I had originally intended to keep as stud, but then kept Emperor. The owner is devastated. It was a dark and wet November evening when she opened her front door to a caller. She did not realise that Earl was right behind her until he ran out and straight into the road in front of a car.

The second kitten we sadly lost was one of the beautiful Belinda Isaac kittens put to sleep due to a Liver shunt on 17th December. A huge loss to his beloved owner and myself. We are still devastated. Breeding does have its sad days as well as the good ones.

I shall be spending some of my time on Christmas day with my grand daughter Hayley, who has just moved into her new Bungalow. My son Derek and his wife Tracey (Hayleys parents) will also be there as well as Hayley`s partner. I will be back home late afternoon to feed the cats and kittens.

Desiree is pregnant to have kittens 31st December - 2nd Jan 2014. Hopefully it will all go alright and no Caesar!

Look forward to Lizz Benson designing a new website for me soon.

Ursula and Sargenta Cats

Essex Cat Show

 13th April 2013

My sincere "Thank You" to Natalie of Tigatails for taking Sargenta Silver Belinda - silver tabby to the show for me today. I was able to go to the show during the afternoon with my friend Jane, who gave me a lift. Belinda was awarded her 2nd consecutive CC. BoB again went to the lovely silver tabby boy Polesden Dynamic Duke, who was also awarded the Reserve Grand. Congratulations to Nikki. Natalie`s girl Tigatails Silver Angel was awarded her 2nd Grand and her spotted boy Tigatails Calvin Harris his 2nd CC and BoB. Helen of Metallicat also got CC & BoB with her spotted boy Metallicat Silver William. Both boys were sired by my Champion Khancoban Silver Fox - silver spotted. I had a lovely 3 hours at the show enjoying meeting old friends, some of which I had not seen for years.

 7th April 2013

 Cat Show Liege - Belgium

Congratulations to Virginie Polemans, who was at the cat show in Liege with her kittens Sargenta Silver Desmond - silver spotted and Sargenta Silver Davina - silver tabby. Both kittens were awarded their Ex 1 certificates and Desmond went on to win Best in Show kitten, age 6-9 month. Virginie went on to tell me that the judge was very pleased with Desmond. I am pleased that Virginie is looking after them so well as they have to be in tip top condition to win at the shows and I thank her for this.

 Preston & Blackpool show

 23rd March 2013

Congratulations to Elaine Lucas and UK GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted for gaining his fifth and Final Imperial Certificate today and thereby the Title of Imperial GrCh. He is now UK Imp GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam. Quite amazing when considering that Uilliam will be 10 years old in June this year. It shows how long the British Cats can be shown and still look good. He beat a younger cat on the day.

 I have also had the pleasure of looking after Sargenta Silver Lotti aka Duchess for the last 10 days. She is 18 years old now, still feeding two pouches as well as biscuits per day, very alert and quite sprightly for her age. She was sold as a kitten together with her spotted sister Lieseanna who died last year. My Sargent made it to 19 1/2. The silvers appear to be quite a hardy breed and many I have sold over the years have made it to 17 years and beyond.

 2nd March 2013

 Northern Ireland Cat Club Show

Congratulations to my kittens Sargenta Silver Dixie - Silver Tabby and Sargenta Silver Diamond aka Darcy - Silver spotted. Both won their 1st Open class, now called Breed Class- and Diamond was awarded Best of Breed. He was also awarded 1st in all his side classes. Dixie also got two first places in her side classes. My grateful thanks to Angela Gage, their owner, for showing them so well. The kittens are just 4 months old and both had a wonderful day, very relaxed and happy.

Sargenta Silver Belinda - silver tabby - made her show debut at the Southern British Shorthair show today. She was awarded her first CC. BoB went to a very beautiful male Polesden Silver Duke. Belinda is a mature girl of nearly 3 years old, but I very rarely get to take a cat to a show now. It was thanks to the generosity of Nikki Abbey that Belinda got her chance to shine. Thank you Nikki for taking her to the show for me. I wanted to go with Nikki, but was not well enough on the day.


 25th February 2013

 Cat Show in Germany

Congratualtions to my kittens Sargenta Silver Davina - silver tabby and Sargenta Silver Desmond - silver spotted for being awarded their EX 1 certificates in Germany today. Thank you to their Belgian owner Virginie Polemans for presenting them in such good condition. Both are a real credit to her. Their show reports are excellent and I am looking forward to their show news when they are Adults.

 23rd February 2013

 Coventry & Leicester Show

Many congratulations to Imperial Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Yoella - silver Tabby. She was awarded her 5th and final Imperial Certificate today and thereby the Title. She was also awarded Best of Breed and had an all red card day. Many thanks to her owner Jolanta Axon for showing her so well. It takes a lot of hard work to get a cat in good show condition to get this High Reward. Well done to both Jolanta and Yoella.

24th January 2013


Anyone wishing for an early death just book into the NHS hospital for surgery and it will happen. My experience yesterday taught me that for certain. Whilst waiting for surgery neither the doctor nor the Aneathetist could find any of my records for the impending surgery. Pre op papers at Maidstone, I was at Pembury. Which knee are we doing? I had to tell them. No green form with info, NO, Maidstone had run out of them, it is a white one. Could not find. No ECG, no blood records, no records from previous surgery which showed heart problems. Answer from surgeon, you are on the list now, lets get on with it, you have given us verbal information, that will be enough. Supposed to have Epidural, told them that I could not be given it, previous records. Well, we will go for General, never mind what happened before. Booked overnight stay, put in Taxi 6 hours after surgery and sent home to empty house. No care in place. Could not inform Social Services from Day care ward, was supposed to be in proper ward, no beds! Had to use my own paracetamol from handbag, none available, no doctor there to prescribe. Given fragmin injections to do myself at home today and tomorrow. Taxi dropped me in drive to walk to front door. Large bandage on knee to stay on for 4 days, fell around my ankles within half an hour of getting home. Rang doctors surgery today about bandage, answer: can you not do it yourself? May come out tomorrow for further bloodtests. It got worse today, but hey! I am alive - just!!!"!!


5th Jnuary 2013

Show News

The New Year has got off to a great start with the Shorthair Cat Society`s show. Yolanta Axons GrCh Sargenta Silver Yoella was awarded her 4th Imperial Grand Challenge. Elaine Lucas` Sargenta Silver Barbie won her 1st CC & Best of Breed and Jack Pantings GrCh Ronaldo Silver Simo was also awarded his 1st Imperial. My warmest congratulations to the owners and their lovely cats. Lizz of Limatz did also very well, especially with her non-silvers.

I had a slightly better Day as the Chemo drugs and steroids finally seem to be working and I can use my hands a bit better. Still only able to walk with a frame, but hopefully improving with time. I was in remission for 2 years with the Rheumatoid Arthritis, but at present it is a flare up causing serious problems. Waiting for urgent Surgery for a torn cartilage in my left knee and it will depend very much on when this takes place as to how quickly I can walk again.


31st December 2012

 Just 3 more hours and the New Year will have arrived. I wish everyone a Very Happy 2013.

Christmas 2012

To all my family and my friends in the UK and around the World I wish you a "Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas"

 15th December 2012

 Maidstone & Medway Cat Club Show

Congratulations to Natalie and my new Champion Sargenta Silver Annelis - silver spotted-  1st in Breed Class, CC & BoB, 2nd and 3rd in large side classes. Thank you Natalie for showing her so well. She looked superb yesterday and got some lovely remarks on Face Book.

Also made up to Champion yesterday was my own new stud boy Ch Revodna Silverstorm - silver tabby. 1st in Breed class and CC, extra second in large side class.

 Best of Breed went to Georgie Dunstone`s Jorjeez Madame Butterfly - silver tabby girl- bred out of my Sargenta Silver Blanche.. Well done Georgie and congratulations also to your German Import Gryffindors Silver Peaches - silver tabby kitten.

 I owe Natalie and her husband Lee a huge Thank you for taking Storm to the show for me. Without their help I would not now have another two Champions made up, both in 3 straight shows. We were extremely lucky with the weather. Only 3 days ago the temperature was minus 7 degrees, yesterday it was plus 10, warm and sunny.

 As usual the Maidstone & Medway show was run superbly by Sheila Heavens and Keith Game, with the same precision in which Anne Gregory and her husband Brian did so successfully each year in Gillingham, making it festive as a Christmas show and closing at 4pm. I just wish it would move back to Maidstone and not stay so far away in Bracknell. We would like to see the show back in the County of Kent, where the Club started and held it in Maidstone for many years. I attended my first Maidstone show with Sargeant in 1981.

 24th November 2012

 Supreme Show - NEC Brimingham

Fantastic News from Elaine Lucas this morning. Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted - was awarded his 2nd UK Grand today and thereby the Title of

UK Grand Champion. Uilliam was born to UK GrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego and Ch Sargenta Silver Tracey in June 2003. He is a working stud boy and great credit must go to his owner Elaine and her family to keep a 9 year old cat in such superb condition to win this High Award . Many congratulations. Uilliam also holds 4 Imperial Certificates and needs just one more for that title.

 20th October 2012

 Kentish Cat Club Show

What a brilliant day! Ch Khancoban Silver Fox - my lovely spotted stud boy- was awarded the Reserve Grand Challenge, Best of Breed and Best of Variety British Adult. He also got 1st in all his side classes. He is now putting on weight for the winter and has the most superb short coat and lovely spots. His breeder Ann Cooper can be rightly proud of him. Fox is siring some lovely kittens.

I also took Revodna Silver Storm - my silver tabby boy- to the show. Storm was awarded his 2nd Challenge Certificate and also took Best of Breed. Storm is only just over a year old and has a lot of growing to do, but has sired some quality kittens already.

Helen of Metallicat made up to Champion her tabby girl silver Eclipse and Natalie of Tigatails was awarded CC for her silver spotted girl Bacardi queen. Georgie got 1st and Best of Variety kitten with her tabby girl Jorjeez Madame Butterfly bred out of Lesley Miles` GrCh Tufton Topolino, with Natalie taking 2nd with Tigatails Crystal-Lily. Apart from Fox, my outcross boy, all of the other cats mentioned have lots of Sargenta cats in their pedigrees. It is really heartwarming to see how all the years of my hard work are now continuing with other breeders and there are some really nice quality silver cats being bred.

On a personal note i had my cataract surgery done on my other eye on Wednesday and so far things look alright. I was obviously not supposed to go to a cat show only 3 days after surgery, but as the show was held in Maidstone only a short distance from my house, I could just vet the cats in and then go home for most of the day. I enjoyed a couple of hours during the afternoon meeting up with my breeder friends. Yesterday would have been my 57th Wedding Anniversary and Fred and I always celebrated this at the Kentish show. It was a bit sad to be without him for the first time this year.

 7th October 2012

 Tabby Cat Club Show

Many congratulations to Jolanta Axon and all three fabulous wins she had today. GrCh Sargenta Silver Yoella- Silver Tabby - was awarded her 3rd Imperial Grand and BoB . She also had an all red card Day.

 Yoella`s daughter Ch Delphinium Sweetheart - Silver Spotted -  was awarded Grand Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed.

 Jolanta`s third entry Ch Delphinium Galahad - Silver Spotted -was awarded his 3rd CC and madce up to Champion. He also has many Sargenta cats on his pedigree.

What a fabulous Day for Jolanta, not often you get 3 cats all winning top awards at any one show. It shows how well looked after they are to be in such fabulous condition. Well done to all of you and I wish I could have been there.

15th September 2012

 East Sussex Cat Club Show

Many congratulations to my baby stud boy Revodna Silverstorm on being awarded his 1st CC and BoB. My warmest Thanks to Natalie of Tigatails and her husband Lee for taking Storm to the show. Without their help this win would not have happened, as I can no longer travel or be at a cat show all day. Sadly no longer well enough, but I miss it. Maidstone show coming up. At least it is only 1 mile down the road and I can go home during the day for some of the time. Looking forward to seeing other cats and browsing stalls.

 25th August 2012

 South Western Counties Show

Congratulations to Anne Cooper and Sargenta Silver Dempsey. this was Dempsey`s first show and he was awarded 1st Open & BoB. He also had an all red card Day.

John Hansson judged the Open Class and I am always pleased when my cats win under him. He is a very strict taskmaster and has no hesitation to withold when not up to standard.

Dempsey is the same mating which produced Cataboutown and more than likely my last Isaac kitten. Isaac has decided not to mate anything at all now.just kisses his queens and walks away. Totally frustrating for everyone concerned, not least of all the girls I put to him.

 14rh July 2012

 Lincoln & Humberside cat show

Many congratulations to Joanna Reddington and Ch Sargenta Cataboutown - silver tabby- being awarded 2 CC`s today and thereby getting the Title of Champion. Toby is a beautiful boy and one of the nicest kittens I have had from Ch Countrystyle Silver Isaac to Sargenta Silver Belinda. The Best of Breed went to Julie Saxby`s Graygees Top Gun, a much older and more mature boy. He is also Sargenta, his sire being Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador and GrCh Sargenta Silver Veronica. Well done

 Julie and Gunner.

Sargenta Titled cats now number 113 and you can count them to confirm on the Roll of honour

I still have two lovely boys from Isaac and Belinda for Sale ready next week

 27th June 2012

Owing to people`s holiday arrangements I now have for sale 1 stunning silver tabby boy from Bernice and Isaac, ready to leave 7/8th July and two further silver tabby boys from Belinda to Isaac ready to leave 14/15th July.

 9th June 2012

 London Cat Club Show

Many congratulations to Jack Panting and Ch Ronaldo Silver Simo silver spotted -on winning the Grand today and Best of Breed. Well deserved, he is a beautiful cat. Congratulations also to the Khan family with Ch Sargenta Silver Cornelius - silver tabby - being awarded the Reserve Grand. I wish I could go to cat shows again as I really miss this. I would like to take Storm. Maybe someone will give me a lift sometime.

Congratulations to Lesley Miles of Tufton Prefix winning Best of Variety Kitten. I hear he is beautiful! Well done Lesley.

 2nd June 2012

 Cat Show Merseyside

I just heard from Joanne Reddington that Sargenta Cataboutown (Toby) was awarded his 1st CC and BoB today. He also did well in his side classes. Many congratulations to Toby and Joanne. Congratulations also to GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam on being awarded his 4th Imperial and Best of Breed. This is truly a magnificent achievement, especially as he is nearly 9 years old. It would be nice if he got his 5th and the Title, but if this is not to be I for one am very happy that he has gone as far as this. It shows what a beautiful cat he still is and that is largely due to his owner Elaine and her family. Many congratulations.

 29th May 2012

Home again after having spend another week in coronary care. Now on Warfarin. Betablockers and Statins. It has all been a bit of a shock and I had not expected to be kept in hospital after collapsing with heart problems whilst having my plaster taken of my foot. I had hoped that the tablets I was given for the heart problems after the initial surgery would have done the trick and that the problem was solved, but unfortunately this was not the case. At least the CT scan was clear. The foot surgery was successful in so far that I can actually walk unaided and without pain.

 16th May 2012

 Cat show in Moscow

I hear from Elena Zharova today that International Champion Sargenta Silver Blade - Silver spotted- was awarded his Title at the show in Moscow this month. He is now 2 years old and fully mature. Well done Elena and many congratulations.


6th May 2012

 Cat Show Hagen, Germany

Had a telephone call from Dany Costerman in Germany this afternoon. Sargenta Silver Aramis - silver Tabby was awarded the Title of International Grand Champion.

My warmest congratulaltions to Dany and the Costerman family. Thank you for looking after my lovely boy so well. He is the son of Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador who is now neutered and living in retirement.


1st of May 2012


Not exactly the right weather, but hopefully some sunshine this afternoon.

I had my foot surgery on the 25th as planned, but under General Anaesthetic and not the Local I had expected. Also the surgery could not be completed in its entirity and I have to have more in 6 months time. Unfortunately I flat lined under the Anaesthetic and have a heart problem. At present tablets are controlling this, but I still have high blood pressure and black outs as well. Neither very safe nor comfortable, but science is such, that it can hopefully be fixed with time.

I still have to live with an awful amount of stress to sort out everything required after Fred`s death. The funeral costs are extortinate and his Pensions have died with him. I have no idea if I can carry on living in the house we have lived in for 57 years on just one small Pension Income. If I have to move I will mosty certainly lose the cats and the breeding side of that, and that is one thing I don`t really want to dwell on right now. Although Fred has been in the care Home for 2 1/2 years now I miss him terribly. He was only just down the road and I could see him whenever I wanted, and used to visit mostly every Sunday Morning. I find it incredibly hard that he is no longer there and did not expect this at all.

 I have more kittens expected in June, but it is nowhere near enough to fill my waiting list. I still have three cats to mate up, but they are not calling as yet. They are still young. Mid Summer should hopefully see some progress.

 20th April 201


Today I laid Fred to Rest.

 My eldest son Derek helped me to do the order of Service and we both spent many hours on the computer. Derek did a wonderful job and did me and Fred proud. He underestimated the emotional toll it would take to read the poem "I did not die", but managed to get through it. As Fred had serviced in the RAF for 24 years, I followed his wishes to have the March of the Royal Air Force played, when entering the Crematorium. We had two Hymns, namely "The Lord is my Shephard" and "He who would valiant be". The Vicar did the Reading, Eulogy and Tributes, finishing with Prayers and the Final Blessing. Peter Nicholson, a very good friend, Played "The Last Post" on his MIlitary Bugle. That for me was very poignant and very special and the Highlight of the Service. Fred would have loved it and wherever he is now, was hopefully aware of it.

I had my three sons with me and saw them together for the first time in many years. I also had three of my grand daughters there as well. Everyone lives so far apart, it is not very often one can get families together. I still had the family church candle. This was lit at our Wedding in 1956, used at the Christening of the three boys and was lit again for Fred.

Apart from Family I was suppported by many friends from the Cat Fancy. Fred was a huge part of my Life with the breeding of our Silver Tabby and Spotted cats for 30 years. He built the cat houses and took me to shows. His Hobbies were Photography, Painting and Gardening and he left that legacy behind for all to see. He was racing Motorbikes at Brands Hatch in 1935, nowadays a well known Racing Circuit in Kent. He always drove the car like a bike and I shall never know how he avoided getting a speeding ticket. His driving influenced me and his sons. Working on engines was child`s play for him, he worked on the engines of Flying boats and other aircraft when stationed with the RAF in Iraq in 1936. That knowledge came in handy when putting Central Heating in the house in the 1960`s and with so many other things he did for me, which I now have to pay for.

After his stroke in April 1999 he was sadly left with vascular dementia, which got him very frustrated and made both of our lives very difficult. The Alzheimers Society in Maidstone did and still does an awful lot of work to help people with dementia not just for the people suffering from it, but also for the carers. They held Tea Parties, Barbeques and Carer`s support meetings. This was very necessary and helpful for both of us, hence I have asked for donations instead of flowers to be sent to the Alzheimers Society in Maidstone.

I thank everyone who so generously gave up their time to support me today. I could not have done this without you.

I have lived alone now for nearly 2 1/2 years, with Fred in the Care Home just a short distance from our home. Yet I was not really alone until now. I always had the option to visit him regularly and talk to him. 57 years is a long time to be together and I shall miss him a lot. I still have some of the cats and they, as always, are a comfort. Animals demand very little, but give so much back.

I am going into Hospital on the 25th for further foot surgery and just maybe I might be able to walk without constant pain when it is over.

 11th April 2012


It is with great sadness that I am writing to let you know that my beloved husband Fred has died at 8.05 this evening. The last 14 days have been tortureous for everyone and I am glad that he is finally at peace. He always wanted the Telegram from the Queen and so nearly made it. We married in October 1956 and have not been apart since. He has had dementia for many years now and was in the Residential Care Home just over 2 years. As this was only 1/2 a mile from home I could and did see him every weekend, and in the early days brought him home a lot. Late last Summer I took him to our favourite place at the Seaside and we had a meal out in the pub on the sea front at Minster. That was the last time I could manage to do this. I feel very lost at present and have now idea how I will manage on my own.

Fred loved the cats and the shows and in the Home he loved my son`s dog Harvey. Every time I had Harvey I took him to see Fred and all the other people were loving and stroking him as well.

 7th April 2012

East Sussex Cat show

The show was held in Maidstone today one mile from where I live. Natalie Hewitt of Tigatails had kindly offered to take Ch Khankoban Silver Fox for me and Sargenta Silver Calypso. Fox was awardced his first Grand Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed. He also did well in his side classes. Calypso came 2nd. Sargenta Silver Cornelius won his 3rd CC and was made up to Champion fpr me my 110th titled cat. Mr Kahn and his small daughter were very excited, especially as their other cat Vinmar Silver Sasha was also made up to Champion on the day. Many congratulations to them.

 I spend the day with Fred and about 4pm went to the show to have a look around and take my own cats home. The show closed at about 4.30pm. I had barely parked for 10 minutes when I received a parking ticket for £50 for parking incorrectly in the bay. I was 1 foot over the line to get my wheelchair out of the side of the car, as I now have a very small car and can not put the wheelchair in the boot. There was no parking space on the drivers side and it did not matter one iota that the car was over the line. As it was also late in the day and the Market at Maidstone had closed, there were literally hundreds of empty spaces. I parked nearest the entrance to the show as I can not walk more than a few feet and the invalid spaces were full. This again is just petty officialdom which I really did not need. I will challenge this and see what happens.


6th April 2012


Sadly the promised update on my computer has not taken place and I am unable to do this myself. I no longer have some of the cats shown on my website. Xalvador and Zebedee were neutered and re-homed last year. The only girls I retained were Bernice, Belinda and Zenia.

I now have been able to buy some cats from Natalie of Tigatails and have two new stud boys with Khankoban Silver Fox - silver spotted and Revodna Silver Storm - silver tabby.

The girls I bought back are Sargenta Silver Calypso- Tabby and Sargenta Silver Cupcake - spotted. Also Tigatails Brandysnap - silver spotted.

 My foot surgery scheduled for end of January, then February and finally 4th April have all been cancelled inspite of me being on the urgent list. Hopefully it will now take place April 25th and then I will have my leg in plaster again right in the middle of the kitten Season.

 As of last Friday my husband Fred is seriously ill and now dying. He is nearly 97 and the time had to come. I will not be answering any e-mails at present and apologise for all the unanswered ones in the last few weeks. My hands were too swollen to type and my eyesight is very poor as well. I do not have any help, apart from Carol and Lorraine who come in every morning to feed and clean the cats.

Please bear with me at present, I hope things will resolve themselves soon.

17th January 2012


We are almost half way through the first month of the New Year. Where has the time gone? Unfortunately I had another fall on 2nd January and have torn a ligament in my right knee. Unable to walk at all since.

Zenia`s kittens are nearing their final vaccination and going to a new home. Chester, the silver spotted boy is still for sale. Cassie is still very tiny, only on

 1lb 10 oz, whereas her brother and sister are on 2lb12 and 2.10 respectively. But Cassie was only 2oz when born and it has been a long way to get her this far.

 At the end of the month I am facing more foot surgery. I have been waiting for 8 month to have the mess corrected which was done to my foot last year, but the op might be in jeopardy now because of the knee. It might not support the plaster cast.

 New kittens should arrive sometime in April and that will cheer me up. Carol and Lorraine are still looking after my cats for me each day when they come to feed and clean them. Lorraine often feeds me as well. She calls this meals on legs, as she walks here from home. I am very indebted to both of them.



31st December 2011

 I hope you all have a wonderful evening tonight celebrating in the New Year. I wish Everyone a

 Very Happy 2012. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

 22nd December 2011

I wish All of my friends at Home and around the World A Wonderful and Peaceful Christmas 2011. I hope that all your wishes come true.

I will spend most of the Day with Fred in the Care Home. I have bought him a small Christmas tree and will light his candle when I am there. I am taking my Harmonika and Accordion and he can have a bit of Christmas in his Room.

 I hope he will recognse me then. Most of the time he no longer does. He likes a lot of the German songs and Carols I play.

 I am watching a great deal of German Television at this time of year. They celebrate Christmas a lot more. Being shown around all the Christmas Markets in different towns with all their festivities is enjoyable, MDR (Leipzig/Dresden) has some fantastic programs, NDR (Hamburg) shows Christmas with the fisherman out on their boats, RBB (Berlin) Massive Program last Night on old Traditions and lots of Carols. 2 hours on MDR with Volksmusik last Saturday called the 100000 lights, money raising for peace around the world. Last night MDR showing many houses and farms lit up with Christmas lights, not just the houses but the stables with the animals as well, all interspersed with Carol singing. I wish we had programs on our TV instead of the nightly soaps. Surely they could be put on hold until after Xmas?

I am truly glad that this year will be over soon. I have not recovered from breaking both of my leg and my foot in January and having to end up in a Nursing Home for two months.(The Home from Hell).The foot surgery has now been messed up twice and will be repeated in 2012 as I have been unable to walk for many months now. Limping has caused a knock on effect on my knee and back.

Being shut indoors for months on end and never being able to go out shopping or anywhere has been very isolating, and I never fully realised just how badly this would affect me. Losing most of my cats has not helped either. I only have 4 left but still need daily help even with those few, as I can not get up the garden steps and could not carry litter trays.

Cataract Surgery was successful as far as the eyesight was concerned, but during the operation the eye was stretched and has affected the muscle of the eyelid. Hence I still have limited sight and am waiting for a plastic surgeon to see what can be done to correct it. All of this would be much more bearable if the NHS had more money and we would not have to wait so long for appointments and surgery to be carried out.

There was no private Health Insurance when Fred and I were working, hence no money now to get things done when urgently needed. I am on the urgent waiting list, but even that can take month and in the meantime everything gets worse. Money, money money, or rather the lack of it, is what it seems to be all about. I don`t think anything will get better soon for anyone either here or abroad. In many ways I am glad that I am old and hopefully will soon be out of it. But if Fred at age 96 is an example, I will have many more miserable years in front of me. The cats were my Salvation for more than 30 years, without them I have nothing. I can only hope that 2012 will bring me a slightly more bearable Life!!!!!

I do have one great joy when my son`s dog Harvey comes to stay with me. The field is only next door and I can walk the few steps. I meet all the other dog walkers to talk to, whilst the dogs run off and play. Harvey loves it here, is good with the cats, as he has cats at home, and my cats don`t mind him either.

Some of my cats are still out on the show Bench and winning. I congratulate them all and it makes me happy to hear their News.

 November 2011

Two more of my lovely cats are now re-homed with their new owners. ALYSSA went to Romsey in Hants to be with Natalie Woolston`s mother Bryndis. She had Tallulah from me many years ago, who sadly died this year. Both Natalie, her mother and her sister have had several re-homed cats from me over many years and I know how beautifully looked after they always are.

ABIGAIL has gone to her new home today with a very nice young couple in Kent nr Folkestone. I feel sure that she also will be very happy.

Zenia, my smoke girl, had 3 silver spotted kittens on 2nd November. It is very unusual for me to have any kittens at this time of year and it is quite nice to have a cat indoors again with babies. I had no intention of mating her, but she never stopped calling and was getting thin. To say it was driving me mad would have been an understatement. I was not ready to spay yet another cat and I love the smokes. Although Zenia`s parents are both silver and she never produces anything other than silver spotted kittens, she is very different from my silvers. Very affectionate and a lot of character.

Natalie of Tigatails now has my tabby kitten Cataboutown "Toby", who I did not want to part with, but I have another boy, namely Revodna Silver Storm. I am indebted to Debbie Warnes for trusting me with him. He is bred out of all of my old lines. Should I be ill again and unable to cope, Storm will go to Helen of Metallicats. We have very few stud boys left in the silver breeding and I am making sure that this breed will continue long after I am gone. It has taken me the best part of 30 years to love and nurture this breed and over the last few years less and less are being bred. I am trying to ensure that they will be around for some time to come.

Tigatails Brandysnap is also with me. She is a lovely spotted girl out of Khancoban Silver Fox. It is nice to work so closely together with Helen and Natalie, it makes me feel safe to know that my cats will be in good hands.


 15th October 2011

Today is Fred`s 96th Birthday. I spent some time in the Care Home with him and he is fit and well, but beginning to show his true age. On the 19th October we will have been married for 55 years.

 After I left him I visited the Kentish Cat show as it was held in Maidstone, and therefore not too far for me to travel. It was a bit sad not to be able to take Fred with me, but I would need a wheelchair for him and am barely able to walk myself, let alone push him. He still remembers the cats, but is more interested when I take Harvey, Derek`s dog, with me to see him.

 Sadly the show entries are going down and down. I remember the Kentish when more than 600 cats were entered. Today it was half of that number (370) and the British section was small. There were some very nice cats entered in the Silver Tabbies and some very good kittens. Congratulations must go to Natalie of Tigatails. She won her 1st CC with her silver tabby girl Tigatails Silver Angel. She was bred from my Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador and Sargenta Silver Annelis. ( Xalvador and Annelis` sire Denzel Washington are now both neutered and re-homed).

Natalie had also bred a very nice silver spotted kitten Tigatails Silver Bruce Lee. He was from Lesley Miles` Gr Ch Tufton Toppolino and Sargenta Silver Annelis. This kitten did not only get Open 1st and Best of Breed, but was nominated for Best in Show and went on to win Best in Show British kitten. He really deserved his win and a 1st Best in Show for Natalie - a cracking kitten with superb spotting! Well done.

 Helen Nicholson of Metallicat was showing a very nice tabby kitten Metallicat Silver Maggie. She came 2nd in a class of three, both the other kittens were much older. Maggie was bred out of my Ch Countrystyle Silver Isaac and Helen`s UKGrCh Metallicat Silver Badja.


 11th October 2011

 Both of my girls Sargenta Silver Abigail and Sargenta Silver Alyssa have now been spayed. Alyssa went to her new home in Romsey today. Abigail is waiting for a loving lap to sit on. She would make a very nice Show Neuter.

 Show News

 8th October 2011

 Sargenta Silver Bentley gained his title of Champion at the Cambria show today. He was also awarded Best of Breed and did well in all his side classes. Many congratulations to Sarah for yet again showing him so well.

 Show News

 1st October 2011

 Congratulations to Ch & Gr Pr Sargenta Silver Andreas. I believe he gained his title of Grand Premier at the Tabby Cat Club show today. He also went on to win Best British Neuter.

 Show News

 17th September 2011

 Congratulations again to Sargenta Silver Bentley and his owner Sarah Masterman. Bentley got his 2nd CC at the Bucks & Oxon show todahy. Well done!

 25th August 2011

 Ch Sargenta Silver Zebedee has found his loving new owners with Charlotte and David. I hope they enjoy having him. Zebedee sold himself, he did not stop licking his newly won friends and they liked it. Said they had never experienced a cat with such a loving temperament. I am proud to say that all my cats have been like this and I miss them now dreadfully.

 Show News

 20th August 2011

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Bentley - Silver Tabby. He was awarded his 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed at the Three Counties Show today. He also took first in all his side classes and had an all red card day! It took me a long time to persuade his owner that she had a show quality cat, well done Sarah for finally taking the plunge. Now keep going.


 16th August 2011

 Ch Sargenta Silver Zebedee has been neutered for some time now and is looking for a loving lap to sit on. He would make somebody a nice show Neuter or just a loving pet. Zebedee is fully vaccinated and microchipped. At present his photo can still be seen on my website under stud boys.


 Show News

 24th July 2011

At long last I can get into my computer again to update my News!! Congratulations to Val Westerman and Ch Sargenta Silver Aida. She was awarded her 3rd CC at the Gwynned Show on 16.7.11. Well done.

Sadly my health has not greatly improved since the operation to my broken left leg, which was a very serious break of my Tib and Fib. I have a steel rod inserted now with lots of screws and the leg is not healing too well. The operation on my right foot was totally botched by the Podiatric Surgeons and can not now be put right. I am literally walking on bones as the Metarsal Arch was destroyed. It is extremely painful.

 I therefore had to consider the future of my cats and the decision was made for me. I can no longer breed them and have already spayed and neutered most of them. They have gone to lovely new homes and so far all the owners are very happy with them. Xalvador was the biggest wrench for me. I hate to go into the garden and walk by his empty pen. Xollie was always much more of a pet than a stud cat. Both he and Zebedee always gave everyone a facewash.

 Unless, by some miracle, Alyssa gets pregnant, there will be no more Sargenta kittens born.


1st May 2011

Ursula is now home, she can access her emails, she is still unfortunatly unable to walk and needs the support of her friends and family to help her through this difficult time. Warm wishes on the guestbook are greatly appriciated.


Sarge urgently needs a new home, he is a 6 year old nuetered male, very loving and is looking for a new home through no fault of his own, please call or email for more details.

Show News

 9th April 2011

East Sussex Cat Club

Today Ursula managed to visit the show for a few hours, Natalie kindly took Zebedee to the show, he won his first Grand Champion Certificate! Natalie's new stud boy Khancoban Silverfox was awarded the BOB and his final CC making him Champion, congratulations to Natalie.

Essex Cat Club

Held on the same day, Sargenta Silver Belle was awarded her Open 1st


Show News

 19th March 2011

Surrey & Sussex Cat Association

Sincere congratulations to Hazel Maxted with Zeno he was awarded the Imperial Grand Premier! He also won the BOB, Hazel must have worked wonders to get his coat in condition this time of year.


 15th March 2011

Ursula would like to let all her friends know she still cannot take calls at home but is accessing her emails daily, the messages on the guestbook and lovely emails are spurring her through this difficult time, and she is grateful to all those who have sent their kind regards.

Ursula would like to share her recent show success, she may be taking a hiatus but her Sargenta's are still flying the flag up and down the country!

 Show News

 12th March 2011

 Lancashire Cat Club

Congratulations again to Jolanta Bujalska-Axon as GR CH Sargenta Silver Yoella, Black Silver Tabby was awarded her first Imperial certificate, at her first attempt! no mean feat for this very prestigious award! She was just pipped to the post for Best Of Breed by Countrystyle Silver Q-T aka Tia, her father is Imp Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Vincento, Tia is bred by Joanne Hewitson and owned by Lizz Benson, Tia is also the niece of the late great Imperial Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Witch, I am thrilled for Lizz as Tia also won her second consecutive CC and open first well done.

Open Second went to Sargenta Silver Aida, another young queen who will have her day as she matures, thank you to Val Westerman for showing her in lovely condition.

Jolanta also made her first home bred Champion Delphinium Sweetheart, Black silver spotted and daughter of Yoella, i gather she gained this against some lovely cats and big open classes.


Show News

 5th March 2011

 Southern British Shorthaired Cat Club

Before she emigrates i hope Hazel Maxted can make Imperial with her lovely big spotty boy GR PR Sargenta Silver Zeno, today he was awarded his 3rd Reserve Grand Premier Certificate - my congratulations and thanks the pictures Hazel sends me Zeno always looks so relaxed and happy a true show cat.


Show News

 26th February 2011

 Coventry and Leicester Cat Club

Sincere thanks and congratulations to Elaine Lucas and her family for showing  GR CH Sargenta Silver Ullium in such good condition, he was awarded his 4th  Imperial certificate! He also won the Best of Breed out of 6 other superb quality silver spotties. Ullium is now in his prime a fine big british boy siring beautiful kittens for the Lucas's.

Elaine also showed Sargenta Silver Barbie at her first adult show just a pip over 9 months sadly she was a bridesmaid today and placed second in her open against a lovely mature queen who was made champion on the day, i kept the sister to Elaine's girl and i know she will be one to watch!


Show News

 5th February 2011

 Shropshire Cat Club

Sargenta Silver Bethanie was awarded her second consecutive Open 1st and BOB, Bethanie is owned and was shown by Lizz and Matt, she is their first spotty from me and is having a successful show career so far.

 Update March 2011 very sadly Bethanie has had to be spayed due to a pyometra at a very young age, this is very upsetting for Lizz and I but we both hope she will continue her show career as a neuter.



 22nd February 2011

Ursula would like to let all her friends know she can now access emails, her recovery is going to be some weeks yet but she is healing well. Please sign Ursula's guestbook to let her know you are thinking of her, your messages are much appreciated.



 29th January 2011

Ursula would like to let all her friends know that sadly she's had a bad fall today and is in hospital, she already had one leg in plaster from a previous operation and has now unfortunately shattered her "good leg" top & bottom and which requires surgery, she hopes to be home soon but her recovery will be a slow process so she is unlikely to be on emails for some time, pls contact Lizz Benson, (Limatz) for any cat related requests she will do her best to respond on Ursula's behalf her email address is


Show News

 22nd January 2011

Notts and Derby Cat Club

Sincere thanks and congratulations to Jolanta Bujalska-Axon who's black silver tabby Yoella won her 3rd and consecutive Grand CC , making her Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Yoella, Yoella takes after her father UK GR CH Sargenta Silver Monteago with intense black silver contrast, excellent pattern and green eyes.

Congratulations also to Amanda and Barry who won their first Open 1st and PC with CH Sargenta Silver Andreas


Show News

 8th January 2011

Shorthaired Cat Society

Congratulations to Jolanta Bujalska-Axon who show Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella, Yoella was awarded the Grand in a large strong class, placed BOB over excellent male competition and almost had a red card day with x2 1sts and a 2nd in her side classes my thanks to Jolanta for showing her so well

Sargenta Silver Bethanie made her showing debut and was awarded her Open 1st and BOB, thank you to Lizz and Matt for showing their first Sargenta Spotty in tip top condition as always.

Finally representing the neuters, Gr Pr Sargenta Silver Zeno won a Reserve Grand and his Open BOB, once again thank you to Hazel Maxted, I hope Zeno will progress to Imperial before Hazel and her family emigrate.



 18th December 2010

First of all I want to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.

I am sorry but I have not been able to send out a single Christmas card this year and this feels very strange and abnormal. I have not been able to leave the house since my surgery on November 17th. I had carers for 14 days, but they disappeared very quickly when the 14 days were up. I have not heard from Social Services about any further care which I still need. I can not drive my car as yet nor walk very well. Clearing snow within days of the operation did not help, but there was no other option. I had steel pins in my toes as well as screws and a plate, but managed to bend the pins. The surgeon was not pleased. We had over 12 inches of snow in one night. My cat houses are 4 inches of the ground and the doors open outwards. Going out of my back door was impossible. My garage doors are level with the ground and the area between the garage and the Annexe had to be cleared. All food, including mine is in the garage and the kittens were in the Annexe. The garden steps were invisible. I had help with feeding and cleaning the cats, but it was up to me to clear the snow to enable my helpers to get to me and the cats. No carers came at all, they refused to drive nor attend (even if living locally) on Health and Safety Grounds.

 My neighbour Roger cleared the snow at the front of the house and the drive, but as well as the rest of the Country we were snowed in for a week. I was glad when all the kittens were collected by their owners on 4th December.

My friends Carol, Lorraine and Jane cleaned and fed the cats and me. Without them I would have found it very hard to survive.

Jane saved my life on the day of my surgery. I was send home from Benenden hospital 4 hours after the surgery. My son Derek picked me up and took me home. Jane had agreed to stay the night with me.  At midnight Jane found me collapsed near my bed on the floor. I was unconscious and Jane thought I had a stroke. She called the Ambulance and I was taken to Maidstone Hospital. I was very ill, but it turned out it was a reaction to the pain medication. Without Jane`s help I would have died, as I could not have called for help. When I came out of Hospital Jane stayed with me again for another night. As she works at night in Tesco she did not get paid either, but I could not persuade her to leave me. She is a true friend.

 It is snowing hard again now. I fed the cats early at 7am but have now idea how bad things will be again this afternoon. I have lived in the South East since 1959 and we have only had serious snow about 3 times since. I was much younger on those occasions and had Fred to help me. Nows I am stuck and can`t even go and visit Fred until I can drive again. I am hoping to spend Christmas Day with him at the Residential Care Home, weather permitting.


National Cat Club Show

 11th December 2010

Again my warmest congratulations to Hazel and Ch Sargenta Silver Zeno and Best Of Breed . He got his final Grand Certificate. This has now given the Title of Grand Premier.Congratulations also again to Helen, who I believe made Hero up to Champion. Hero is Xalvador-Spyda daughter. Helen also won with her kitten Metallicat Silver Eclipse 1st Open and Best of Breed. (She is a Xalvador-Badja daughter). Helen has been very loyal in using my stud boys for many years and I am glad she is having so much success with her breeding.

 Supreme Show

 20th November 2010

Natalie phoned me from the show as soon as the results were up. Her kitten Tigatails won Open and Best of breed. Again there was quite a large line up of super tabby kittens. My congratulations to all of the owners. I had a hot line to the Supreme all Day which cheered me immensely, as I had my foot Surgery 3 days prior to that and was ill in bed. Ch Sargenta Silver Zeno was awarded his 2nd Grand Premier Certificate. Well done Hazel. He has developed into a beautiful and mature boy, so much like his sire Silvergiltscats Denzel Washington. I am still waiting for the Supreme catalogue. Natalie has bought it for me, but alas the snow has stopped her from visiting since the Supreme.

 I believe Helen from Metallicat had a marvellous day with GrCh Metallicat Silver Badja getting the UK Grand certificate. This was her second UK Grand certificate and Badja now holds the title of UK Grand Champion. She has followed in her dads footprints UKGr Ch Sargenta Silver Montaego. Helen had another fabulous win that day with Metallicat Silver Spyda. She was made up to Grand Champion. (Spyda is out of my Orleando and Badja) this was an excellent combination and I often wish that I still had Leo. He is very happy in his retirement. Well done to Helen, you had a fabulous day. It is incredibly hard to make up a UK Grand and yhou need a very special cat to get there!

 16th October 2010

 Kentish Cat Society Show

This show was held in Maidstone which was very easy for me. I could go home during the day. Sargenta Silver Zabrina was awarded her 1st CC and BoB. Sargenta Silver Angelica came second, but she was a lot younger and still a bit immature, albeit looking very nice. Angelica was awawded a 1st in a side class of ten.

The kittens were a very nice line up of 3 silver tabbies all sired by my Xalvador. The judge stated that she would liked to have had three 1st prizes. I had placed them in the same order as the judge did later on. 1st when to Metallicat Silver Eclipse. Her Dam is Silver Badja who carries the deep shine black contrast passed down from my Montaego. She definitely had the edge. Sargenta Silver Belinda was second with Tigatails Silver Angel 3rd. The Tigatails kittens has since come 1st and BoB at the Supreme in a class of 5. Her mother Sargenta Silver Annelis - silver spotted was awarded her 1st Open CC and BoB on the Day. Natalie was over the Moon.

It was a well run show and there was plenty of space in the Maidstone Hall.

2nd October 2010

 Tabby Cat Club Show

 I have just heard from Jolanta Axon that Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella - Silver Tabby- was awarded her first Grand Champion Certificate today. She also got Best of Breed, 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her side classes. Well done.

 Congratulations to Lizz Benson of Limatz. I hear from Jolanta that Lizz won Best Kitten, Best Neuter and Overall Best British in Show. That is a fantastic achievement in the Special Breed Show for Tabby cats. Well done Lizz and well deserved. You do look after your cats exceptionally well and it shows!


More bad news on the kitten front. Alison also had a Caesar. This was her first litter and she had no contractions whatsoever. She had two very nice kittens.

My Vet has no explanation as to what is causing this. All cats are fit and healthy and showing no signs of illness, yet Alyssa now only has three kittens remaining out of her 6. I have never had this many Caesars in any decade, let alone in one year. There has to be a reason, especially for the loss of Alyssa`s kittens. Again they showed no sign of illness. They were born normally and were feeding fine, until one after other faded. I put one of her kittens with Abigail and that is fine. Alyssa has two left, one seems alright, the other is fading.

I have had some interesting thoughts on this from a breeder in Canada. Please all breeders out there , if you have lost kittens and don`t know why, research G strep infection.

I remember many years ago when we first found out about neonatal death and the mismatch with blood grouping. We hopefully all of us know more about this now, and are testing our cats for Blood Group. G strep is just another thing we have to be aware of. I am putting all my cats on Antirobe for 3 weeks and will see what happens. No queens will be mated until well into next year, by which time I hopefully have some answers. My Vet is also looking into this as she had never heard of G strep infection. If anyone reading this has any other ideas, please let me know. I had 10 lovely breeding queens at the beginning of this year and now have three. 7 are spayed and have nice homes. It is totally devastating!!!

 My cataract Surgery has been cancelled because my eyelids have Blepharitis. Foot Surgery will go ahead as planned on 20th October.

 Show News

 2nd October 2010

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Bonnie and Elena Zharova. Bonnie went to her first cat show in Moscow. She won 1st Open, Best Tabby colour in her kitten class and was nominated for Best in Show. Fantastic day for Elena.

 I am always very proud when my cats do well abroad. They are flying the flag for the UK.

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Blanche - silver spotted kitten- and her owners Georgie and Greg. Blanche won 1st Open and came 2nd in a side class of 9 at the Buck`s and Oxon show. Well done!.

 Personal News

 14th September 2010

Almost another year of breeding my lovelhy Silvers has passed. It has not been going to well for me. The cats were late starting to come into call because of the long and cold winter, hence I have kittens expected late in September. I have had a lot of ill health and struggled all throughout the Summer with very little help. I have had foot surgery on 1st June and 24th August and more will be done on 20th October. I will not be able to walk for 9 weeks after that and it will drive me stir crazy. Rheumatoid Arthritis has done the evil deed and crippled all of my toes. Those which were straightened early in the year already have to be re-done. I have had to walk with steel pins inserted to keep them straight but nothing is healing very well, as I have a very supressed immune system thanks to the Chemo and other evil drugs. Constant pain is my daily experience.

 I can finally have cataract surgery at the end of this month or early October. I have waited some years for that, but it could not be done whilst the Rheumatoid Arthritis was affecting the back of the eyes. However the RA is in remission at present, hence all the surgery.

Last Friday I had my 5th Ceasarian for this year. All the cats were spayed at the time and all were young. I have lost Yanisha, Yolanda, Yasmeen, Yuliana, Zandra and Zarah. My Theory is, that all of them had too many kittens on their first litters and their womb could not contract this year. Yuliana carried 15 kittens last year and all were too tiny to survive. Zandra carried 8 last year and the others all had too many as well. These cats are meant to have 3-4 kittens. I have no idea why these large litters are occurring. I mate only over two days and give no more than 4 matings. It seems to make no difference. I have kept a kitten from Yolanda and from Yanisha as they were the last link to my lovely Orleando. that makes 2 kittens to replace 6 lovely queens, but I expect it all has to come to an end sometime.

I am grateful for all the nice owners who still show my cats and very happy for them when the cats and kittens do well.

 I am hoping to see some of you at the Maidstone show which will be the last time for me to be able to drive and walk until after Christmas.

 Show News

 14th August 2010

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Angelica - Silver Tabby on being awarded her 1st CC and Best of Breed

at the West of England Show. Thank you to Julie Facey her owner for showing her so well. It was a great surprise for me to know that she was taken to a show and had done so well.

 Also on the 14th August I had another winner at the Chester and North Wales Show. Elaine Lucas took out Sargenta Silver Barbie. She also won Open 1st and Best of Breed in the kitten class. Well done Elaine.

 Show News

 17th July 2010

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Aida on gaining her 2nd CC and Best of Breed at the Gwynneth show. Well done Val for showing her so well.

Aida is from a small line of my cats and still has a lot of growing to do. I am sure she will improve once she has had her first litter of kittens. She must have enough qualities to be awarded her two CC`s & BoB by two top class British judges without all the nasty sniping and criticism by other breeders. Her brother is already a working boy in New York, siring lovely kittens, and I have her sister. The mother of these kittens was Ch Sargenta Silver Una who is litter sister to the mother of the fabulous ImpGrCh Shimmerclaw Moontyger.

 It is the sad side of the Cat Fancy that nobody is allowed to enjoy their wins without constant backbiting.


Show News

 10th July 2010

 Humberside & Lincolnshire Cat Club

Freddy was today awarded his third and final 1st Open , CC and BOB, making him "Champion Sargenta Silver Andreas". My sincere congratulations to his owners Amanda and Barry Leonard and my thanks to them for keeping him in such tip top condition in this very hot weather.

 My congratulations also to Julie Saxby and her boy Gunner. He is full brother to Freddy from a previous litter to my Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador and GrCh Sargenta Silver Veronica . He was also awarded his third and final 1st Open CC and BOB making her boy Champion Graygees Top Gun.

 Both boys did well in their side classes.

July 2010


We have sadly lost 5 years worth of guestbook posting due to the guest book company going out of business, it's very upsetting as we had many wonderful posts over the years, please can you help recreate some of those by posting in our new guestbook, found on the guestbook links.

Show News

 5th June 2010

 Merseyside Cat Club

Today, Black Silver Tabby, Sargenta Silver Aida, won her Open 1st and first CC. My warmest congratulations to Val Westerman her owner.

 27th May 2010

 New Champion 2010

I am pleased to hear from Dany Costerman and Family that Sargenta Silver Aramis - Silver Tabby- is made up to Champion. His first litter of babies is also expected shortly. My sincere congratulations to Dany and his family

My friends kitten Sargenta Silver Annelies (silver spotted) gave birth on Saturday 23rd to 7 healthy kittens. Some tabby and some spotted. All are doing well at present. The proud dad is Xalvador. I was there when the kittens were born and it is a very nice litter indeed.

I am going into hospital for more foot Surgery on 1st June. It will take longer to heal this time, 4 weeks at least and no driving. That to means being housebound with no one getting me some shopping. At present I have 17 kittens here,the first 5 on June 18th. Most people on my waiting list have not contacted me. But hopefully some will make arrangements to come this weekend, as it will be too late after that.

Show News

 24th May 2010

 Midland District Cat Club

The battle of the brothers! Graygees Top Gun and Sargenta Silver Andreas aka Freddy Were unfortunate to meet each other today a year apart Julie Saxby's older boy Gunner took the 1st CC and BOB with Freddie, Amanda and Barry Leonard's boy coming a close 2nd. My sincere congratulations to Julie and Amanda both boys need just one more CC for their titles and i am sure they will follow in close sucession

Show News

 3rd May 2010

 Manchster Cat Club

Freddie, Sargenta Silver Andreas won his second consecutive Open 1st CC and BOB my thanks to Amanda and Barry for shoing him in such lovely condition. Sargenta Silver Aida, black silver tabby attended her first show only a little over 9 months old she was awarded her Open 1st. Well done to Val Westerman her owner. Also show was Sargenta Silver Arianna, Black silver spotted who is also just a pip over 9 months, was placed 2nd in her open to an already titled cat, but both young girls did extremely well in their side classes being placed highly in all. Well done to Joanne her owner.


 18th April 2010

My sincere apologies to people who are waiting patiently for news of possible kittens. I could not answer emails as my monitor broke. The LCD screen went black and that was that. It is surprising how much out of touch one feels without the wretched machine. What did we do before computers?

I have had 11 kittens born so far, but this does not even fill the waiting list from the January enquiries. 2 cats were not pregnant and have now been re-mated. This year it will be again a question of waiting or finding a kitten somewhere else. There appears to be a shortage of Silver kittens at present, but it is still early in the year.

I thank Lizz Benson for updating my website and putting several photo albums of my cats on Facebook. Lizz came down to Kent last Sunday and took the photos. They are really nice and Lizz has done a lot of hard work and I am really grateful to her. I put messages on Facebook but somehow they never seem to appear, I have no idea how to do things.

On Wednesday 21st I am going into Hospital for further surgery on my right foot. Three toe joints will have to be operated on, bone removed and toes re-aligned. Rheumatoid Arthritis is causing serious damage to a lot of my joints. Apart from the incredible pain it is very frustrating not to be able to do things. I only mowed the lawn 10 days ago and ended up in hospital unable to move my right shoulder. I need more help but Sosial Services give me no support at all. I had to sleep in my clothes for 2 nights as I was unable to dress and undress. I have no idea how I will manage next week when I have to stay in bed and am unable to walk. I have help for the cats and hopefully they will be fed and cleaned. At least Fred is looked after in Residential care. I have him home almost every weekend, but he is settled now and always happy to return. The Home is only about 5 minutes drive from here and it is nice to have easy access.

 I apologise again, but I will be out of contact for at least 2 weeks now.

Show News

 13th March 2010

 Lancashire Cat Club

 My warmest congratulations to Amanda Leonard with Sargenta Silver Andreas aka Freddy. this was Freddie`s first Adult show and he won it in style. 1st Open, CC and Bob, 3x2nd in very large side classes and "Best of Variety".  Well done!

 Freddy was the last kitten from GrCh Sargenta Silver Veronica and Ch Sargenta Silve Xalvador. Veronica is now spayed and living in Conwall in lovely retirement.

 Shwo News

 6th March 2010

 Southern British Shorthair Club

Congratulations to Ch & Premier Sargenta Silver Zeno - Silver Spotted on winning his 1st Grand Premier Certificate today. Many Thanks to Hazel for having him in such wonderful condition to win this High Award.

Another Grand Winner in the Adults was Ch Robocat Basement Jaxx, a son of my Montaego. Well done Laura. Congratulations to Lesley Miles and her Spotted kitten.  Tufton Miami Inkspot, 1st Open and BoB. She is a baby out of Imp GrCh Shimmerclaw Moontyger who has Ch Sargenta Silver Unique as his Dam.

 Show News

 Croydon Cat Club Show

 13th February 2010

My friend Sian and her daughter Nicole took me to the Croydon show today. It was their first ever cat show and Nicole was very excited. She really enjoyed her day and was very quick to learn how to mark up a catalogue for me and constantly monitor the results.

 Sargenta Silver Yuiliana was awarded her 3rd consecutive CC and is now a Champion. She was also awarded 3 x 1st in large side classes and 1 x 2nd. Best of Breed went to Graygees Gauis Marius who went on to win Best in Show. Well done Dr Karen Kempsell and Gina Brown, his breeder.

 Sargenta Silver Zebedee also won his 3rd consecutive CC. He is now a Champion. He did equyally well in his side classes with another 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Zebedee won Best of Breed.

 Bracknell Leisure Centre is a very nice venue for cat shows as the lighting is good and there was plenty of space.The show was run well by Brenda Barroman and her helpers with all the work being finished on time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day inspite of being in a lot of pain. Sian and her daughter made my day very pleasant with all their help and I thank them. I very much hope that they go to another show with me.

 Show News

 Southern Counties Show

 30th January 2010

I am very grateful to Natalie and Lee and especially Natalie`s Dad (who drove the car) to take two of my cats to the show today. I was not well enough to go with them. Sargenta Silver Zebedee - Silver Spotted and Sargenta Silver Yuliana - Silver Tabby both won their 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed. I do not have the results for their side classes.

 Natalie`s kittens Sargenta Silver Aliyah- Silver Tabby and Sargenta Silver Annelis - Silver Spotted both won 1st Open and Best of Breed against competition. Natalie was over the moon with joy. The last phone call also told me that Aliyah was placed 1st in a large side classes.

 The two young owners of last weeks show and Natalie today are so thrilled with their new kittens and their success at shows it reminds me how I felt so many years ago when starting out with this breed. It is so rewarding to me to still be able to help the new generation of breeders, and I hope they will enjoy this hobby for many years to come.

Mary Matus - a Specialist Vet in New York - is coming back in a weeks time for her third Sargenta kitten. She collected two kittens from me at the end of October, whom she found totally delightful. This makes all my hard work worth while.

Shnow News

 23rd January 2010

Congratulations to Amanda Leonard and Sargenta Silver Andreas aka Freddy. I quote:

Dear Ursula

"Freddy (his second show). did really well - he got First Open and BOB. I had entered him in four side classes where he came 1st in three and 2nd in the fourth. Also won a considerable amount of silverware! As you can see on his enclosed photo he was worn out by his day! Lots of people asked to take his picture and he was happy to oblige." Best wishes Amanda

Freddy show

Congratulaitons also to Joanne Reddington and Sargenta Silver Arianna silver spotted kitten. Arianna also won her 1st Open and Best of Breed and did well in her side classes. Joanne was thrilled to do so well on Arianna`s first show. Arianna did well in her side classes by winning 1st in a class of 9 and 3rd in a class

 of six.Well done to both kittens.

 I received some lovely photos from the show for both Freddy and Arianna




 23rd December 2009

 I wish all my Friends and Family A Very Happy Christmas.

This is the first time in my entire Life that I have not been able to send a single Christmas Card, nor go out shopping and buy presents. I have just been too ill and not left the house in more than 3 months. Only Hospital, doctor or Vet appointments have been kept. My Rheumatoid Arthritis is getting a real grip and life is getting harder and harder. I have advertised for help, but have had no replies in the last 6 weeks.

My friend Jane fell on the ice yesterday and broke her right wrist. It is now in Plaster for the next 6 weeks. I know what this feels like, as I broke mine in October. I refused to have mine plastered and managed with strong support. This meant that things have not healed well, but how else was I supposed to feed and clean my cats? To some of you this might seem stupid, but my cats have always come first, even at cost to myself. Sadly, if I get no help next year, I will have to give up breeding, but as yet I still live in hope. I just can`t envisage my life without the cats, especially as Fred is now in permanent care. Fred has settled in quite well and, as he is not far away from here (just 10 minutes drive) I see him every week. I am having him home tomorrow for Christmas. He will have to come home by Taxi, as our Roads are impassable. The main roads are not too bad, but the side roads are sheets of ice.

 Maidstone Hospital has had to deal with 180 fractures in juyst two days. This Country just can not cope with snow at all. More over I was told, that if snow is not cleared in my drive and somebody falls and gets hurt it is an act of God and I am not liable for the injury. If however I clear the snow and the drive then becomes icy, I would be liable for the injury! This is Health and Safety gone mad!!!! People were falling over by their cars in the Hospital Car Park and ending up in A&E with broken limbs. Needless to say the car park was not cleared of any snow and built up ice, yet we pay £3 just for 1 hour of parking. The same applied to the Residential Home where Fred is. I watched the Ambulance turning into the drive,then sliding out again onto the main road. The Ambulance crew then had to carry the elderly passenger into the home on 6inches of snow and ice.

With drifting caused by the wind I had 12 inches of snow in front of the House, Garage and Cat Houses on Friday morning. My Paperboy Chris Bury helped me to clear the snow to enable me to feed the cats.Sadly my outside tap is frozen inspite of being lagged and it is hard to clean the litter trays in the house.

People who were stuck on the Motorway all night and in the Channel Tunnel must have had a horrendeous experience.

 I lived in Berlin for more than 20 years and have seen a lot of snow every year, but everything was kept moving. We were forced by Police to clear the snow in the drive and the pavement in front of the house by 7am. Anyone who was not able to do so, was given help and had to pay. I wonder what they do in Germany now and if they have the same stupid laws that we have here. Everything senseless seems to come from Brussels anyway!!! Money is wasted by the Council all year round, but when it comes to snow and ice, they have run out of money and can`t afford to grit the roads. People who are now injured and off work for 2 months must cost the Country a lot more!!! The Maidstone Hospital is now full and all the emergency services are overstretched.

My friends were taking Yuliana to the Maidstone cat show last Saturday. The show had been moved from Gillingham to Bracknell and sadly they could not go to the show because of the state of the roads.

I very much hope for a better year in 2010 and some warmer weather soon. For Christmas I have the company of five lovely 5 week old silver tabby kittens from Yanisha and Isaac. They are a real joy!


 Show News

 21st November 2009

Congratulations to Ch & Premier Sargenta Silver Zeno and his owner Hazel. Zeno was awarded the Title of Premier at the Supreme Show today. He also won Best of Breed. Thank you Hazel for showing him so well.

 Show News

 25th October 2009

Congratulations to Amanda Leonard and her first show. She had taken Sargenta Silver Andreas aka Freddy- silver tabby- to the Yorkshire show. He won his Open Class and was awarded Best of Breed. He also did well in his side classes getting 3rd place in both. The classes were very large and being placed is a very good result. Well done Amanda and Freddy . I believe that Graygees Top Gun also won a CC and BoB. He is a son of my Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador and  Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Veronica. A very nice day for both of them and their owners. Well done.

 Show News

 17th October 2009

With the help of Natalie and Lee I managed to get to the Kentish show. They carried the cats for me. However, as soon as I had penned the cats and went back to the car, the Traffic Wardens had been busy and slapped a Parking Ticket on the car. I had forgotten to display my invalid sticker. Other cat breeders got caught as well, not a nice start to the day at a new venue and so unnecessary when parking was at the Market, which was always free.

I took Sargenta Silver Zebedee - silver spotted- to his first show and he was awarded 1st Open, CC and BoB. He also managed to get another 2 x 1st and 1 x 3rd in his side classes. I was a bit surprised that he took BoB over Helen`s Champion Metallicat Spotted Dick aka TomTom, who is a son of Denzel, has a very wide head, super green eyes and is a lovely mature boy with good spotting. In his side classes TomTom beat both the Imperial Grand and the Grand Champion. Helen did well with Spyda, who was awarded the Reserve Grand and Best of Breed. She is out of my Orleando and her Mum Badja was out of my Montaego. Spyda looked really lovely.Superb pattern, good contrast and lovely green eyes.

 My Sargenta Silver Yuliana was awarded her 1st CC but could not beat Spyda to BoB. Two very nice cats, but Spyda has the maturity.Congratulations to Helen, her cats always look in such lovely condition, they just shine!

 Natalie Hewitt, who now has Denzel as a Neuter, was showing her silver tabby kitten Sargenta Silver Aliyah for her 1st show. Aliyah is a Xalvador daughter. She won her Open 1st and Best of Breed, 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her side classes. Natalie was thrilled that her kitten did so well. She is another owner who loves her cats and cares for them extremely well. Her 7 year old son Jack does the handling and lots of stroking with cuddles and her husband Lee is the cat house builder and driver to the shows. Natalie and Lee are getting married next weekend and I wish them a very Happy Life together.

 I picked Fred up during the afternoon and he enjoyed the show and seeing some old friends. He misses the cats and the showing, but it was very tiring for him. We all had a very nice day. I enjoyed the show as I don`t get out much now. It was nice to have a show so close to home..



 11th October 2009

 To all mine and Fred`s friends in the Cat Fancy. Fred is now in permanent Residential Care at The Grove Residential Home, 6 Bower Mount Road, Maidstone Kent ME16 8AU. His birthday is on the 15th October when he will be 94 years old. He would love some cards from his friends. It is a very hard time for both of us, especially as it is also our 53rd Wedding Anniversity on the 19th October. The Home is only about 15 minutes from our house and I can see him often, but it is not the same. I can`t drive at present with the broken right wrist. I am hoping to get a lift to the Kentish Cat show and bring Fred there during the afternoon, especially as the venue is only 1 mile away.

We have had a most welcome lodger staying with us, this is Harvey, he is my son derek's dog

He is so well trained, he loves the cats and kittens, he's been a joy to look after and to take for walks, I wish he were here on a more permanent basis but he's very welcome for holidays, i love him dearly.

General News

 4th October 2009

 I would like to issue a statement to rectify the unfounded and malicious rumours which are currently circulating around the cat fancy. All our cats are perfectly well and our kittens are thriving they will soon be going to live with their wonderful new families.

We will take legal action if any more slanderous gossip is spread.

I will not be able to do updates or reply to emails for a few weeks as I fell yesterday and have broken my wrist. I would like to thank everyone who has sent me Birthday cards and well wishes for tomorrow.

Show News

 29th August 2009

 Many congratulations to Lizz and Matt, Limatz Cats, they showed Imperial Grand Champion & TICA Champion Sargenta Silver Witch at a TICA show today, Tabitha was placed Best cat in show in 2 of her 6 rings and she finalled twice in 2 other rings making her up on the day to TICA Grand Champion!!! Tabitha is only 4 years old and has had an excellent showing career with Lizz, my thanks to her for shoing her so well.

Congratulations to Hazel on the 2nd PC for Zeno. He is already a Champion and doing well as a Neuter.

Show News

 1st August 2009

 Congratulations again to Lizz of Limatz. GrCh Sargenta Silver Willow was awarded her 5th and final Imperial Certificate. She now holds the Title of Imperial Grand Champion. This is Lizz`s 2nd Imperial Grand Champion. Well done and my warmest Thanks for doing this for me.

 I also congratulate Lizz on passing her driving test first time around and being brave enough to already go long distance and driving herself to cat shows. Matthew can have a rest now from all that driving he had to do.

Show News

 12 July 2009

My warmest congratulations go yet again to Lizz Benson of Limatz cats. Her Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Willow   was awarded her 4th Imperial Grand Challenge and Best of Breed at the Lincoln Show yesterday. John Hansson gave the award and made some nice comments about Willow. I am more than amazed that Lizz has kept Willow in such good condition considering the weather we have had recently. All my cats have shed their coats and look like motheaten fur rugs.

 Skippy has been neuterd and will hopefully reside with my son, if Kimbelle will give him house room. She has been with Brian for 14 years now  and is fairly territorial.

Denzel will be neutered next week and I have found a very nice home for him. He will be accompanied by another kittens from me.

Yackie (just 2 years old) is also looking for a loving lap to sit on. She is only two and would make a nice show neuter.

My Yuliana has had a terrible time giving birth to 15 kittens. 3 originally survived, but now she is left with just two. I have had litters of 8 and 9 kittens in the past, but 15 was unsustainable. She carried them full term and started giving birth on the right day 1st July. She gave birth to 10 normally, but then sadly had to have a Caesar to get the rest out. She was just too tired. The Vet expected just one more kitten and had a shock when there were that many more. Mum is recovering nicely and happy with her two remaining spotty boys. They were the last of Denzel`s kittens. It was a very hot day, 35 degrees which did not help the situation.

 Fred was in hospital at the same time having a new pacemaker fitted. He is nearly 94 soon and did not want this done, but we were given no choice at all. He is not recovering very well and at present has gone into respite care.

 Show News

 13th June 2009

 Well done to Hazel who showed Champion Sargenta Silver Zeno as a neuter today he was awarded his first PC! My thanks for showing him in such good condtion.

Show News

 29th May 2009

Congratulations to Lizz Benson of Limatz cats. Her Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Willow - Silver Tabby- was awarded her 3rd consecutive Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate and also won Best of Breed over 2 large boys. Well done Willow and Lizz. I

 Veronica gave birth to 3 lovely tabby babies, 2 boys and one girl that night. She took her time over this by starting at 9.30pm and ending at 1.30am. I don`t know who was more tired at the end of that, myself or Veronica! Mother and babies are doing well

 Show News

 18th May 2009

Many congratulations to Hazel and her Champion Sargenta Silver Zeno. Zeno was awarded his third CC, Best of Breed and firsts in his side classes. This made him up to Champion. Zeno is a lovely boy out of Denzel and Xophila. Hazel wanted to make him up to Champion before neutering him to give me my 100th Titled cat. Thank you Hazel very much for achieving this.

Lizz Benson had a great day by getting her 2nd Imperial Grand for Sargenta Silver Willow followed by winning Best of Variety. She was also awarded Best of Variety Kitten for her own home bred

 Limatz Alfred the Great. Well done Lizz.

Sadly all this wonderful news came on the wrong day for me. I have been quite ill for over 2 weeks now and am in a considerable amount of pain. It is the busy time of year with the new kittens being born. I sadly lost Yasmeen`s kittens on the Friday night. I checked her when feeding her at 6.30pm and there was no sign of contractions. When I went in the room again at 7.30pm I found that she had given birth to 2 kittens, but both were still in their sacs as Yasmeen had not licked the membrane off.The Vet told me on Saturday morning that there were no more kittens and did not give her any oxytocin.

 I walked in the room at 5.30am Sunday morning and she had just given birth to another two kittens, also dead. I went back to the Vet at 9am as soon as he opened. He finally put her on the drip quite unnessesarily and an hour later gave oxytocin. A live kitten was born which I kept alive for 2 days be feeding it every two hours. On Monday afternoon the Vet stated that the kitten was fine, yet two hours later it faded. I was absolutely devastated. I have never lost an entire litter in 26 years of breeding and am still grieving for my lovely babies. The first two were boys and weighed 5oz. Yasmeen is fine and is rearing two of Zenias kittens. Zenia had given birth by Caesar on Wednesday and had 5 babies. The sixth one was lying transverse and had caused her to have the operation. Zenia was spayed at the time of the Caesar. I always do that. It was sad as it was her first litter.

 Show News

 18th April 2009

News received from Hazel Maxted today as follows:

 "Sargenta Silver Zeno received his second CC and BOB !st Open today at Bristol Cat

 Show(Mrs. V.Anderson) also won non-self out of 9 (Mrs.Newman), and 3rd AV Visitor

 out of 12!!"

Many congratulations to Zeno and Hazel. Thank you for showing him so well. Zeno is a son

 of Denzel and Xophila. just one more CC to go and Zeno will be my 100st titled cat.

 Show News

 4th April 2009

Congratulations to Joanne Hewitson of Countrystyle cats. At the Kernow Cat Club show today GrCh Sargenta Silver Vincento was awarded his fifth and final Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate. This now gives him the Title of Imperial Grand Champion. Vinnie was also awarded Best of Breed and became Best British Adult in Show yet again. I also understand he had an all Red Card Day. Well done and Thank you Joanne for showing Vinnie in such Tip Top condition. A big Thank you must go to Celia Leighton who awarded Vinnie his Certificate on the Day.

 Vincento is the same mating (UkGrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego x Robocat Moonlight Bay) as Lizz Bensons Imperial Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Witch.

 Show News

 21st March 2009

Many congratulations to Sargenta Silver Zeno at winning his first CC and Best of Breed at the Surrey and Sussex Show today. He was also well placed in his side classes. Well done Hazel for showing him so well.

 Show News

 14th March 2009

At the Lancashire Shnow in Wigan another Sargenta Tabby female was made  up to Champion.

Many congratulations to Jolanta Axon and her daughter Emily for their success with Ch Sargenta Silver Yoella.

Yoella was awarded her third CC, Best of Breed, two first and one third in her side classes. Well done!This is my 99th titled cat, just one more for the magic 100.

Show News

 7th March 2009

A lovely day was had by all Sargenta cats and other cats bred out of my lovely Sargenta boys at the Southern British Shorthair`s specialist breed show for just British cats. The new venue at Addlestone Community Centre was great. Lots of space and good lighting, great Rosettes, especially the ones for Best of Breed.

Ch Sargenta Silver Yasmeen - silver tabby- won her 3rd CC (consecutive) and was made up to Champion by Jan Bradley. She also got 2two first and one second in her side classes. Ch Sargenta Silver Una - silver spotted - won her 3rd CC and Best of Breed (she beat the boys for that) from Liz Machin.She also did well in her large side classes by being placed third in all of them. Ch Robocat Basement Jaxx - a truly fabulous tabby boy out of my UKGrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego was also made up to Champion by Jan Bradley and he took the Best of Breed. If anything, he looked even better than his dad, Montaego mated to Robocat Silver Laya gave him a better face. It was a real pleasure to see him and I hope we have all persuaded Mrs Mountsey to carry on showing him!

 Helen Nicholson`s Ch Metallicat Spotted Dick (bred out of my lovely Ch Silvergiltcats Denzel Washington) was also made up to Champion on the day by Liz Machin.My Una (Montaego daughter and 5 years old) took the BoB. Helen`s girl Ch Metallicat Silver Spyda (a daughter out of my Orleando) was awarded the Reserve Grand Challenge. The other Denzel boy Sargenta Silver Zeno came 2nd, but of course lacked maturity as he is much younger. He looked great, please keep showing him Hazel. Ch Countrystyle Silver Isaac and Colinswood Silver Jenson (both out of GrCh Sargenta Silver Vincento) looked really nice as well and will make it in their own good time. A lovely spotted Neuter girl out of my GrCh Silver Adentsh Silver Orleando Pr Essyltaloysius won her Best of Breed. Both Leo and Montaego have long been neutered and retired, but it was a great joy for me to see so many of their offspring doing well at this very special show.

Last but not least I was very impressed by a lovely red/silver spotted neuter Tufton Red Sox. He won a well derserved PC and BoB. I note that he is bred out of ImpGrCh Shimmerclaw Moontyger to Ch Tufton Pearl Slaghoople. Moontyger is Susans beautiful silver spotted boy. His Mum Ch Sargenta Silver Unique is the sister to my Una who finally made Champion in three straight shows, albeit in 2006,2008 and 2009 as I totally depend on lifts from friends to take me to shows now.

 Congratulations to all those lovely cats who won today and their owners, who play such a large part in presenting them in top condition. My special thanks must go to Jane for being such a good friend in looking after my cats and taking me to the show. Jane absolutely loves all cats to bits and turns mine into soppy socks by handling them so well.

 Show News

 28th February 2009

Coventry & Leicester show was a good day for Jolanta Axon and her daughter Emily. Emily`s cat Sargenta Silver Yoella again won first Open, CC and Best of Breed. Yoella also was awarded a further two firsts and a second in her side classes. She had strong competition on the day. Yoella was a birthday present for Emily last year and she is very proud of her. Very well done and my sincerest congratulations to Emily and her Mum. Just one to go for another Champion.

 I have noticed from the show results on Cat Planet that GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam was awarded the Reserve Imperial Grand. Congratulations to Elaine and Uilliam.

Elaine is probably disappointed as yet again a beautiful silver comes second to a Bi-Colour. Uilliam is a very big boy, but even then it is always hard for the silver cats to be placed first over the British Selfs and Bi-colour. I had five Reserve Grand Challenge awards with Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani and each and every one was against a bi-colour or blue. Ullani was a big cat as well. This discourages the silver breeders and I never show in the Grand any more.


 28th February 2009

My friend Georgina Brown of Graygees cats (Silver Tabbies and Sphinx) has stopped breeding for this year. All her cats have found nice homes. I have bought back GrCh Sargenta Silver Veronica aka Sofie and she will be mated to Xollie later this year.Last year`s kittens from the same mating have been Show and Supreme show winners. I have them here at present and they look stunning, especially in size. They are being collected today to go to their new home.

 I wish Gina well in her new life.


 12th February 2009

I have had the sad News from Marit in Norway that Champion Sargenta Jewel died peacefully in her arms on Tuesday 10th February. He was nearly 16 years old and Marit loved him dearly. May he sleep peacefully.

 I had a wonderful picture of Jewel and his companion Lady Linnea last August, just after his 15th birthday.

I thank Marit for letting me know.

 Show News

 7th February 2009

 Jolanta Axon had a lovely day with Sargenta Silver Yoella at the Shropshire show today.Yoella won her 1st Open and was awarded her CC and Best of Breed. She won 1st in all her side classes making it an all red card day. Many congratulations to Jolanta and my grateful Thanks for looking after her so well.

 Show News

 17 January 2009

Email received from Joanne Hewitson about GrCh Sargenta Silver Vincento

 "Just a quick up date to let you know that Vinnie yesterday attended the West Country Cat

 club show.

 He won his fourth consecutive Imperial Certificate, and took Best of Breed out of the

 silver tabbies, and he had two firsts in large side classes. He then went on to win


 really good day!!!

 Just one more to go!!!!"

 Many congratulations to Joanne. Vinnie should have no trouble getting the last one as he is

 truly a beautiful cat.

3rd January 2009

You will notice we have a new look website for the new year, with girls and boy pages updated. We have some lovely youngsters coming through and hope they make their mark on the next Sargenta generation.

 Lizz has done a wonderful job updating the site, just some of the banners above the cats names to correct.

 It takes me forever and a day to take some photos, hence the long wait. The cats are far quicker than I am with the camera.

The cats of yesteryear will also be updated soon.


I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and much success in 2009

 Frohe Weihnachten zu allen meinen Freunden und Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr

 Ursula & Fred

Show News

 20th December 2008

 Maidstone & Medway Cat Club held their Annual Christmas show today at The Lions Centre in Gillingham. As this is fairly local to me I was able to take Sargenta Silver Yasmeen and she was awarded her second consecutive CC. I was so proud of her and had a lovely day. I was able to go home for much of the day whilst judging took place, but returned during thge afternoon. Fred came with me and enjoyed the day as well. Thank you to Lesley Miles for awarding the CC. The side classes were large (10 cats and more) and Yasmeen was awarded another first and two third places.

Sargenta Silver Whisp went to her new home this afternoon. She has gone to a lovely couple, but it is always sad when I have to part with one of my treasures and I miss her already.

 Personal 12.12.08

Computer problems! I seem to receive some emails, but none of my replies are going anyhwhere, only seemingly into Cyberspace. As of today I can not send any emails at all. please contact me by phone on 01622 753375. Ursula

 National Cat Club Show

 29th November 2008

Another show which I attended for a lot of years. It was held for many years at Olympia in London. Sadly it is a sign of the times that this show was no longer viable in London because of cost, both to the show manager and the exhibitors. It shows how much I am out of touch these days, I did not even realise it had moved to Bracknell Leisure Centre in Berkshire.

 I was thrilled to learn that Joanne had taken GrCh Sargenta Silver Vincento - Silver Tabby- and that he was awarded his 3rd Imperial Grand in a very impressive line-up. Vincento also took Best of Breed. Well done Joanne! Vincento can be seen on the Countrystyle website.

 Supreme Cat Show - NEC Brimingham

 22nd November 2008

This is the show in the Cat Fanciers calendar that most breeders look forward to. I used to attend many of them and was lucky to have quite a lot of winning cats. Alas I can no longer travel, but do miss the excitement of the "Supreme".

 My cats were well represented this year with their new owners and my thanks and congratulations go to all of them. Imperial Grand Premier, Champion and Gr Pr Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted - got her Final Accolade by winning her 2nd UK Grand . She can now add the Title of UK Imperial Grand Permier to all her other titles.  Well done Wayne and Uschi! My Namesake). Ushi is the First and Only Silver Neuter to hold this title.

 In the kitten stakes Georgina Brown of Graygees won with her boy Graygees Silver Trinket 1st Open and Best of Breed. Trinket is pure Sargenta lines out of GrCh Sargenta Silver Veronica and Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador. Quite an achievemnet for a kitten at the Supreme show. Well done Gina.

Imperial Grand Champion Shimmerclaw Moontyger was awarded his second UK Grand Certificate and gained his title of UK Imperial Grand Champion added to his illustrious carreer. Moontyger is out of Ch Sargenta Silver Unique and Gr Ch Vinmar Silver Adonis. He truly is a superb example of the breed. Well done Susan!

Helen Nicholson came second in the big line-up for the UK female Grand with GrCh Metallicat Silver Badger

(out of UKGrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego) she also took BOB over very good male and female competition well done Helen. Lizz Benson came third with her Imperial Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Witch. An impressive line-up of top quality cats. Well done.

I would have loved to have been there with my boys Denzel and Xalvador.

PS. Denzel went in for his booster yesterday and was weighed in at 7.4 kg. He is a very big boy now producing some very large kittens, my reason for wanting him for the breed.

 Show News

 8th November 2008

 Cheshire Area Show.

Another very large show in the N orth of England. Lizz had entered Tabitha and Candy.GrCh Sargenta Silver Witch was awarded her 5th Imperial Grand and now holds the Title of Imperial Grand Champion. This is a wonderful achievement and a credit to Lizz for presenting her so well.

 Lizz also won her 2nd CC with Sargenta Silver Xonia aka Candy. Candy was the last daughter of my Uk Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Montaego and Ronaldo Silver Chloe. Another Champion in the making??

 I am glad Lizz had such a nice day today.

 Show News

 25th October 2008

 Yorkshire Show. This was a very large show with an entry of 600. Lizz Benson took GrChSargenta Silver Witch aka Tabitha. She was awarded her 2nd Reserve Imperial Grand and won two 1st and two 2nd in her very large side classes. Well done Lizz and Tabitha.

Caroline Walkling had entered Sargenta Silver Yanisha (Silver Tabby) for her first show. She was awarded her 1st Challenge Certificate. Congratulations to Caroline.

 Show News

 18th October 2008

 Kentish Cat Society Show. This is the Local show for me which normally would be held in Maidstone. Alas the Venue was not available and the show was held in Gillingham. Helen Nicholson was kind enough to take Sargenta Silver Yasmeen (silver Tabby) for me and she was awarded her first Championship Certificate.

Fred and I went to the show during the afternoon and I brought Yasmeen home. Just over an hour was long enough for me and I was ill all day Sunday. I am very grateful to Helen for taking Yasmeen in the morning.

 Show News

 4th October 2008

Lizz Benson with Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Witch got her 4th Imperial Grand and Best of Breed at the Tabby Cat Club Show. This is a Special Breed Show for the Patterned cats.

 Just one more to go for the Title. Well done and many congratulations.

 Show News

 27 September 2008

 East Sussex Show and British Shorthair Show have both been eventful for Sargenta Cats today.

Gina of Graygees was awarded her third consecutive Grand Challenge Certificate and with it the Title for Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Veronica ,who also got Best of Breed. Her new young kitten Graygees Silver Trinket (a Daughter out of my Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador and GrCh Sargenta Silver Veronica) won his Open Class and Best of Breed and then went further to become Best of Variety British kitten. Well done Gina and both cats.

 Wayne Vessey at the Shorthair Show was Awarded his 6th Imperial Grand Premier Certificate and another Grand Premier Certificate fo Imperial Grand Premier Sargenta Silver Ursinha. Uschi is now 5 years old and still looking good. Congratulations.

South Western Counties Show

 GrCh Sargenta Silver Vincento won his 2nd Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate plus two firsts in side classes. Well done Joanne

I have some nice youngsters here but alas can no longer travel to shows unless I get a lift.

 Show News

 13th September 2008

An excited Lizz rang me from the Wyvern Show today with the news that her GrCh Sargenta Silver Willow

was awarded her first Imperial Grand Certificate and Best of Breed. Willow followed this by having an all Red Card Day. Many congratulations to Lizz and Willow. One of Lizz`s kittens out of Willow and Moontyger got his 1st CC and BoB today. Well done.

 I was also told by Lizz tonight that Debby Sykes had taken Grand Ch Sargenta Silver Ushan  - to the Northern Counties Show . Ushan was awarded his fifth and final Imperial Grand Certificate. This gave him the Title of Imp Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Ushan . He wa salso awarded Best of Breed, Best of Variety British Adult and Overall Best British Adult in Show. This was truly a fantastic day for Debbie and Ushan and has given me my second Imperial Grand Champion I am very proud. Thank you Debbie for showing Ushan so well.

 Show News

 6th September 2008

 Congratulations to Gina of Graygees on winning her second consecutive Grand with Ch Sargenta Silver Veronica at the Hert`s and Middlesex Show in Luton today . That was quite an achievement. Thank you for showing her so well.

 At the same show Helen was awarded her 1st CC and BoB with Metallicat Spotted Dick. Well done both of you. This boy is one of Denzel`s sons and showing great promise. Helen was also awarded 1st and Best of Breed with Metallicat Silver Edward - Silver Tabby. He is a son of my Ch Sargenta Silver Xalvador. Another nice cat with the Amethyst prefix and a daughter from Xalvador won her first CC at the same show. Congratulations to Mary Coulthurst.

 I have some nice Sargenta Cats at present and just wish I could take them out, but alas I am not well enough and can`t drive the distance.

Show News

 30th August 2008

 A very excited Lizz Benson e-mailed me tonight telling me of her experience of her first TICA show. She had entered Sargenta Silver Witch (Tabitha) who is already a GCCF Grand Champion with three Imperial Grand Certificates to her name:

 "Hi Ursula,

Today we attended a small 4 ring TICA show and to our amazement

 Tabitha won x4 Best In Colour awards, x4 Best In Division awards and also x3

 1st Best Of Breeds against top British competition, she then went on in the

 Shorthaired Speciality Ring (all shorthair breeds - Sphynx, Bengal, Siamese,

 Burmese etc etc) to be placed 2nd out of 11 cats making her Champion on the

 day but the real thrill was the afternoon all breed ring where she was 2nd

 out of 25 cats (all breeds, LH, SL, SH)!!!!!!!!! The judge commented that he

 has never seen a silver as good as her and it must have taken at least 20

 years of breeding to achieve such a big beautiful girl and that she was a

 credit to her breeder and he made the audience give her a round of applause

 for being such a good example of the colour and THE BREED!

Needless to say we are over the moon, one more final and she will be a TICA

 Grand Champion so we hope to do another next year"

 Congratulations Lizz, well done! Some of the credit must go to her husband Matthew who has

 endless stamina and patience driving Lizz and the cats to all the shows. He also shares looking

 after all the cats and both Lizz and Matt do a cracking job and well deserve their awards.

Lizz xxx

News from Norway

 29th August 2008

 Today I received the follwoing message from Marit in Norway:

 Dear Ursula !

 I am very glad for sending you a mail today telling that Jewel is 15 years old and still with us, with good health. He is an adorable grand old boy and has the opportunity to live with his very dear lady,Linnea. They are a beautiful grand old couple. So today I enclose a photo telling more than 1000 words.

 Greetings from Marit & Jewel

 This message was accompanied with a lovely photo of the two cats cuddling each other and the caption read "Old Love lies Deep"

 Thank you Marit for sending me this!!

 Show News

 23rd August 2008

 Hello Ursula, just a quick email to let you no that Grch Sargenta Silver

 Vincento gained his first imperial Certificate, yesterday at the West Of

 England and South Wales Cat Show, he also won his BOB and had two first's

 and a second in his side classes. He then went on to win Best Of Variety

 British Adult so we were really pleased Joanne Hewitson

 I was pleased to hear this news from Joanne and offer my warmest congratulations to

 her and Vincento. He is a truly stunning cat with the maturity he now has. He can be

 seen on the Countrystyle website.

 Show News

 29th July 2008

 My congratulations to Lizz and Matt on gaining their 3rd Imperial Grand at the Gwynedd show, with GrCh Sargenta Silver Witch, Tabitha also went on to win Best of Breed and was placed first in two large side classes and second in another.

Lizz had a brilliant day winning with Tabitha but also with babies from her own breeding, PC's, BOB's & red card days with neuters from Candy (Sargenta Silver Xonia) and 1st and BOB's for her kittens from Willow (GrCh Sargenta Silver Willow), one of whom the silver spotty went on to win his second consecutive BIV BSH Kitten! Well Done.

Show News

 5th July 2008

I have just received the news from Joanne of Countrystyle that Ch Sargenta Silver Vincento - Silver Tabby- was made up to Grand Champion at the Wiltshire and District Cat Club show yesterday. Vinnie won his title in three straight shows. He also won another CC and was Best of Breed and was awarded two firsts in large side classes. Well done and many congratulations to GrCh Sargenta Silver Vincento and Joanne.

 Show News

 7th June -Merseyside

Wayne Veasey has done it! My first Imperial Grandpremier. GrCh &GrPr Sargenta Silver Ursinha was awarded her 5th and final Imperial Award which has now given her the Title of Imperial GrPr. Quite an amazing achievement for a female Silver Spotted. She also got her Best of Breed. I am very proud of her. Thank you Wayne for showing her so well.

 I was well down in the dumps when Wayne rang. Xophila had given birth that day to one live and one dead kitten. She then struggled for 3 hours with very strong contractions. I had been in touch on and off throughout the whole time with my Vet and it was decided to perform a Caesar. One more live kitten and one dead. Xophila was spayed at the same time. She was only just two years old and both her mother Whisp and Xophie had 5 lovely kittens each last year on the same day. Now both have been in trouble this year with Whisp losing 3 kittens and ending up with only one. Breeding cats is never easy, the good times are often offset with the sadness of loss.

 18th May 2008

 Show News Midland Counties

An excited Lizz Benson just rang with the results achieved by her cats today.  Ch Sargenta Silver Willow - Silver Tabby was made up to Grand Champion today. Willow also had an all red card day, i.e. 1st in every class.

 GrCh Sargenta Silver Witch aka Tabitha was awarded her 2nd Imperial and Best of Breed.Tabitha went on to win Best of Variety British Adult.

 Lizz`s own bred kittens did extremely well again, and as these are her first homebred kittens under the Limatz Prefix, she is obviously and well deservedly proud. Many Congratulations!!

 Wayne Vessey was awarded his 4th Imperial for GrCh & GrPr Sargenta Silver Ursinha and Best of Breed. Ursinha was awarded Best of Variety British Neuter and then bacame Overall Best British in Show.Well done Wayne and congratulations. Just one more to go for Ursinha and I am sure Wayne will achieve that.

 I understand that the show had a good entry of 498 cats, there was some steep competition and the British Silvers did extremely well.

17th May 2008

Show News Suffolk and Norfolk Show

Many congratulations to Helen Nicholson of Metallicat. Her spotted boy Metallicat Spotted Dick aka Tomtom bred out of my Denzel won 1st Open and Best of Breed. He will be Helen`s future stud boy and is starting off the right way. He is already a very large boy for his age and exactly the reason why I imported Silvergiltcats Silv Denzel Washington from Emmy in Holland in the first place.  Metallicat Silver Spyda (out of my Orleando and Metallicat Silver Badga) was awarded her 4th consecutive CC and BoB. Well done Helen.

3rd May 2008

 Show News

The Manchester show was a lovely day for silver cats. Congratulations to Lizz Benson and GrCh Sargenta Silver Witch. Tabitha was awarded her 1st Imperial and Best of Breed. That was a wonderful achievement. Lizz did well with her first home-bred kittens from Ch Sargenta Silver Willow to Imp Grand Shimmerclaw Moontyger. Both kittens got their Open class wins. One had an all red card Day and became Best in Show kitten. Her wins can be seen on Lizz`s Newspage on the Limatz site.

Wayne Vessey did well with GrCh & GrtPr Sargenta Silver Ursinha.She won her 3rd Imperial Grand Premier and Best of Breed. She then went on to become Best in Show British Neuter. Pat Kidd with her Kresta boy Silver Edwin was Best in Show British Adult.

Healthwise I am struggling again as it is Hay Fever Season and I have Asthma. Nothing gets any easier but the lovely sunshine and warm weather is welcome.

 News from Holland

 14th April 2008

Received news from Emmy van Rossum that Sargenta Silver Xenon - Silver Tabby - was awarded his 3rd CAC and made up to Champion yesterday. Xenon is a son of GrCh Ronaldo Silver Coco and Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani. Ullani was one of my best silver spotted girls with 4 Reserved Grands to her name. Unfortunately I could not show her very often. Many congratulations to Emmy and her new Champion. It is my 95th Titled cat and I am very proud.

 Unfortunately I have had yet another bad fall last week and badly twisted and sprained my right ankle. I spend 7 hours at Maidstone hospital just waiting for an Xray, which took all of a few minutes. My broken toe on my left foot is not healed and it is a bit difficult walking (to say the least) and very painful to have both feet out of action. I am supposed to wear a permanent Morphine patch for pain control but unfortunately the side effect of that is lots of dizzy spells. I am hoping to manage without the pain control as I have had just about enough of falling over. Both Xollie and Denzel are busy and Fred is getting very good at mating the cats!

 The kittens born on 27th March are all weighing over 1lb and are not yet one month old. They all look bonny.

 All other litters expected in April will not be born until late May now.

 6th April 2008

 Show News

I received email from Joanne Jewitson of Countrystyle today and I am copying this:

 "Hello Ursula

Just to let you know that Ch Sargenta Silver Vincento gained his

 second Grand Certificate yesterday at the Kernow Cat Club Show against good

competition. He also got the BOB, and first and a third in large side classes, he then went

 on to win Best Of Variety British Adult.

 He was a perfect Gentleman all day and looked a picture he is so mature now, lovely big cat,

 eye colour to die for and his markings look like they are sprayed on. He is also producing super

 kittens, some of the best that I have ever bred.

 He is such a pleasure to own and a real credit to you for breeding him!!

 Joanne "

 Many congratulations to Joanne. I would love to have a kitten from Vincento this year as

 he would give me my lines back to Montaego with one of Joannes lovely outcrossed females.

 25th March 2008


 Sargenta Silver Una - silver spotted- gave birth to four kittens today. Three spotted boys (one very dark and nearly smoke) and one smoke female.

Ch Sargenta Silver Upsala - silver tabby - also had four kittens today. 3 tabby boys and one girl. All the babies are doing well and all are booked, as I have a long waiting list.

 22nd March 2008

 I wish Everyone a Happy Easter and a few peaceful days.

 Website Update

 22nd March 2008

What a superb job Lizz Benson of Limatz cats has done for me yet again. Both Lizz and Matt drove more than 500 miles to come and phnotograph the cats. Going back to Yorkshire took 11 hours because of accidents on the Motorways. Lizz was quite poorly after that. She spend many hours yesterday to update my site, putting the new girls on with lots of lovely photos and adding up-to-date photographs of Denzel and Xollie. My newspage has now been split into different years which will make it much quicker to navigate.

 Lizz: No mere Thank you can ever be enough for all you have done for me and I hope that many people viewing this site will enjoy looking at the cats as much as I do.

 Please feel free to sign in my guestbook if you like the "New Look".

 Show News

 1st March 2008

My grateful Thanks to my friend Susan for taking Denzel to the Wessex show for me today.  Silvergiltcats Silv. Denzel Washington was finally made up to Champion. Denzel was already a Champion in Holland, but his title from abroad was not accepted by the GCCF.

 Denzel is siring some beautiful very large kittens and is open to stud to selected and tested queens.

Imp Grand Shimmerclaw  Moontyger was awarded another Imperial certificate and best of breed. He then went on to win Best British Adult and Overall Best British. A fantastic achievement for such a young cat. Well done Susan. Helen`s girl Metallicat silver Spyda got her 2nd CC and BoB today as well. All are having a nice day at the show. Alas I am sitting at home, as I have probably broken my left foot again and will have it X-rayed on Monday.

 23rd February 2008

 Show News

Congratulations to GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam. He was awarded his 2nd consecutive Reserve Imperial Grand at the Lancashire Show today.

 Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Yoella (silver tabby kitten out of UK Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Montaego and Sargenta Silver Xophila)  . She has done her dad proud by winning her Open class and Best of Breed. She was placed in all her side classes. Well done Jolanta for showing my baby so well on her first show. She was the last kitten produced by Monty and I wanted to keep her, but I am very happy where she is now.


 16th February 2008

I am having severe problems with my eyesight again. Not only are there the cataracts, but problems with fluid behind the eyes caused by the Chemotherapy and wrinkles in the retina. It is therefore very difficult for me to read and answer my emails. Please be patient when you have to wait a long time for replies. Until the operations have been carried out I am fairly well stuck!

It has not helped that Talk Talk have inadvertently cut off my connection with them on 9th of February and it will take 21 days to reconnect. Their customer service leaves much to be desired. If they have non English people in their call centres, they should provide a better customer service. It took 5 minutes to make a mistake and disconnect but nothing can be done to reconnect. I can now make outgoing phone calls only via BT, who are helping out. But I have to dial a number before every outgoing call resulting in a payment of 49pence per minute, a fairly expensive exercise.

 Show News 9th February 2008

 Shropshire Show

 GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam was awarded the Reserve Imperial and Best of Breed. Another fine boy out of UKGrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego to Ch Sargenta Silver Tracey. Many congratulations to Elaine and her family.

 Show News 9th February 2008

 Croydon Cat Club

 Imp Grand Champion Shimmerclaw Moontyger- silver spotted- won his 5th Imperial today, which gave him his title. This is an incredible difficult award to achieve, especially for a silver in competition with the big self colour cats. Well done Susan. He also won another Reserve Grand Challenge and Best of Breed. Moontyger is from my girl Ch Sargenta Silver Unique and Brenda`s GrCh Vibnmar Adonis.

Helen Nicholson of Metallicat made Metallicat Silver Juliet up to Grand Champion, another very nice silver spotted out of my GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando and GrCh Metallicat Silver Badja (she was out of Montaego) Both of those boys have now been neutered and I sincerely hope that their offspring can carry on where I left off.

 Show News 26th January 2008

 Southern Counties

 Ch Waggykatz Belinda was made up to Champion today. She is a Montaego and Ulyssa daughter. Congratulations to the Wagstaff family.

 Show News 19th January2008

Congratulation to Ch and GrPr Sargenta Silver Ursinha (silver spotted neuter) on gaining her 2nd consdecutive Imperial Grand Award and Best of Breed at the Notts and Derby show today. She was also placed high in all her side classes, which were huge in number.Well done Wayne and Uschi.

My warmest congratulations to my friends Lizz and Matthew of Limatz cats. Limatz Angel Delight won her kitten Open class and Best of Breed. This is her 2nd consecutive win and the first one shown of Lizz`s own breeding. Beautiful kitten, well done Lizz. She alos was highly placed in her side classes.

 Show News 12th January 2008

Email received from Joanne Hewitson today:

 " Hello Ursula, just to let you know that we attended the West Country Cat Club Show with Ch Sargenta Silver Vincento, on Saturday and he gained his first Grand CC, and BOB, and first and second in his side classes."

Well done Joanne. Many congratulations. I wish that Vincento was here right now as Xaria is calling her head off, and with the loss of Montaego I no longer have a B bloodgroup boy.

 Further News re Show 5th Jan 2008

 Received emaiL from Sue Wagstaff 8/1/09.

 "I expect the grapevine has already told you that Waggykatz Silver Bellinda (UKGrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego X  Sargenta Silver Ulissa) got her third CC and BoB at the Shorthaired Cat Society Show on 5 January.

 Making 3 straight CCs and BoBs (her first on Saturday 29 September at the British Shorthair Cat Club Show and second on 15th December 2007 At The Maidstone & Medway).   

She also got 2nds and a 3rd in quite large side classes.

 We are very proud as you can imagine and is all down to you and the fantastic cats you have bred over the years giving us those wonderful blood lines."

 Many congratulations to Sue and Champion Waggykatz Bellinda. I saw her at the Maidstone show and she looked stunning.

 Show News

 5th January 2008

The 2008 GCCF cat show calendar started with the Shorthair Cat Society Show.

 Congratulations to Caroline Walkling`s Premier Sargenta Silver Xemun aka "Zazu". He was awarded his 3rd PC and Best of Breed today and gained his Title of Premier. He was also well placed in all his side classes. Judges commented on his lovely temperament, which always makes me very proud. Thank you Caroline for showing him so well. Xemun is the brother of my Xollie and both cats have now got their titles.

 Xemun was my 94th titled cat - only 6 more to go to reach the magic 100.

 Susan`s GrCh Shimmerclaw Moontyger was awarded his 4th Imperial Grand and Jacks Ronaldo girl Silver Nora got her 2nd CC. Well done.



Happy Christmas 2007

Fred and I wish all our family and friends at home and abroad a very Happy Christmas and all the Best for the New Year 2008, especially good health.

 For those of you with cats I wish much success for the next breeding Season .To Petra and Marco Mijdam in Holland I wish much joy with your new kitten and look forward to receiving news when she is having her first babies.

 To Frank and Anna in Berlin many thanks for the lovely German Christmas cake. It arrived safely today.

 Show News

 15th December 2007

The Maidstone & Medway show is normally a day I look forward to. This year it was a bitterly cold day with an icy North-East wind. The Heating in the show hall was not working and I was glad to get home after 2 hours. I never thought I would ever get warm again. Fred and I went back to the show in the afternoon, by which time it had warmed up a little.

Sargenta Silver Una - silver spotted - was awarded her 2nd CC. Best of Breed an the Imperial went to GrCh Shimmerclaw Moontyger. He looked lovely as always. His dam is Ch Sargenta Silver Unique, sister to Una. 1st place in the spotted male Adults went to Colinswood Silver Henry (CC witheld) and Denzel came 2nd. The Hall Lighting in the morning was abysmal. It made the cats look different, especially some of the eyecolour,and a lot of exhibitors were unhappy about that. During the afternoon Denzel looked like a changed cat, same clear and lovely silver which he shows outdoors, but in the morning the lighting made his coat look dull.

Fred insisted in carrying both cat baskets at the end of show day and managed to fall down the exit`s concrete steps. My Thanks to Sue Lorton-Hobbs for helping Fred to his feet.

Just to round off the day I had a phone call from Susan to tell me, that her GrCh Sargenta Silver Minstrel had died shortly after she got home. It was expected, but still very sad.


 1st December 2007

It is with great sadness that I received the news from Cathy Lavery yesterday that Sargenta Silver Dream (Achilles) was put to sleep. He was age 18 1/2. His brother Sargenta Silver Dancer (Hector) died in February this year just one month short of his 18th birthday. The most amazing thing was, that Dancer had one of his legs amputated at age 6 because of bone cancer, but lived quite happily on three legs for another 12 years. (Dream and Dancer were bred out of Ch Shadowsmine Bilbo and my Ch Aduesh Leisanna). Both cats were very much loved by Cathy and Kevin and in later life by their children Daniel and Jack and have left a huge gap in the family right now. It is a tribute to the Love and Care they received, that both had such long and happy lives. The card I received was a lovely drawing of cats called "Forty Winks", how aptly named and sensitively chosen!

Several of my cats have died this year, all around age 16 and 17. It does show that this breed is quite strong and if treated well, exceeds the average life of around 12-14, much the same as our Native Moggies

On a personal note Fred had another slight stroke on November 12h and with it lost another large chunk of his memory. He is out of hospital and relatively fine now, but again it has made life just a bit more difficult for me. As yet the doctors can not get my Rheumatoid Arthritis under control, all the drugs are making me constantly feel nauseous, quite apart from all the pain. The cats are still my greatest joy, albeit in very reduced numbers. Denzel and Xalvador are getting restless and are looking for some female company!

 Supreme Show

 17th November 2007

The Supreme is the Premier show in the UK Cat Fanciers calendar and the show piece of the GCCF. Cats have to qualify by winning and Open Class as kittens or a CC or PC at a Championship show licensed by the GCCF. It is a highly competitive show with some excellent cats and strong competition. Winning titles at the Surpreme is therefore very special . The Supreme has ring judging, which is not done at any other GCCF Championship shows.

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Wayne Vessay with his cat GrCh Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted on winning "Best of Variety British Neuter", the UK Grand Premier Certificate and Best of Breed.I wish I could have been there, a truly fabulous achievement.

 Susan Knight had a lovely day with GrCh Shimmerclaw Moontyger (GrCh Vinmar Silver Adonis-Ch Sargenta Silver Unique). He was awarded the UK Grand Challenge Certificate. Well done. GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan came 2nd to Moontyger, well done Debbie. I believe it was neck and neck between these two cats with some excellent others coming third and fourth.

 The "UK Grand" is only ever awarded at the Supreme, and at no other show, and is therefore very special. To get the Title of UK Grand it has to be won twice and this is almost impossible.

 Helen Nicholson`s Ch Metallicat Silver Badja - silver tabby (ouf of UK GrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego) was awarded her 3rd Grand and was made up to Grand Champion. Helen`s other cat Ch Metallicat Silver Juliet - Silver spotted (out of my GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando and Ch Silver Badga) was also awarded her Grand Challenge Certificate. This was her first. Well done Helen, well deserved.

Show News

 27th October 2007

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Xemun (Silver Tabby brother to my Ch Silver Xalvador) on winning his 2nd PC and Best of Breed at the Yorkshire show today. He also had an all red card day. Thank you to the Walkling family for looking after him so well.

GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan (Silver spotted) won the Reserve Imperial . Well done Ushan and Debbie.

 Show News

 20th October 2007

The Kentish Cat Society`s show was again held in Maidstone this year. This was a lovely opportunity for me to actually take my cats without having to do any travelling. Jane helped me with the cats in the morning and at 10am, when judging started, drove me home. Susan collected Fred and myself in the afternoon and took both of us to the show. What a wonderful Day this turned out to be.

Sargenta Silver Xalvador (silver tabby )was awarded his 3rd CC and Best of Breed. This made him up to Champion. He was also awarded Best of Variety British Adult.

Silvergiltcats Sil.Denzel Washington (Silver Spotted)was awarded his 2nd CC and Best of Breed. Both

boys were placed 1st and 2nd in all their side classes. Thank you to all their judges, especially Helen Light for making this such a memorable day.

Congratulations to Shimmnerclaw Starchaser, a Denzel kitten bred by Susan. He won his Open first and Best of Breed. Helen`s Metallicat Silver Spyder, a silver tabby bred out of Leo, also won her Open 1st and Best of Breed. Both those kittens looked stunning.

Ch and GrPr Sargenta Silver Ursinha (silver spotted) was awarded another Best of Breed and Reserve in the Imperial. Well done.

 This was a nice show, it was lovely to see so many old friends and all the cats did well. What more could one ask for?


 4th October 2007

 I am now home from hospital and recuperating slowly, the kittens are ready to be viewed by appointment from this weekend, and I hope to resume stud work when I am fully fit in a few weeks time, Xollie and Denzel are both siring superb kittens I am very proud of, and pleased with the next generation of Sargenta babies.

Kitten enquires are welcome.

Show News

 29th September 2007

 At the British Shorthaired Cat Club show Xollie won his open 1st and second CC today against competition; BOB for the tabbies went to a mature Monty and Ulissa daughter owned by Sue Wagstaff.

My good friend Susan Knight who kindly took Xollie to the show for me, had a Denzel kitten being shown by their new owners, Shimmerclaw Star Chaser, silver spotty won his open 1st & BOB against competition, he also did very well in his side classes, coming 1st in one. Star chaser is a very large kitten, with excellent spotting and type, something Denzel is passing to all his kittens.

Congratulations to Adcinsh Silver Edwin, silver spotted (known as Oscar), who was bred by Julie Saxby and loving owned by Fran Harrison. He made up to Grand Champion today at the North West Cat Club Show, Oscar is bred from Countrystyle Silver Edwin and Sargenta Silver Vanity.

Lastly very special Congratulations to Elizabeth Evans who was at Cork this weekend, where Soprano was shown and made up to International Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Soprano - well done!

Show News

 22nd September 2007

 South Western Counties Show

 email received from Joanne and copied:

Congratulations to my mum Joan Simmons on her great show success. Sargenta Silver Vincento gained his open and his 3rd CC, making him up to a Champion, he took Best of Breed out of the Tabby's.He had two firsts and a second in his side classes. He then went on to win

Best of Variety, and Best in Show British.

 Joanne Hewitson

 Countrystyle British shorthairs

Well done Joanne and her Mum and many congratulations! It was just thew news I needed to re-cuperate.

 Show News

 8th September 2007

Congratulations to Lizz and Matthew on their first Grand Champion - Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Witch, Tabitha as she is better known, was awarded her third Grand and the Title against excellent competition at Northern Counties Cat Club, she was also placed highly in all her side classes - well done!

Congratulations also to Wayne Vessey on winning his first Imperial Grand Premier Certifiacte with Ch & Gr Pr Sargenta Silver Ursinha at the Wyvern Cat Club Show.

Show News

 25th August 2007

 Congratulations again goes to Lizz and Matthew, as their other silver tabby, Ch Sargenta Silver Willow was awarded her 2nd Grand Champion Certificate at the Teesside Cat Club show.

 Show News

 21st July 2007

I have just heard from Lizz Benson, who is at the Gwynedd Cat Show in North Wales today. Ch Sargenta Silver Witch - Silver Tabby was awarded her 2nd Grand Challenge and Best of Breed against competition. Congratulations to Lizz and Matthew for the effort they made in getting to the show, in view of the appalling weather conditions and wide spread flooding. Well done and congratulations!

 We have some sunshineinb Kent this afternoon after much rain in the last 24 hours. A rare occurance indeed for this Summer.

 Show News

 14th July 2007

A brilliant day for me at the shows today. 5 winners out of 5. Sargenta Silver Wanda - Silver Tabby- made up to Champion at the Lincolnshire Show today. At the same show Sargenta Silver Xemon aka Zazu got his 1st PC.

 I was at the East Sussex Cat Club show thanks to Jane driving me in the morning and Susan taking me and Fred back to the show in the afternoon. After dropping us and the cats of at home at the end of the show Susan unfortunately encountered a long delay on the M20 due to an accident and closure of the motorway and it was 8pm before she got home. I am really sorry about that, especially as she took us to the show when she had not entered a cat herself. Without the help of friends I would not have been able to go to the show and the cats would not have been able to win. I am really grateful and indebted to both of them.

Sargenta Silver Xalvador, my new silver tabby stud boy, was awarded his 1st CC and BoB. Dutch Champion Silvergiltcats Silv Denzel Washington, my other stud boy, was awarded his 1st UK CC and BoB.

Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard, silver spotted, got the Reserver Grand, PC and BoB. All of them were highly placed in their side classes. Thank you to the owners for showing my cats so well, especially in July, when the hot weather plays havoc with their coats. Thank you also to the judges for giving them the awards.

Helen Nicholson`s Metallicat Silver Spida, silver tabby kitten from my Orleando, won her 1st open and BoB. Well done. She looked a really nice kitten as well.

 28th June 2007

It is another sad day for me. GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando was neutered today. Both boys Montaego and Leo have done their share for the silver breeding and have left a legacy with their offspring. Nevertheless I shall miss them greatly.I have founds nice homes for them where, in 3 months time, they will live out their retirement. Owing to permanent ill health I have no choice in the matter, but it is nonetheless extremely

 heartbreaking for me. Montaego was neutered on 14th June 2007.

 I still have Denzel and my silver tabby boy Xalvador (out of GrCh Ronaldo Silver Coco and Sargenta Silver Whisp). Whisp is a Montaego daughter. Xalvador aka Xollie will hopefully be on the site shortly. His first litter of kittens to Willa are due at the end of July.

 Show News

 16th June 2007

 GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan (Silver spotted) was awarded his 4th Imperial Grand Challenge at the Lakeland Show in Kendal today. What an incredible achievement. Thank you Debbie for having him in such good condition at this time of year. Many congratulations.

 Congratulations to Lizz Benson with Ch Sargenta Silver Witch aka Tabitha(silver tabby). She was awarded the Reserve Grand Challenge and was placed 2nd in all her (very large) side classes. Well done.

 Birth Announcement

 10th June 2007

 Sargenta Silver Xaria gave birth to three kittens today. One silver spotted female and two smokes, one boy and one girl. They are Denzel kittens and very nice and big in size.

 Sargenta Silver Tessa gave birth to her Denzel kittens on 4th May. She had three kittens. Silver spotted male and female and smoke female.

Silver Tabby kittens are due at the end of July from Ronaldo Silver Coco,Shimmerclaw Moontyger, last litter from Montaego and last litter from Orleando.

Chemotherapy seems to be helping, as hands are not so bad now. Steroids are making me fat and I feel like a beached whale. Foot is finally out of plaster after nearly 9 weeks but I still can`t walk very well as both also swollen with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

 Jane and Hannah are helping with the cats and kittens and all the 10 week old kittens are over 2lbs12oz, nice little monsters. The new owners should be pleased, as they are cracking kittens with lovely markings.

 Show News

 9th June 2007

 Email Received from Judy Duckworth today who showed Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard at the London Cat Club show held in Woking. I copy:

 "I showed Wizzard yesterday at the London Show at Woking. He was unplaced in the Grand (out of 3) but later beat both those cats in a side class judged by Mrs Fisher so she obviously likes him. He won his 9th PC, and BOB in the Open. He gained two firsts and a third in his side classes."

 Show News

 Congratulations and thanks for letting me know

 2nd June 2007

 News received from Joanne Hewitson today I have copied:

 "Today at the Somerset cat show, Sargenta Silver Vincento got his first open

 and CC and first and second in his side classes, Ch Countrystyle Silver

 Emily got another Res Grand and took BOB over the tabby's, she also had

 first and second in large side classes. So a good day was had by all.

 Vinnie just needs one more CC now to go!!"


Many congratulations Joanne. Your cats always look in superb conditions and the wins are well deserved. Keep up the good work.

 Show News

 26th May 2007

Congratulations to Lizz Benson and Ch Sargenta Silver Witch aka Tabitha , who was awarded her 1st Grand Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at the Show in Durham today. Thank you for showing her in such lovely conbdition.

 Show News

 20th May 2007

Congratulations to Julie Saxby and Sargenta Silver Wanda. 2nd CC and BoB at the Midland Counties show today. Well done. I believe she did well in her side classes also.

 Show News

 5th May 2007

I was delighted to hear from Kathryn Brook that Sargenta Silver Tristan aka Sylvester was awarded his first CC and Best of Breed at the Manchester & District Cat Club show today. This was a wonderful achievement and extra special for both Kathryn and myself.

 Sylvester is a silver Tabby out of my Ch Sargenta Silver Nickel and Ch Sargenta Silver Poppet. Both are no longer with us and Tristan carries those lines. Sylvester was born in May 2002 and sold as a pet on the non-active register to a Tracey Foley in Upminster. I was never at any time told that he had been passed on and to whom. It has since transpired that he has had several homes during the last few years and was appallingly treated. I was even asked by a lady who had bought a white kitten in good faith for breeding, with Sylvester named as the sire, if I had any information of Tristan`s owner as she was still awaiting registration papers for the kitten she bought. Of course she would never receive them as Sylvester was on the non-active register, but it appears that he was used for mating and people were duped when buying kittens. Fortunately Sylvester was finally rescued and now has a loving owner and new family. Kathryn is a Veterinary Nurse and has managed to get Sylvester into lovely condition in only 8 month worthy of winning his CC and BoB. He is now on the active Register and will hopefully produce some lovely silver tabbies to Kathryn`s future Sargenta queen and others, who are interested in saving those particular lines. He lives in Warrington and will put him in reach of some of the Northern breeders who own my cats. I just wish I could have had him nearer to some of my last few girls this year. I am immensely proud of this particular show win yesterday. Well done Kathryn!

 Show News

 28th April 2007

Congratulations to Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard. 8th PC and BoB at the Bedford show held at Wood Green Animal Shelter. He was unplaced in the Grand this time but he is still a very young boy with a lot of maturing to do. Wizzard did very well with 2nd placings in his side classes. Thank you Judith and the Duckworth family for showing him so well.

 My friend Susan also had a good show day in Jersey with Ch Shimmerclaw Moontyger. He was made up to Grand Champion at the tender age of 15 months. He is a stunning cat and the title is well deserved. Moontyger is out of GrCh Vinmar Adonis and Ch Sargenta Silver Unique. Susan is delighted that Moontyger also won his second consecutive Best in Show. I can`t stress too highly that this a massive achievement and it takes a really special cat to do this well consistently.

I have also just heard from Elizabeth of Cadifee cats that GrCh Sargenta Silver Soprano was awarded her 2nd Irish Grand Challenge Certificate at the Supreme show in Ireland on Sunday. Well done, another lovely cat to be proud of. Elizabeth also did well with one of her other cats. I am awaiting details when she is back in the UK.

On a personal note my foot is still in plaster after I had broken it, and was walking and driving with it not realising it had been broken. As both feet had major surgery done in November and February this has been very unhelpful to say the least. I have some very good friends in Hannah, my neighbours daughter and Jane. Both are doing the cats daily and Jane has taken me out shopping and the cats to the vet for their Caesars and Spays. My hands are not good with the Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am still waiting for treatment with the hospital. The NHS is in meltdown and people with Breast cancer are having to wait 4 months for Radiotherapy. I am waiting for bloodtests, scans and Chemotherapy treatment and it might take some time yet for me to get it. There is no reason whatsoever for me not to carry out my studwork, kittening or look after my cats in the same way as I have always done and all rumours circulating to the contrary are incorrect and hurtful. I have however spayed Tracey, Vivian, Victorianna and Wahini. They are with loving new owners. Victorianna will leave me after her kittens are reared. Montaego and Orleando will also be neutered very shortly. They have done their bit for the silver breeding and deserve their retirement. It is a bit sad that Denzel has not attracted more interest, as his stunning size and new lines could have done much to help the gene pool in this Country. Sargenta will go on for a little while yet, albeit with reduced numbers. The cats have been my life for 27 years and have left their pawprints on many pedigrees at home and around the world. They have always made my life brighter for their presence and are still doing it!

 Show News

 7th April 2007

Congratulations to Joanne on her show success today. Unfortunately I can no longer type this at present and therefore putting Joanne`s email on direct.

Hello Ursula, I thought you might like to know that today at the Kernow Cat Club Show Sargenta Silver Vincento got his first open, CC & BOB and first and second in his side classes.

 Champion Countrystyle Silver Emily (sire GrCh Sargenta Silver Poldark) got the Reserve Grand CC and was beaten by a much larger Bi-colour female, but she had two firsts in her side classes.

 Countrystyle Silver Isaac at his first time out took his first open, and BOB, he is by CH Country Silver Emily and Sargenta Silver Vincento.

 So a good day was had by all

 Joanne Hewitson

 Show News

 17th March 2007

Congratulations to the winners at the Surrey & Sussex Show held in Woking today. Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard - silver spotted was awarded his 2nd consecutive Grand Premier Certificate, PC and BoB. Well done Judy and the Duckworth family.

Ch Shimmerclaw Moontyger  silver spotted (GC Vinmar Silver Adonis & Ch Sargenta Silver Unique) was awarded his 1st Grand, CC and BoB. Well done Susan. He had the Reserve Grand a fortnight ago.

Ch Countrystyle Silver Delia - silver spotted was awarded her 3rd Grand Challenge, which made her up to Grand Champion . Delia was bred by Joanne Hewitson of Countrystyle out of GrCh Sargenta Silver Poldark and Ch Mardenka Madamoselle. She is owned by Mary le Monnier of Mardenka prefix. The combination of those two cats has worked well for Joanne in producing her some truly lovely cats.

I wish I could have been there today, but alas I have had another fall and damaged my foot yet again. I`ll have to concentrate on the imminent kitten arrivals now and try to stay in one piece.

 Show News

 10th March 2007

Brilliant news just received from Julie Saxby, who is at the Lancashire show in Wigan today. Sargenta Silver Wren was awarded her third CC today and was made up to Champion. Many congratulationsto Julie and her family.

 This is my 90th Sargenta titled cat and has made me very proud today. It has helped to cheer me up after the bad news I had this week regarding my health. I will be going onto Chemotherapy very shortly.

 Show News

 3rd March 2007

 Congratulations to Judy Duckworth and Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard. Wizzard was awarded his first Grand Premier Certificate, PC and BoB at the Wessex cat Club show today. He also won two 1st and one third place in his side classes. Well done.

 Susan took Denzel to the Southern British Cat Club show for me, as I was to ill to go. Denzel came second to her own boy Champion Shimmerclaw Moontyger, who was awarded CC, BoB and Reserve Grand.Well done and congratulations. Both boys are out of Sargenta queens. Denzel did quite well in his side classes with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing.

Denzel Washington

 I have received numerous emails from people having seen Denzel and his photos on my website and telling me that they think he is a very nice boy. It would be appreciated if you could put any comments about Denzel by signing into my guestbook. This would enable his breeders and last owner to read what you think about him in the UK and am sure, would be greatly appreciated.

Show News

 10th February 2007

Two shows today, very far apart.Lizz Benson took Ch Sargenta Silver Willow and Sargenta Silver Xonia to the Scottish show in Clydebank. Willow did not get placed in the Grand, but Sargenta Silver Xonia aka Candy- silver tabby - was awarded her 1st CC. She was also placed well in side classes. Well done and many congratulations!

The show in the South was held at the the Croydon show`s new venue in Maidenhead. Gina from Graygees took Ch Sargenta Silver Veronica - Silver Tabby. Gina was well please when Veronica was awarded her 1st Grand.

Well done Gina and thank you for showing her so well. There was some stiff competition for the Grand which makes it much more of an achievement to get this High Award.

 Trip to Paris -

 7th February 2007

Thanks to my friend Susan`s generosity her Christmas present to Fred and I was a trip to Paris. It is one of the major European cities I had never visited. Susan together with her husband Peter had planned this trip with military precision and prebooked everything, thereby turning the whole thing into an enjoyable experience.

 We left on Eurostar from Ashford International Station at 8am. My friend Paul, who went to school with my eldest son and whom we have known now for nearly 50 years, took us from Maidstone to Ashford in his Taxi and was there waiting for us at the end of the day. Thank you Paul for the nice ride and the courtesy shown to us. Paul also fixes my computer for me, when I manage to make a mess of it.

 We arrived in Paris at 11am European time at the Guard du Nore. From there we went by bus to the Eiffel Tower, where Lunch had been arranged for us. The weather was a little cold and windy, but bright and clear and I managed to get quite a few photos form the Eiffel Tower looking down across Paris.

 The Lunch was extremely enjoyable and from there we only had to walk a short way to the River Seine to embark on an hour long River cruise. Many interesting buildings could be seen from the River.

We then returned by a different Bus route down the Champs Elisees lack to the Station for the trip home. I had not told Fred much about the trip beforehand and it was a lovely surprise for him.Thank you Susan and Peter for looking after us so well.

 It has often been said that "once one has seen one major Europaen City, one has seen them all!" I can`t agree with this. I grew up in Berlin, and one of that Cities landmarks is the Funkturm. It is very similar to the Eiffel Tower and one can say that the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin could be compared with the Arc du Triomphe, but not so! The building style is vastly different and interesting. Comparing the photos from Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Berlin, there is much individuality to be found in each of those Cities, and the Architecture, especially on the older buildings is very different in each of those Cities.They all have Their special individual "Charm". I felt privileged having given this opportunity to see at least some of Paris and found it a fascinating experience! Would have liked a little more time to see Notre Dam in all its Glory.

 German-Dutch Import

 22nd January 2007

 Ch Silvergiltcats Silv.Denzel Washington

I am happy to announce that "Denzel", my new silver spotted boy, is finally registered with GCCF. He was my Christmas present, which Emmy van Rossum (cattery Muru`s) kindly brought over for me from Holland on 30th December.

 Denzel was bred by Anna and Frank of Silvergiltcats in Berlin out of my IntCh Sargenta Silver Sharlene to Marvellous Silver Iberio. The Marvellous prefix belonged to Maria Wellmeyer in Germany, who with the Dutch breeder and International judge Ad de Bruijn (Broeckloni) were the founder breeders and cornerstone of all European breeding for more years than I can remember. I have wanted a kitten from their breed lines since the early 1980`s, but our strict Import regulations had always made this impossible. I never liked kittens in 6 months quarantene in this Country, always thought it was cruel. Denzel still had to wait 6 months to come into the UK, but at least he was with his owner Emmy in home surroundings being spoilt rotten. Denzel had his 2nd birthday on 16th January and will soon be entertaining some of my girls.

 Show News

 20th January 2007

 Sargenta Silver Wren - silver spotted - gained her 2nd CC at the Notts & Derby show today. Many congratulations to Julie Saxby. Caroline Walkling`s silver tabby kitten Sargenta Silver Xemun aka "Zazu" was taken for his first outing. He was awarded 1st Open and Best of Breed. I am pleased for the Walkling family, they have waited a long time for this tabby boy. Congratulations to Caroline for showing him so well. Zazu`s photo can be seen on the new homes page.

 Show News

 6th January 2007

It looks like the New Year is getting of to a good start. GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan was awarded the Imperial Grand and Best of Breed at the Shorthair Cat Society`s show in Telford today. Many congratulation to Ushan for this High Award. Well done Debbie!

Simon Dorey also did well with his kittens. Silver Tabby boy Advish Tinker Tailor 1st Open and Best of Breed and Silver spotted boy Advish Erik Kartman also awarded 1st Open and Best of Breed. They were also well placed in their side classes. Congratulations Simon and thanks for the lovely photos. Both look great, hard to chose between them. The tabby boy is bred out of Sargenta Wilhelmina, black smoke girl with green eyes. I like to see the smokes put back into the silver breeding programme, they make such wonderful Mums as they have good temperaments.


 3rd January 2007

I have just discovered that my contact on the website is not working and probably has not been working for several months. If anyone has sent me an email from the website I would not have received it, although it appeared to have been sent correctly. A apologise for this, but I had no way of knowing that this was happening, and hope it can be fixed shortly.  My email address is: Please use this independently from the website.

 Happy New Year 2007

To all my friends and family everywhere I wish A Happy New year 2007. I hope you all have much joy with breeding, showing or just loving your pets.

 To Brenda Westwood of Shadowsmine I wish a speedy recovery in hospital. Hopefully she will be home again soon with her beloved cats.



 Happy Christmas Everyone

Both Fred and I and all Sargenta cats wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas 2006. I hope you all have a very peaceful and enjoyable holiday as well as all your pets.

I have had a lot of Christmas cards with some wonderful photos of cats and kittens. It is really heartwarming to hear how well some of the "Oldies" are doing.

 Pina Meakins Sargenta Growltiger - black smoke- is now 16 years old and still going strong, Marco and Petra`s cats in Holland Innovation and Ivetta born in 1993 , Lady Garrods Petya (aka Josephine- my J litter) from 1993, Maureen and Jeffree Jordans Spottie and Tiger (aka Josie and Jasmine),Beverley Hiltons Ladybug aka Daisy 1995, Philip and Virginia Matthews Spots and Stripes (aka Lottie and Lieseanna) also born 1995. These two cats I see regularly over the years and they always look like my younger models. (I wish I could age back on myself like those cats). Carol Bridge`s European Premier Sargenta Silver Lexis, cat of the year 1997 still looking fantastic.

 I also hear from Lynne Mc Intosh that the two Sargenta cats which she rescued in London some years ago. They had been badly treated and were no longer wanted by their previous owner following an accident, when the cat fell out of an upstairs window and lay in Kensington High Street, had a leg amputated and was then no longer wanted as, and I quote the owners words: " the cat was no longer ethically pleasing to look at".Lynn found them in her friends cattery and took them home.Both doing well and she has send me some lovely photos, which her visitor from Australia took for her. Lynne has done a wonderful job with these cats, as she loves them dearly.They were born in 1994 and it is due to her love and excellent care, that they are alive and well today. I thank them all and wish them a lovely Christmas.

There have also been many cards and photos of this years kittens, some of the younger cats from previous years and my re-homed ones. I consider myself very fortunate to have so many friends among you and I thank you all. Please forgive me when I can`t reply to all of them personally, but I do appreciate receiving them. I hope that some of the photos will be on my website shortly under the new homes gallery.

 Show News

 16th December 2006

Today was the Maidstone & Medway`s Cat Club show. As this show is always so near to Christmas,it was as usual very festive. Brian and Ann Gregory always manage to run this show like clockwork. It is a real pleasure to have all open classes judged and results up on the board around 1pm and the afternoon seemed to run very smoothely as well. A bonus for the exhibitors, and much appreciated is, when the show closes a little earlier than usual!

 As this is my local show, I had entered three cats. Champion Sargenta Silver Ullani was awarded the Reserve Grand Challenge and Best of Breed. Sargenta Silver Una, one of my smaller silver spotted girls was on her first outing and won her Challenge Certificate. Sargenta Silver Willa - silver tabby- came second. She has a lovely face and good green eyes, but her coat is too long and soft. I had intended to take Whisp, but put the wrong cat in the show, and then had missed the closing date to change it. Willa was placed 2nd in a class of ten and 4th in a class of nine. I was quite pleased with that. Willa is the same mating as Ch & Pr Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted - who was awarded the Grand and Best of Breed. This was her third consecutive Grand and gave her the Title of Grand Champion. Many congratulations Wayne, she looked great and I was happy you let me stroke her. She is in superb condition and has such lovely temperament. Sargenta Silver Wizzard was in the pen next to Uschi. He was awarded another Premier Certificate. Well done Judy and the Duckworth family. All in all a nice day for everyone.

 This was the first time that I had been driving since my foot operation. My nice cat helper and friend Jane Morgan came with me in the morning and helped with penning the cats. She had never been to a cat show before and really enjoyed seeing so many cats of different breeds, but her favourites were the Household Pets. I went home when judging started and then back to the show around 2pm, when Fred came with me. It made it a nice short day for me, just enough walking for a first outing and Fred enjoyed it as well.


I would like to thank Frau Christine Klinka from Austria for writing such an interesting article in "Katzen Extra", one of Germany`s top cat magazine and the editor of said magazine for publishing eight pages of an interview with myself and lots of photos of my cats past and present. These include photos of Silvergilt Denzel Washington and Emmy`s cat Sargenta Violetta, Frank Mueller`s Int Ch Sargenta Silver Sharlene and an absolute stunning photo of Sharlene`s kittens. Denzel, of course, is also one of Sharlene`s offspring and should finally be with me by the end of this month. There are some stunning German and Dutch tabbies pictured as well and it is interesting to see the different headtype alongside my own. Slightly deeper nosebreak and lovely green eyecolour, but wonderful clear pattern and black to silver contrast. If only I were younger, I would love to work with more silver cats from abroad. We do need the input of new lines and I hope this will happen in the future!

 "Katzen Extra" is published in Germany, Austria, The Benelux Countries, Switzerland ,Italy, Spain and Finland. I am immensly proud of my cats and feel honoured to have been mentioned in this way. I thank my friends abroad for their support and especially Frau Maria Wellmeyer in Germany to initiate this.

 Show News

 11th November 2006 - Ireland

I had the marvellous news from Elizabeth Evans of Cadefee prefix that Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano - silver tabby is now a Grand Champion. She was awarded her third and final certificate at the Ulster All Breed show in Ireland today. She also got another CC, Best of Breed and 4 firsts in all her side classes. Well done Soprano and many congratulations to Elizabeth for showing her so well. Soprano was sired by Ch Sargenta Silver Nickel to Ronaldo Silver Chloe, both of which are long since living in happy retirement.

 11th November - Chester & North Wales

Congratulations to Wayne and his spotted neuter girl Premier Sargenta Silver Ursinha. She was Best of Breed, got another PC and was awarded the  Grand . She rounded the day of nicely by being Best of Variety Neuter. I would call that quite some day!! Thank you Wayne for showing her so well.


 My foot is healing nicely. Stitches out tomorrow and Xrays. Still very painful at times and my temperament does not take kindly to all this inactivity. Can`t wait to get outside to the cats. I had not seen my Coco to Whisp kittens for 10 days and was surprised, when the girls brought him in yesterday. Xalvador aka "Xolli" is 13 weeks old and his weight was 4lbs and 8oz. His sister Xophila is on 3 1/2lbs and looks lovely as well. Both are now inside with me and I have my work cut out not to trip over them.

 Thank you for all the lovely cards and get well messages.


 31st October 2006

Finally getting my foot operation done this Thursday in London. Since the NHS cancellation lists are as bad as the waiting lists, and I have just about had enough of constant pain, I am getting it done privately. Fred is in respite until November 12th and my family have rallied round to help. Cats are being looked after in part by carers and by Hannah, my neighbours daughter. She is very good doing the work after school and at weekends.

 I shall miss not being able to go out, nor drive the car. I will now have to depend very much on the good will of my friends and neighbours.I should be used to all the isolation by now, but it will get much worse, when I can`t drive. Taxi service is a bit out of my reach, apart from the odd occasion. It will be nice to look forward to being able to walk at least on one of my feet without permanent pain. Please wish me Luck for Thursday.

 I was hoping not to have to miss the Maidstone show in December, but alas will not be able to drive myself.

 There are no kittens for sale now, nor will any be born until April next year.

Veronique has been spayed and has settled down well in her new home. Udmilla was spayed at the time of her Caesar and will join Ulana with Anne-Marie and Stuart in December. Her little miracle baby "Lucky" is doing fine and it will be hard for them to be parted when the time comes. It is always so much more difficult for the Mums and for me when there is only one baby. Wahini will also be re-homed shortly. The two kittens from GrCh Ronaldo Silver Coco to Sargenta Silver Whisp are really stunning. They are Xalvador and Xophila. Willa and Xaria should be out on the show bench now, but alas I am stuck.

 Show News

 28th October 2006

The Yorkshire show held in Doncaster today yielded some excellent results for Sargenta cats again. GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam was awarded his 1st Imperial Grand and Best of Breed. GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan was not placed this time. Congratulations to the Lucas family. It is swings and roundabouts with Uilliam and Ushan, both are very different, but quality cats, now going into full maturity. We just need some really cold weather and those boys will be hard to beat. 1st and CC to Julie Saxby`s spotted girl Sargenta Silver Wren. Well done Julie.

All my kittens are sold for this year and hopefully I will get a date for my operation soon. If and when this happens I will not be able to walk or drive for some considerable time, and it will be very isolating. I just hope, that I will be able to make it with the cats through the winter, with some help from others.

 Show News

 21st October 2006

The Kentish Cat show, usually held in Ashford, was moved to Maidstone this year. Nice and close for me as it was only 15 minutes drive away. Emmy van Rossum from Holland (Denzel`s owner) unfortunately only managed to see a few cats as we had to leave the Hall at 10am for judging to start. There were some very good silvers at the show. I was most impressed with Steve`s Ch Brighthelm Silver Virgil. He is only just two, but showed full maturity with a beautiful round head. He had grown such a lot since I last saw him and well deserved his Grand. Congratulations, truly stunning cat! Another Grand Winner was Wayne Vessey with Ch & Pr Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted. She looked in beautiful condition and had more rosettes on her pen than I have seen in a long time. Well done Wayne. Uschi, as Wayne calls her , also got another PC and Best of Breed. Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard was awarded his 4th PC. He is still only a baby and needs maturing for the higher awards. Helen Nicholson showed Ch Metallicat Silver Badja in superb condition and was awarded the Reserve Grand. Badja is a Monty daughter. Congratulations to Helen and the Nicholson family.Gina got 1st and BoB with her tabby kitten Graygees Georgie`s Girl, bred out of her Ch Sargenta Silver Veronica, collected a CC for Graygees Mr Bumble - another of Veronicas offspring, and was awarded another CC and Best of Breed for Graygees Silver Trinity. She is out of Ch Lallique Wambam Thanksmam, a lovely son of my Montaego. Monty has, and still produces, many top winning cats.

My Sargenta Silver Vanessa came second to Gina`s in the line up of three.

My personal thanks to Steve, Helen and Gina for looking after me on the day. I was extremely unwell and thank Gina for bringing Vanessa home for me. I had Fred with me for a couple of hours, he quite enjoyed the show, but did not recognise most of the people who greeted him. He is at stage two of his dementia now. He said that Steve looked much younger than he remembered him - how did you manage that Steve? I could do with the recipe!

Emmy rang me in the evening to tell me that she got safely home with her new Sargenta kitten. He is Sargenta Silver Xenon - silver tabby from Ch Ronaldo Silver Coco and Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani and will give Emmy some new outcrossed lines to further her breeding programme.


 9th October 2006

Cat show and weekend break was planned from the 6th October until today. My friend Susan was driving both Fred and I , my silver tabby Vannesa and her own cats to Poole to catch the Condor Ferry to Jersey.I should have been prepared for the vagaries of the British Weather, but somehow one never is. The Boat was cancelled!!! Seeing the news that night on TV, I would not have fancied to be on any boat in those Gale Force winds and high seas.

 Susan left her home at midnight and drove to Weymouth to board the ferry to Guernsey and then the following day carried on from Guernsey to Jersey. I could not even begin to contemplate such a move with Fred. This was our Wedding Anniversary trip and probably the only chance Fred and I will ever have now to have a holiday together. Very disappointing.

Susan did very well at the show. GrPr Tufton Bilbo Baggins was awarded the Imperial Grand and the GPC and her 1st homebred Shimmerclaw Moontiger -silver spotted boy- got his 1st CC. Well done Susan.

 My operation for my foot is sadly on hold until my bloodpressure drops. This is a huge blow to me as I am in considerable pain 24/7 and was hoping to get this done soon. Having to wear sandals in the forthcoming winter weather is not a prospect I relish either. At least there will be no kittens to worry about until next year and the other cats can be looked after by other people.

 Show News

 1st October 2006

Judy took Pr Sargenta Silver Wizzard to the FIFe show in Maidstone today. He was awarded his second CAP, won Best British Male and was nominated for Best male Neuter.Well done and many congratulations to both owner and cat.

 I sometimes wish that someone would tell me before the day that there is a cat show in Maidstone. I would have liked to have gone and had a look at the cats, especially as it was local. I only know about the GCCF shows and not any of the others.

 Show News

 30th September 2006

Superb day for Debbie Sykes at the North West show at Altringham. GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan - silver spotted- was awarded his 2nd Imperial Grand, nominated for Best in Show and won Best British Cat, got his Best of Breed and 1st in all side classes. I gather he had stiff competition on the day from some really top class cats. Well done!

I spend another painful night at Maidstone Hospital. Now have torn Rotator Cuff in the left shoulder. Stitched up right hand, torn left shoulder and waiting for operation in right foot, cause of fall and all of the above. Sure sign I am getting old! Cats are fine and will keep me going.


 28th September 2006

I have had a fall late evening on the garden steps whilst carrying milk and babyrice in a pyrex jug to give the kittens their usual last drink at night. The glass broke and I cut my hand badly. Glass needed removing at the hospital and wounds stitching. Unfortunately I can now neither walk nor drive and have professional help in for the cats. Typing this is very painful and I will not be able to answer my emails for around 10 days. Please bear with me on that. Anything urgent please use the phone.

 Show News

 16th September 2006

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Wizzard. He was awarded his Title of Premier at the Bucks, Oxon & Berks Show in Reading today. He was 1st Open and Best of Breed.He was also placed 1st in two other side classes. Well done Judy and Wizzard. My thanks to his Open class judge Freda Matthias.

 Wizzard is number 91 Sargenta titled cat. Just 9 more to go, I wonder if I get the chance to make it?


 10th September 2006

These last few days have been more traumatic than I would ever have anticipated. Udmilla was due to kitten on or around 8th September and, guided by last year`s dates, I expected her to start on the 10th. Towards the evening of the 5th I noticed excessive licking and suspected Pyometra.Within the hour this was confirmed by the Vet and she was given Synulox. Unfortunately she was much worse by morning and a ceasar was performed. One kitten dead, one live, but the tiniest kitten I have ever seen. Almost bald on all parts, especially legs and belly. Weight less than 50 grms (under 2oz). Milly had no milk as the kitten was born much too early it was not considered viable by Vet. As usual I put my faith in God and Homeopathy.

 Arnica and Bellis Per given for healing and shock, Urtica 30 to bring the milk down. Milly fed with Lectate by Syringe all night at regular intervals, kitten with Cimicat. Some hours later I realised that Cimicat was a huge mistake and likely to kill the kitten and changed the feed to Lectate(water). Milly took 3 days to get on the mend, her milk came in within hours, kitten also given Nutridrops and all miraculously survived.

The kitten is now 11 days old and has only just reached above birthweight, i.e. 5oz. It is a beautifully marked little girl with typical perfect Monty pattern.

 I have raised tiny kittens many times, but not with such odds stacked against them. Milly loves her baby. She was spayed at the time of the Caesar.

 Veronique was due to kittern on the 11th September but has re-absorbed her kittens yet again. She will also now be spayed.

 There will be no more kittens this year and I might now have the chance to get the operations for myself and some recovery time.

 Show News

 9th September 2006

Another win for Sargenta Silver Xonia at the Wyvern Show today. 1st Open (Best of Breed went to the boy from Brenda Westwood of Shadowsmine - well done) and placed well in her side classes. Thank you Lizz for yet again showing her so well.Open class judge was June Edwards and my thanks goes to her as well for giving the award.

 Show News

 26th August 2006

Congratulations to Lizz Benson and her new kitten Sargenta Silver Xonia - Silver Tabby.  Xonia, pet name Candy, was 1st Open and won her Best of Breed. She also did well in large side classes by being placed 2nd and 4th. This was her first outing at only 5 months of age to qualify for the Supreme. My Thanks to Alex Welsh, Xonia`s Open class judge for giving the award. Well done Lizz and Matt.

 Show News

 13th August 2006

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Wizzard - silver spotted Neuter . Wizzard was awarded his 1st CAP (equivalent of PC) at the FIFe International show in Worthing. His judge was from Finland and commented to the owner Judy Duckworth that her cat was " A real gentleman". Wizzard already holds two PC`s under GCCF rules. It is nice to see that he can win equally well under a foreign judge and another show very different from GCCF. Well done!

 It is therefore even more surprising, that the breeder of Silvers in Norway complains about the temperament of a Sargenta cat she bought from me in January 2004 and thought it necessary to sign into my guestbook asking for monetary compensation, when his brother is in a family environment and has a lovely nature and all other Sargenta cats around the world show and handle like dreams. I did state at the time that if the cat was brought back to me, I would refund the money in full. He has been used as a stud boy and bred at least one lovely litter of kittens, which was shown on her website, therefore no compensation is due. If he was that bad, why is he used for breeding?

 Show News

 12th August 2006

A very excited and happy Lizz Benson has just phoned me from the Chester & North Wales Cat Club show. Congratulations are in order for Ch Sargenta Silver Willow - silver tabby. She was awarded her 1st Grand Challenge Certificate today . Willow is a daughter of Ch Robocat Smooth Operator and Sargenta Silver Una.

 Lizz also took her other silver tabby cat Sargenta Silver Witch  i.e. Tabitha. She was awarded her third CC, Best of Breed and became a Champion today. She is a Monty- Mona daughter. This is now definitely my 90th Titled Cat. I thank Lizz for looking after the cats so well and always presenting them in superb condition at shows. Both cats also picked up two firsts each in their side classes. Can`t wait for Lizz`s third Sargenta kitten Silver Xonia to make her debut.

 My thanks also to Mr Alex Welsh and Mrs Anne Gregory, the judges awarding the certificates today.


 6th August 2006

My website is having a few changes done at last with the help of a friend. This is done at my house and I am being taught at the same time. We are making slow progress. The site will basically stay as Andy Lamacraft has designed it, but we have added a kitten page with some photos,extended the gallery with lots more photos, the roll of honour site has finally got the Irish flag for Soprano and my new cats will hopefully be seen soon as well. I am no good with the camera but will try my best to let everyone see Wahini, Whisp and Willa. Any comments would be greatly appreciated on my guestbook and I hope you will all like the extra photos. More links have also been added.

 Emmy in Holland and Frank in Berlin are also still working very hard to get a FIFE or TICA pedigree for Denzel to make it possible for him to come to me in December.

 Kittens born

 5th August 2006

At long last I am catching up with the kitten news. Vivian gave birth on 21st July. She had four stunning kittens by Monty, 3 girls and one boy. As all are B bloodgroup the boy might be my Monty replacement.

 Tracey had her kittens to Leo on the 15th July, 2 tabby girls, 1spotted girl and 2 black smoke girl. All of her kittens are looking somewhat fluffy, i.e.three lovely looking pets.

 Next were the Coco litters. All three girls overran their time of kittening and I did not get much sleep for more than a week. Wahini gave birth finally on the 29th July to 3 kittens, two tabby females and one boy. Again they could be B Bloodgroup as Wahini is B. Whisps kittens to Coco were born on the 31st. She had four boys and one girl and all are really lovely. Finally the biggest female cat in the Sargenta stable - Ullani- looked like she was carrying 5-6 kittens. She produced a disappointing two, one silver spotty and one silver tabby. Both are boys and of outstanding colour and markings.

 After two years of unsuccessful matings Veronique is finally pregnant to Leo and should have her kittens at the same time as Udmilla around 11th September. Those will be my final kittens for this year, as I am desperately waiting to have my operation to my feet. Walking has become a total nightmare and can not be sustained indefinitely.

 Hopefully I can get this done this side of Christmas, but as yet I have not found anyone to look after my cats or myself. Fred would have to go into respite care.


 20th July 2006

My grand daughter Charlotte gave birth to a 8lbs1oz baby boy early this morning. He will be named LEE. Mother and baby are fine.Charlotte already has 18months old twin boys Danny and Jake. We are particularly relieved at this news, as the 20 week scan showed that the baby could have serious abnormalities. This made for an anxious time throughout the entire pregnancy not only for Charlotte and her husband, but the whole family. I had three boys followed by three grand daughters and now three great grand sons. Isn`t nature wonderful when it works without any interference - it all gets evened out.

 Vivian was due to kitten on the 18th, but I am still waiting. The temperature is horrendeous, my garden and cats houses are facing South and as the garden is fully enclosed it all reached tempertures in excess of 44 degrees for the last three days. That was 110 Fahrenheit. All the inside cat house temperatures are the same, I have thermometers in the stud houses. I have curtains on top of the pens all through the Summer, awnings in front of the runs, but there is no relief for man or beast! It is especially hard with the Hosepipe ban in place, as used to wet the top of the cat houses and that cooled them down. Now the animals are left to suffer and I wish I could let them all out and run lose. At the moment there is a breeze and it is slightly more bearable, but it is also still fairly early in the day.


 GCCF have decided that Denzel Washington`s registration will not be acceptable. Although the German Verband der Deutschen Edelkatzenzuechter is the largest for that Country, it is not good enough here!! We are supposed to be in Europe and seem to follow all the rules dished out from Brussels blindfolded, but it does not work in our favour in other ways. FIFE or TICA seem to be the only acceptable registrations. Bearing in mind that half of Denzel`s pedigree is Sargenta and the other half is Broekloni and Marvellous, which are two of the biggest names in the silver tabby breeding for 30 years in Germany and Holland and the foundation of all German and Dutch breeding, it is really an insult, to say the least. Maria Wellmeyer of Marvellous prefix in Germany has bred silver tabbies to die fort. I have wanted those lines for more than 20 years. Sadly Maria has given up breeding in 2005 and Denzel is my last chance to get what I have always admired. Ad de Bruin of Broekloni is a well respected judge world wide and has judged in the UK, he must be wondering what makes the GCCF and Britain act in this way? Note on the GCCF website about other registration bodies does not allow much scope. How can we ever improve our genepool in this Country, especially in silvers, were inbreeding is now very high in a lot of the cats. Denzel is a beautiful animal siring stunning kittens and would have done much to improve things over here. I hope that the breeder of Silvergvilt cats in Berlin or his owner Emmy in Holland can manage to help, as I would be very sad to lose Denzel now.

 Show News

 15th July 2006

Congratulationsto Sargenta Silver Wizzard - silver spotted neuter. He gained his 2nd consecutive PC and Best of Breed at the East Sussex`s cat club show in Tonbridge. He also did very well in his side classes. The Duckworth family are very pleased and love Wizzard very much. My Thanks must go to Susan Knight for taking Vanessa for me, albeit she came third, there was a very good line-up.

 Tracey was due to kitten on the 11th, but decided to start at 6.15am on the day of the cat show. She had

 three girls, a tabby, a spotted and a smoke and best of all we avoided the Caesar which was scheduled for 8.30am that day.

 News personal

 13th July 2006

Tracey`s kittens are now overdue, and this morning I thought I would just have time to go shopping before she started. Planning on being only away from home for a short time I was not prepared to being assaulted and robbed whilst in Lidl. In hindsight I can see just how easy it was to perpetrate this crime. Whilst walking in one of the shopping isles my trolley was pushed into from the front making me look upwards, I was then pushed over sideways from behind which made me turn and then allowed thief access to my handbag and snatch my purse. Money, credit cards, driving license, store cards and everything is gone. The sheer inconvenience of waiting 5 days before cards can be replaced, the worry of what will hapen in the meantime when no stores accept cheques but only operate the card system or cash, £19 to replace my driving license and not knowing just how many other personal bits and pieces were actually in my purse, aside from all the various other cards, is really upsetting and making me angry. It is sad that we can trust nothing and no-one anymore and life is so much more difficult.

 Fred`s broken collarbone is not mended, but at least he has carers coming in twice a day now to help with washing and dressing.

 Fortunately I have my cats and my friends in the Cat Fancy to keep me sane!

 Ulana is still seeking a loving lap to sit on, as well as the female silver tabby kitten from Sally. Leo and Monty will be neutered shortly.

 Kitten news

 28th June 2006

For sale two beautiful silver tabby female kittens, pets only. Kitten Orelando- Upsala ready 8th July and kitten Robbie - Victorianna ready 15th July.

Loving lap needed for Sargenta Silver Ulana, silver tabby. Lana was spayed at the time of her Caesar in March. Montaego and Orleando will be neutered shortly.

 I have had a fall 10 days ago, but are managing slowly, Fred was more unlucky when he fell on Saturday and broke his Collarbone. As he is right handed, things are more than a bit difficult for him.This is just another warning to let us both know how quickly things can change and that there is nobody to help with my cats if I am in trouble. I will be re-homing some of my cats very shortly, but it is painful to part with them.

 All three cats mated to Coco are pregnant and due to kitten end of July. Silvergiltcats Silver Denzel Washington will be joining my cats hopefully in December. He is bred out of my Int.Champion Sargenta Silver Sharlene to a boy of the best Dutch/German lines and owned by Emmy in Holland. He is siring some lovely kittens to Emmy`s girls. All being well, he will be my Christmas present and replace Orleando, who is now 8 years old and deserving his retirement. Denzel is already a Champion in Holland.

 10th June 2006

 Show News - London

Well done Sargenta Silver Wizzard - silver spotted. He was awarded his first Premier Certificate and Best of Breed one day before his first birthday . He also did very well in his side classes being awarded another 1st, two 2nd places and a 3rd. Many congratulations to Judith and the Duckworth family for showing him so well. Wizzard is a well loved family pet and it is rewarding to see the children enjoying the shows with Wizzard. After all, they are the breeders of the future!

 3rd June 2006

 Show News - Merseyside

My first Imperial Grand!! Many congratulations to  GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan - silver spotted on being awarded this high award The Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate. He also got another CC  and did well in all his side classes. A very nice achievement, well done Debbie. At this time of year and with the hot weather we have been having, it is more difficult to show cats in tip top condition and it makes this win extra special.

 27th May 2006

 Show News - Durham County

Congratulations to Lizz Benson and Sargenta Silver Witch - silver tabby. Tabitha, as she is better known, was awarded her 2nd consecutive CC and Best of Breed at Durham today. Well done Lizz! It is Witch`s sister Silver Whisp who was mated to Coco this week. I wish I could have shown her, as she is a very nice silver tabby, but alas I can no longer travel.

 26th May 2006


 GrCh Ronaldo Silver Coco - silver Tabby has been in residence with me all of this week and mated three of my girls. This has provided me with an outcross, which was badly needed ,to avoid further inbreeding. Coco`s Dam goes back to my lines, but his sire is of course the lovely GrCh Fyskez Sugarberry. Coco is also brother to my girls Candice and Chloe, both of which had Caesars and are no longer able to breed. There was nothing I really wanted to keep from Chloe`s last litter, I already have her daughter in Ch Sargenta Silver Upsala. Coco is a lovely mature boy now and I thank Jack Panting for bringing him to me and letting me use him all of this week. My girls were very obliging by calling at the right time. Coco is homozygeous pure for silver, and there will be no smoke kittens born! Now I can just hope that all three will be pregnant. Coco`s photo is on Jack`s website , which can be found via my guestbook.

 17th May 2006

Just to let you all know that my new computer is now up and running again.My guestbook is also re-instated and hopefully working correctly. I won`t however know this until somebody signs in.

 Show News 6th May 2006

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Witch - silver Tabby on winning her 1st CC and BoB at the Manchester Show today. Witch (Tabitha) is just over 9 month old. Well done Lizz. Sargenta Silver Willow is Tabitha`s stablemate. She was made up to Champion only two weeks ago. Both girls are Lizz`s first breeding queens and presumably will now be temporarily retired from showing to become mothers. Lizz has done a superb job so far, both girls are in tip top condition. Keep up the good work, the rewards are there for all to see! Photographs can be seen on Lizz`s own website

 Show News 29th April 2006

Congratulations to Ch & Pr Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted. She was awarded her 4th consecutive PC and BoB at the Bedford Show today. Thank you Waynes for showing Uschi so well. She will have to grow a bit more for the Grand. Silvers always have a hard time against the big butch self colour cats, but it can be done with a good silver, of which Uschi is a perfect example.

 Show News 22nd April 2006

Congratulations to Lizz Benson and her first Champion Sargenta Silver Willow - silver Tabby. Willow won her first Open, CC, Best of Breed and two firsts in side classes in Scotland today. Well done Lizz and Willow.

 Kittens born 21th April 2006

 Victorianna gave birth today and it was another trip to the Vet and my third Caesar in as many weeks. She gave birth to her first kitten quite normally, but then things started to go wrong. The next kitten presented with a placenta first with another kitten trying to come down at the same time. Kitten two was stuck and nothing could be born. The Vet decided on an immediate Caesar, but the stuck kitten was already dead. 3 more live kittens were born, but one of those was too doped up, and although it initially had a heartbeat, could not be revived. All five were beautiful silvers and the nicest to date, alas I now have three.

 Vicki is very traumatised by the Caesar and is not accepting her kittens at present. She has been given Arnica, Bellis Per and Urtica. I have so far fed the kittens, but yet again it will be another long night. Life again is dealing me some very hard knocks, breeding can be joyful, but also very heartbreaking . Tessa is hopefully pregnant, but none of the others are mated up as yet.

 Kittens born 14th April 2006

 Upsala gave birth to 5 kittens today. 2 Black smokes male and female, 2 silver tabbies male and female and one spotted female. All very dark looking at present, not show quality but lovely pets.

 Show News - Essex Show

 8th April 2006

Thanks to Gina of Graygees for taking Udmilla to the show for me today. Sargenta Silver Udmilla - silver Tabby was awarded her 3rd CC and made up to Champion. I gather Gina did well with her cats also. Many congratulations to all of them. For my cats this was the last show for the time being, as the kitten Season is now well under way.

Una gave birth to three kittens yesterday, a tabby, a smoke and a spotted - all pet quality. Her timing was lousy. She had two kittens when I had to attend an important meeting at the hospital regarding Fred. This meant I had to take her to my vet to be looked after for an hour, whilst she had her third kitten there. When I came home from the meeting, which was very upsetting, I found the best one of Chloes kittens dead in the box. It was the very tiny one, but it had gained weight in the same ratio as its litter mates and was up to 6oz. The other three are on 8oz. She was the best for colour and markings and I wanted to keep her to replace Chloe. There is no visible explanation for her death, would Chloe have accidentally laid on her? Chloe is big and heavy. I am hugely upset about this kittens death, why is it always the best ones and the ones we try so very hard to keep going after birth? I am still waiting for Upsala`s kittens. I had forgotten that she was a re-mate and is now due around the 11th. Might get a nights sleep after that.

 Kittening - Ronaldo silver Chloe

 1st April 2006

Sadly things did not go according to plan. Chloe was over time by 3 days, had slight bleeding and no contractions. My vet gave antibiotic cover and told me to take her home as it looked that she might start her kittening normally. This was at 8pm. By 10 pm I took her to the emergency Vet. She was given oxytocin and delivered 3 kittens normally eventually. As she still had one kitten inside and could not be given more oxytocin, she had a Caesar and was spayed. this was around 2am and Chloe`s op was finished at 2.45am. I was send home with her at 3am, when she had not fully recovered and the last kitten was very dopey. For that event I was charged £617 and no after care for Chloe, nor the kitten.

 Ulana had the same emergency surgery, her bill came to £327. For that sum she was also hospitalised and I picked her up at 7am. She was also in much better condition than Chloe.

 Fred panicked , when he woke up at 3am, and proceded to ring my sons, neighbours and friends, who were not best pleased at being woken up. Neither was the vet, when my mobile rang at the surgery during Chloe`s operation. Dementia is not a very easy condition for me to deal with on top of verything else. Upsala is due to kitten as of now. Dare I hope for better things?

 Show News - Preston & Blackpool

 25th March 2006

More happy owners of Sargenta cats today. GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam another Grand Challenge certificate, Best of Breed and Best of Variety . Many congratulations to Elaine. One of Uilliams kittens was awarded the first CC and Elaines female got another Grand. That is what I call a nice Day.

Lizz Benson was delighted with Sargenta Silver Willow. Willow won her second consecutive CC, Best of Breed and did very well in all her side classes. Congratulations to Lizz.

 I am having a nightmare time here. The Annexe got flooded with the washing machine for the second time. Major damage done. It will need to be completely refurbished yet again, but this time the damp walls will have to be re-plastered and it will now take some considerable time to dry out the building. Since the Annexe is a fairly new building and my kitten room, with kittens imminent at this time of year, I will be absolutely stuck without having the use of it. Ulana started the kitten season of with a bang. Caesar and one live kitten. She was spayed at the time. The kitten is a very nice silver tabby female and, all being well, I will keep her to replace Mum. Chloes and Upsalas kittens are due this week.

 Show News

 18th March 2006 - Surrey & Sussex

Congratulations to Philippa Heaton and my new Champion Sargenta Silver Vista - silver tabby. This was Vista`s 3rd consecutive CC. Congratulations also to Gina`s new Champion Robocat Maximillion. He was made up today and took the Best of Breed. Her spotty boy Countrystyle silver Guy took his 1st CC and BoB. Well done.

I hear from Judy Duckworth that Sargenta Silver Wizzard - silver spotted neuter just 9 month on the day, was awarded 3 x 1st placings, 1 x 2nd and won a Trophy for Best British Neuter. He had his PC and BoB witheld on immaturity! It is very obvious that a cat of that age can not possibly be mature and I have raised this point many times over the years. Why does the GCCF judging system allow Championship certificates to be awarded at 9 months, when the judge feels free to withold on immaturity?

Why not have a system in place whereby an Adolescent certificate can be awarded for cats between the age of 9 - 15 months and then the Championship certificate thereafter! Many owners of their lovely cats are totally bewildered by the present witholding system and very rarely bother to show their cats again. I feel this is a great pity as most of these owners have children, who after all are the future of our cat breeding and showing and should not be discouraged in this way.

 Holiday - Madeira

 6th - 13th March 2006

This was my first holiday in 25 years. Fred went into Respite and my friend Lin looked after the cats for me. I went to Madeira. Stepping of the plane on Monday into a temperature of more than 20 degrees felt like walking in to a heatwave. It was minus one when I left Gatwick only 4 hours earlier.

The Island of Madeira is truly stunning. The Hotel was first class (very clean and comfortable, rooms with balconies facing out to sea), the food superb and the Portuguese people the most friendly I have come across in a very long time. It must be all that lovely warm sunshine, which turns this Island and its people into paradise!

 I had one organised trip on a minibus, but for me it was a bit like being on a roller coaster going around the mountains. I was lucky on Sunday to have a Taxi driver who spoke excellent English, as he had been married to an English girl from Jersey. He gave me the Tour of my life. He showed me not only the recognised sightseeing spots, but a lot of other places of interest, such as Winston Churchill`s place where he had lived and painted. In one day we drove more than 300 km and I traversed almost the entire Island. Highest Cliffs, Highest Mountain top, Cable car ride and sea side. Truly a wonderful Day to remember. Madeira is an Island with a lot of interesting History. I would love to go back and see a lot more of it. As a Holiday destination I can highly recommend it. There were a lot of German people at the Hotel and it was nice for me to speak my own language again.

 Being at home just feels colder than ever now.

 First kittens due next week, back to reality with a bang.

Show News

 11th March 2006- Lancashire Show

Many congratulations to GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted. Reserve Imperial Grand, Grand Challenge and Best of Breed. Well deserved and shows, that Uilliam now has the full maturity for this high award. He beat some very nice cats in this competition. Well done the Lucas family for showing him so well.

Lizz and Matt had their first taste of Adult show winning. They did well in the kitten class yet again with Sargenta Silver Witch by getting 1st and Best of Breed. But the real joy for Lizz was winning her first Championship Certificate and Best of Breed with Sargenta Silver Willow - silver tabby (4 entries of excellent quality cats). Sargenta Silver Wanda was second, well done Julie. Result could have gone either way on the day.

 In the Neuter classes Wayne Veasey showed Ch & Premier Sargenta Silver Ursinha.She was made up to GCCF Premier, awarded 3rd PC and BoB, took 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her side classes. Ursinha was made up on 11th February to Premier at the TICA show and now has a double title. Well done Wayne.

Show News

 4th March 2006

Well done Int Champion Sargenta Silver Soprano - Silver Tabby. Another CC and BoB gained in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately not judged in the Grand owing to penning error. Disappointing for the owner, but there is always another day!

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Vista - silver tabby.She gained her 2nd consecutive CC at the Southern British Shorthair cat club today. Congratulations to Steve of Brighthelm cats and Lesley Miles of Tufton cats. Best in show Adult and best in Show Neuter for Lesley at the Wessex and Reserve Imperial for Steve at Southern British. Excellent, well done. Very nice to see such good silvers around. Congratulations to Gina of Graygees, her kitten did well winning at the Southern British.

 Show News

 25th February - Coventry & Leicester Show

Congratulations to GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted. He was awarded the Reserve Imperial, another Grand Certificate and Best of Breed. My first ever cat entered for this high award. Well done Elaine and the Lucas family. I gather Uilliam made an impact and was much admired.

 July Saxby did well with Sargenta Silver Wanda - silver tabby. She won her 1st CC. Well done and congratulations.

My cats have now used up the Alphabet from A - W and I don`t think using XYZ is an option for next year. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I had more surgery done to my feet last week and at present walking is not much of an option.

 Show News

 11th February 2006 - Croydon Cat Club show

What an amazing day yet again. Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani - silver spotted - gained her 3rd consecutive Reserve Grand and was awarded Best of Breed at the Croydon Cat Club`s show yesterday.  Sargenta Silver Vista - silver Tabby- was awarded her 1st CC and Best of Breed. Her owner Philippa Heaton was over the Moon with the result. My Thanks to her for showing Vista so well. The kitten Sargenta Silver Wizzard also got 1st in his Open class and did quite well in all his side classes. Well done Judy. Wizzard had been neutered reently and will in future be found in the Neuter Section of shows. I was impressed how well he had developed since the Maidstone show in December.

A special congratulation must go to Jean Wolfe and her Brown Spotted female Bumpkin Brown Sugar. She was awarded her CC and Best of Breed. She looked absolutely stunning and it was noticed that the judge wrote on the slip posted on the Awards board "lovely girl". With this cat Jean has clearly demonstrated what good breeding is all about. Pattern gained from silver, then outcrossed to top quality self colour of black and blue. Years of breeding experience have resulted in this well deserved fantastic result! It is so nice when breeding is done to develop and further the breed, and not solely for making money as fast as possible with less than quality cats!

 My Thanks to Gina for giving a lift to the show and congratulations to her boy Robocat Maxamillion for gaining his 2nd CC.

TICA show in Derby 11.2.2006

I had a big surprise when arriving home from the Croydon show last night . An email from Wayne Vessay informed me that Ch Sargenta Silver Ursinha had finalled in one ring and was 5th in another. She had gained enough points to make up to Premier Alter (Neuter) that day and also gained points towards the Grand. She already has 2 consecutive PC`s in GCCF shows.

GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan was at the same show with his owner Debbie Sykes. He finalled in two rings and was made up to Champion, again having gained points for the Grand. Congratulations to both cats and their owners. They found the experience of the TICA show quite interesting and vastly different from the GCCF shows. They both agreed however, that one needed a cat with very sound temperament to be handled so much and by so many judges across the tables. Very nice to be able to make a cat up to Champion in one day when it can take many shows and years to do the same with GCCF,depending on how much time and money one can invest in the travelling involved.I was pleased that Sargenta Cats are proving to be worthy winners whatever the system!


 29th January 2006

 Titled Cats made up todate and counted by a friend on my Roll of Honour: 30 Overseas (some with very High Titles which we can`t achieve in the UK)

 1 UK Grand and 8 Grand Champions, 31 Champions (including Kirsty with 3 Merits gained before the breed was recognised) 4 Grand Premiers and 10 Premiers, 84 Sargenta cats in total. Therefore Gina`s Veronica was my 84th Title Winner and not 85th.

 8 other cats not bred by me have attained their titles when shown by me, i.e. my foundation cats. A grand total of 92.

 There have been of course numerous other Sargenta cats, who have been awarded one or two Championship Certificates, but had to be neutered before gaining their titles.

 I don`t count them, I am just proud of them. They are my Life and hopefully will be for just a little while longer. I do however feel very grateful to all the people who have shown my cats, and made this possible.

 Show News

 28th January 2006

Today is the Southern Counties show in Reading and , thanks to modern Technology I have the results for the Silvers. Congratulations to Gina and Ch Sargenta Silver Veronica- silver tabby. 1st Open and made up to Champion today. Veronicas kitten Graygees Mister Bumble was awarded 1st Open, BoB and Best of Variety Kitten.He also had an all red card day. Well done Gina.

 Helen Nicholson`s silver spotted Ch Metallicat Silver Juliet was also made up to Champion today and was awarded her Best of Breed. Juliet is a Leo daughter and her dam is the fabulous looking Ch Metallicat Silver Badja, a Monty daughter. The combination seems to be working well for Helen. Yet again I wish I could have been there, as I always like the Southern Counties show. Well done to both Helen , Gina and my 85th Champion Veronica.

 Show News

 21st January 2006

The New Year got of to a good start at the beginning of the month, followed by more happy winning owners at the Nott`s & Derby`s Cat Club show today.

 Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Witch (silver tabby), 1st Open and Best of Breed . Well done Lizz. 2nd was Julie`s Sargenta Silver Wanda. There were three in the class. Julie`s other girl Sargenta Silver Wren (silver spotted kitten) was awarded 1st Open and Best of Breed.She also had competition. Julie`s boy Ronaldo Silver Malcolm was 1st in the spotted boys, but the BoB went to the girl. Wayned Vessey got the 2nd consecutive PC and BoB for Sargenta Silver Ursinha and had an all Red Card Day. Many Thanks to all three owners for showing my any cats in such tip top condition.

John Rawlings Cream boy Ch Aljora Supernova was awarded the Reserve Grand.John is a good friend and fellow breeder and I was pleased to see this result. Congratulations and well done.

One of my best silver tabbies of yesteryear was GrCh Aljora Sargenta Monica, bred by John. Monica and Montaego were shown alongside each other from 1996-1998. Both were awarded a Grand Challenge Certificate on 14/02/1998 at the Croydon show, the only time I managed to get two Grand certificates on the same day. This was a truly memorable day! Monica left me a lovely spotted daughter Ch Sargenta Silver Rachel, but alas, she also had a Cesar and two boys on her last litter, which I did not keep. With that the line was gone and that was sad. I still have Montaego working, but probably not for much longer. He is ten in April and has done his bit for the breed.

The first kittens will hopefully be born early April.

 Show News

 7th January 2006

SHCS show in Telford

Unfortunatley much too far for me to travel, but again I would have liked to have been there. Congratulation to Ch Sargenta Silver Ursinha - her 1st PC and BoB at her first show as a neuter.It was such a pity that she had to be spayed following a pyometra. Well done Wayne. Congratulations to Allan White`s male kitten Robocat Basement Jaxx - Silver tabby (bred out of my Montaego to Allan`s Robocat Silver Laya and one of the nicest silver tabby females I have seen in a very long time). He was awarded 1st Open and Best of Breed.Well done to both kitten and owner.

 Happy New Year!

 Christmas is now behind us and all the snow has been and gone as well .I received 107 cards (not counting the email ones)and some lovely photos of your pets. I thank you all. I love the cards, it makes my Christmas special. Some of you are sooooo clever sending cards on the computer, I enjoyed them as well and wish I could do the same.

 Our central heating boiler decided to throw a wobbly at 8pm on Christmas Eve and with the temperatures well below freezing, the house got cold very quickly. Thanks to our new neighbours, who came round within minutes of me calling for help and brought one of their guests with them (who was a plumber) the problem was solved and we had a warm Christmas. That was a huge relief, especially as Fred was not very well. Boxing Day was spend with Susan and her husband Peter. Susan is a super cook and both Fred and I enjoyed the Day.

 The cats had a lucky escape as well. All their lighting and heating shorted out when the weather was at its coldest. I tried every electrician I could find, but no luck. Under the new regulations none of our wiring meets the new standards and it would cost Mega Money to replace. I managed to trace the fault to our pond pump and once I removed the pump and replaced it, all my cats were warm again. Why do these things always happen at the most inconvenient times?

 I wonder what 2006 will bring? Hopefully some of my cats will start calling soon and I shall be to busy to think.

 I wish all my friends Health and Happiness for the new year. May all your hopes and wishes come true!!


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