Sargenta British Shorthairs

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Our News 2014


I wish all my family and friends a Very Happy Christmas 2014.

This last year has been a mixed one for me with being ill for most of the time. Apart from the Rheumatoid Arthritis my Heart is giving out, and I can only manage the cats with the help of Lorraine and Carol. Sadly I had to re-home most of my cats. Lizz and Matt came during July to finally upload my website, but then I was not able to operate it and still have a lot of learning to  do. Towards the end of October my computer crashed completely and the hard drive was damaged. I lost a lot of data as it was not backed up properly. Getting a new computer and downloading everything from the net was traumatic for me, as everything was more  up-to-date and nothing at all was what I was used to. My Breeders Assistant files were there, but not the customised forms I have had for years. There is still a lot to get back and new stuff for me to learn. I am 79 now and don`t find any of it easy. My friend Paul luckily lives not too far away in Maidstone, and for many years has been a great help to me. Lizz was busy all throughout the year with planning her wedding, which took place in October. She is looking forward to her new arrival in Spring and I wish her all the Luck in the World. Being a new Mum will be a lot harder than breeding cats.

I am hoping to spend Christmas Day tomorrow with my son Derek and his wife Tracey. Boxing Day I will be with my very good and long- time friend Susan Knight and her husband Peter.

More foot surgery planned for early next year if this can be achieved. More tests needed before than. It won`t help me to walk any better but maybe will help with some of the pain.

I am hoping to have a couple of cats left for breeding next year, but that will depend if I am well enough to manage. I miss Fred who died nearly 3 years ago and being old and mostly very lonely is not much fun. I also miss the cat shows, it was good fun and a lovely day out.

I now wish everyone a All the Best for 2015.


The computer Power Supply failed & I now have a new computer.

But of course, now the Website has to be copied across to it, so I can update the News pages etc.

More news soon…


Please see the Kittens Page.

24th May 2014

At long last I have my website working on my computer. There was a conflict between the old and new site and it has taken forever to iron out the problem, hence no updates have taken place. If there are no further issues ?????? I might now be able to update regularly and look forward to doing this.

I have been ill, the garden has taken up a lot of time. I have just put in 600 new plants and it has taken forever. The Arthritis and my age  are slowing me up considerably. Kittens will be arriving in early June and will keep me busy for the next 3-4 months.


Happy New year to all - a little belated but Lizz Benson has been kindly working on a new website for me and its taken a little longer then first thought.

I hope you have enjoyed having a look round and I will continue to add news updates and pictures when I can.