Sargenta British Shorthairs

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Our News 2015

Show News 7/3/2015

I was finally going to a cat show for the first time in two years. I got a lift from my friends Maggie and Wayne and also my friend Linda, who came with us to look after me. We took the same cats as the previous show 3 weeks ago, namely Emmy and Eclipse. Both won their CC`s and were made up. I now have Champion Sargenta Silver Emmy (silver Tabby) and Champion Sargenta Silver Eclipse (silver Spotted) Both did well in their side classes. I now have 125 titled cats, 47 of them abroad and the others in the UK. Must be a record and my reward for 30 years of breeding Silver Cats.

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the show and meeting up with many old friends. The Top winning Overall Best in Show cat was my friend Helen Nicholson`s cat Metallicat Silver William (silver spotted) sired by my stud boy Ch Khancoban Silver Fox. The weather was bright and sunny and we all had a lovely day.

Show News 14/2/2015

My friend Natalie of  Tigatails British Shorthair very kindly took my two cats Sargenta Silver Emmy (silver Tabby) and Sargenta Silver Eclipse (Silver spotted) to the double Championship shows, namely the Southern British Cat Club and the Croydon Cat Club. Emmy was awarded a first Championship Certificate in both shows and Eclipse did the same. They also did well in side classes. The two shows  were held at Bracknell and I can no longer travel this far. It was their first show, and at 17 months of age. I would have liked to show them sooner and get them used to it. Both were a little bit nervous, but handled well being placed well in their side classes as well as the breed class. I was thrilled when Natalie brought them home with their lovely rosettes and prize cards.


My new computer is finally up and running after my old one crashed in November. The Hard Drive was damaged and it has taken a long time to claw some of my records back. Sadly a great deal was lost. When some of the files were found and put on the new computer,they were no longer customised and a lot of my records especially from Breeders Assistant were different as we had to download BA direct from the net. I could not do any of this and my friend Paul helped me to get things up and running.I had a back-up passport, but unfortunately this was set to back up once a month and not weekly.

I was ill a lot of the time during November, December and into the new Year with Heart problems and not really interested in much, especially the computer which I hate with a vengeance, but alas have to cope with it. I am 79 years old now and all the new technology is moving far too fast for me. Getting old is not much fun. It will be 3 years this April since my husband Fred died. I am glad I still have the cats, albeit in reduced numbers. They are my lifesaver and my only reason for getting up every morning. With the help of Carol and Lorraine, who clean the pens every morning, I hope to be able to manage a bit longer.