Sargenta British Shorthairs

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Our News 2001 to 2005

Happy Christmas 2005 and my very Best wishes for Everyone in 2006.

 I wish you all health and happines and much success in your breeding ,or just enjoying your lovely pets!

I have send as many cards as I can, but it is inevitable, that I can`t reach everyone this way. I thank you all for sending me some lovely photos of your pets, some of which have now reached the ripe old age of 15 and are still going strong. As always, I love getting news about your pets and breeding. It makes this hobby of mine worth while.

Fred and I will have a quiet Christmas with some of my family and on Boxing Day I will be with my friend Susan Knight. She is a marvellous cook and I always enjoy the day.

 Show News

 17th December 2005

The Maidstone and Medway Christmas show was held this Saturday and as usual, it was very festive. With nearly 600 exhibits, this show gets bigger and better every year. It is also very highly organised by Brian and Anne Gregory, which always guarantees smooth running, no hitches, early results on the board and best of all, early closing. This is always appreciated by the exhibitors, especially in the winter months.

 Fred was with me on the day, the first cat show he has attended in years, and in spite of his age of 90, he held up very well and enjoyed meeting old friends.


 Congratulations to all Sargenta cats and kittens entered. Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani was awarded her 2nd Reserve Grand Challenge Certificate. Helen Nicholson`s Metallicat Silver Juliet - silver spotted- won her second CC and Best of Breed with Ullani in second place. Juliet is bred out of my Orleando to Helen`s Metallicat Silver Badja, and is stunning. Well deserved CC. Gina Brown`s Sargenta Silver Veronica was awarded her 2nd CC with Sargenta Silver Udmilla coming 2nd. The male class in the tabbies was won by Gina`s Robocat Maximillian, who also got BoB, with Sargenta Silver Valentino in 2nd place. Valentino is very young and has yet to develop his type. He is a very typical Monty boy and will need time.

 In the Silver Tabby kittens Dr Stefan Sommer`s Sargenta Silver Wench was awarded 1st and BoB, Sargenta Silver Warren got 1st in the boys. Again he lost to the girl on type in the side classes. Silver Wench was placed in all her side classes as well, and they were large. This is Maxine Sommers (Dr Sommers 8 year old daughter) first ever pet and she had a lovely and exciting day.

The Silver spotted kitten was won by Gina`s new boy Countrystyle Silver Guy (bred by Joanne Hewitson out of GrCh Sargenta Silver Poldark). He is a nice cobby kitten with super type and pattern. Well done Gina and congratulations to Joanne. He put Sargenta Silver Wizzard into second place, again because of type and size, as he was older.

Mr and Mrs Colwell`s Pr Tufton Hector Humbug, silver Tabby - bred by Lesley Miles out of my Montaego, was awarded his Reserve Grand Premier certificate, PC and BoB. Well done.

Kim Stenning put a lovely Calendar together for the Maidstone and Medway Cat Club. This was on sale at the show for £3.75 and there are still some left. It is well worth buying and will raise some money for the Club. A lovely idea by Kim, well done. Mine have gone for Christmas presents and I am sure will be appreciated.

Building Work

 27th November 2005

As all cat owners can appreciate (especially when having new born kittens in the house) the idea of having major building work carried out inside the house in the middle of winter is somewhat daunting. We have lived in this house for 46 years and some updating is now necessary, in this instance a new bathroom.

 Having had major extensions built over the years, my experience with builders has been sketchy, to say the least. This time, however, I struck Gold! The organisation of the work left me breathless. Every detail was taken care off, and it worked like clockwork. I was very fortunate indeed to have Mr Kevin Bristow, a local builder to carry out the work. His crew of plumbers, plasterers, carpenters, tilers and electricians arrived at 8am and finished at 4pm in the afternoon. During that time there were no tea breaks ( the proverbial English desease, when everything comes to a halt) but drinks were taken whilst working, no loud noise from Ghetto blasters driving me or the neighbours insane and the work carried out is of exceptional high standard! So refreshing to see people taking pride in their work, and it shows.

 When taking down a ceiling , stripping walls of tiles and putting in new flooring, some mess is inevitable. This was kept to absolute minimum. The most amazing experience for me has been, that every single day the site was swept clean(including being hoovered) and left immaculate for the next days work to start. Having 4-5 people working in a confined space over many hours on a daily basis and remaining cheerful and pleasant at all times, was remarkable and something I will remember for a very long time.

 As a bonus I had my garage bricked up at the back, a new door fitted and the inside replastered all at the same time. My cats and my garden are now totally secure. Tomorrow will be the last day and then I can enjoy the pleasures and relaxation of my new bathroom with whirlpool bath.

 I hope, in time, I can get Kevin to come back and deal with the rest of the house in the same way. This was a pleasure to have him. The cats were much admired by everyone as well.

Show News

 19th November 2005 Supreme Show

 Many Congratulations to Lizz Benson and Sargenta Silver Willow (silver tabby female kitten)for winning 1st Open at the Supreme. Well done! The first attempt at the Supremeshow for Lizz, I hope there will be many more to come.

 The line up for the UK Grand was impressive and every cat in that line-up deserved to win. They are, after all, Grand Champions! The UK Grand went to Fyskez Cobweb, silver tabby, 2nd Sargenta Silver Ushan (silver spotted), 3rd Kresta Edwin and 4th Sargenta Silver Uilliam (silver spotted). I was told that Uilliam looked magnificent. Well done Steph, Debbie, Pat and Elaine. You all have some very nice cats and I would have liked to have been there and shared in their success.

Helen Nicholson got her Grand for Ch Metallicat Silver Badja (a Monty daughter ) and her 1st CC for Metallicat Silver Juliet (silver spotted and a Leo daughter) A super day for Helen, well done and well deserved.

My congratulations to Steve and Ch Brighthelm Silver Virgil for winning his Grand. I was sad not to be able to be there with Ushan`s sister Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani (she was in top form to win her first Grand, having just won her first Reserve GCC). Alas, I can no longer make the journey and leave Fred unsupervised in the house. The Supreme is a long and stressful event, but always so enjoyable. There were some very good British cats represented this year. Well done to all of you.

 Show News

 5th November 2005

Thanks to Technology and the use of mobile phones I have the results from the Tabby Cat Club show held in Alcester today as soon as they went on the results board!

 Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Ulysses, silver Tabby. He won his first CC and Best of Breed. Well done Diane and Andy and thanks for showing him so well. Lizz Benson entered her silver Tabby kitten Sargenta Silver Witch (Pet name Tabitha) and was pleased to be awarded 1st in the Open Class. Well done to both of you. I don`t doubt both cats will get a few more awards as the afternoon progresses - wish I was there!

Congratulations to my friend Susan Knight and her neuter GrCh Tufton Bilbo Baggins. He was awarded the Imperial and Best of Breed. A very high honour indeed! Well done and well deserved. I bet Susan is alreday feeding him his prawns at the show and never mind his diet. Lesley Miles can be rightly proud in breeding such a beautiful Silver Tabby.

News update. Silver Witch was awarded a further first, second and third in very large side classes.Good result for her first show! Bilbo won Best in Show Neuter. Pretty impressive Day for Susan.

Since July Sargenta cats have won collectively 1 Grand, 3 Res. Grands, 1 Int Champion, 9 CC`s, 9 BoB`s and 4 kitten wins. I could not have done this without the help of the cats new owners in showing them so well and I am very grateful for that. I am also very proud of my cats. All three stud boys are still producing some very nice kittens. I am glad that the judges still like my cats, as without them there would be no awards!

 Show News

 22nd October 2005

Computer working again and I can now publish the results of the Yorkshire show. Congratulationsto Sargenta Silver Wren, silver spotted kitten.1st Open and Best of Breed followed by another 1st, 2 second and two third prizes in her side classes. Well done Julie. Julie`s other kitten Sargenta Silver Wanda - silver tabby - came second in her Open class with a first and two further seconds in her side classes. Sargenta Silver Willow was third in her Open, but managed some firsts in very large side classes. Well done Lizz and Matthew.

 I am having eye problems again and unfortunately this means weekly visits to the hospital yet again. Vanessa gave birth to 4 kittens 5 days early, two silver tabby boys have survived.I was very upset at losing the two smoke girls, but they were just too tiny. Tracey gave birth to 3 kittens 4 days late, two tabbies and one spotted. Her kittens are huge and were twice the size at birth than Vanessa`s premature kittens. Both Mums and kittens are doing well.

My congratulations to Claire and Matt on the Birth of their son Reece on 29th October. Claire was brave enough to be at the Kentish show with her kittens on October 15th, the day the baby was due. Well done both of you!

 25th October 2005

 Computer problems

I am still having major problems with my computer. The hard drive crashed, a new one has now been installed, but it is taking forever and a day to get most of my information back. Quite a lot has been lost yet again. There has been a problem with Spam and more filters have been set up at the server end. Hopefully some of you can finally get through with your mails to me. Broad band connection with Wanadoo switches me off more times than on, and the promised line check with BT has not materialised either. Either way it has been a real nuisance and has proven, just how much we now depend on all this technology. Please pick up the phone and ring me, if you have any problems and can`t reach me. I am trying my best.

There is some show information from the 22nd October. I shall be putting this on shortly.

 15th October 2005

 Show News

What a lovely Day we all had at the Kentish Show today. Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani -silver spotted- Reserve Grand and BoB, Sargenta Silver Veronica silver Tabby, her 2nd CC (well done Gina). She beat Sargenta Silver Udmilla into 2nd place. Sargenta Silver Ulysses, 2nd place. Thank you Diane and Andy for showing Uli so well, he looked lovely. Last, but not least Sargenta Silver Wizzard - silver spotted kitten from Ullani to Robbie 1st Open and Best of Breed. He looked stunning. Well done Judy.

Helen Nicholson, who kindly gave me a lift to the show with three cats, did very well with her kitten Metallicat Silver Juliet. She took the Open and won Best of Breed. Juliet is a Leo kitten and already has lovely size. My grateful Thanks to Peter, Helen`s husband, for letting us have his precious new car to transport all the cats in. It was very generous of him and much appreciated. Talk about travelling in style!!

 Helen was an excellent driver, I would have been scared to drive something that big.

Pr Tufton Hector Humbug - a Montaego boy, did very well in the Neuters. he got the Reserve Grand, PC and BoB. Well done. Steve Perry`s Ch Brighthelm Silver Virgil - silver spotted, also got another CC under his belt.Well done Steve. Virgil looks a lovely mature boy now and his silver is getting better and better.

It was like a glorious Summers Day, but too hot in the hall for Cats and Humans alike. The new parking fee of £8.-- for the day was quite a shock to most exhibitors, as the car park has always been free on a Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with friends I had not seen for a while as I don`t show much now.

 8th October 2005

 Show News

Congratulations to my friend Susan, who travelled all the way from Kent to Jersey with Sargenta Silver Unique - Silver spotted, alias Pumpkin. Pumpkin was awarded her 3rd CC and BoB. This made her up to Champion today. Susan had an even better day today with her own first bred Shimmerclaw Silver tabby kitten. Not sure which of the two kittens she took, Daisy or Raver (both are fabulous). She won 1st and BoB in a large class of eight kittens. Well done Susan and many congratulations. This award was given by Brenda Wolstenholme. If one wins like that under this particular judge it means high honours indeed, especially with a silver Tabby! Congratulations Susan, very well done.

 6th October 2005

 Computer Glitch

Sorry to everyone who had their mails returned during the last few days and expecially yesterday, when trying to send me birthday wishes. Apparently there were 1000 junkmails sitting in my mailbox at the servers end which have now been cleared. Inspite of having set up numerous filters and getting the mailbox emptied frequently, this nuisance problem does not go away. Any suggestions anyone? I do not really want to change my email address unless I absolutely have to.

 Thanks to my brother in Hamburg, Lynn and Bob in Canada,Christine and family in Belgium, Janet in Somerset, Lizz and Matt in Yorkshire and of course, as always, Susan for picking up the phone. It was lovely to talk to them all.

Steve from Brighthelm , Susan and Peter, Diane and Peter, Andy and Diane, Pat and Ken, Hannah and her family, Christine and Barbara from the Carers Bureau and a few others send nice cards by snail mail. Thank you all. Technology is not all it is cracked up to be!!!!! Some of the cat cards were hilarious and made my day!

 2nd October 2005

 Show News

Just received phone call from Eizabetn Evans, who is at the show in Cork, Ireland that Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano - Silver Tabby,is made up to International Champion today. Her own homebred GR Pr Cadifee Dotsabracken - borwn spotted,was awarded her 3rd Grand in Ireland. She is already a GrPr in the UK. Well done Elizabeth and many thanks to judge Helen Light.

I am unfortunately still laid up with the current flu bug and don`t seem to be able to shake this of. Luckily for me this week my new neighbour`s daughter Hannah has been able to see to the cats . Fred is in Day care during the week, and I don`t have to cook any dinners for him. Flu for me is always accompanied by Sinusitis and Asthma and very debilitating. I get irritable and fed up when I can`t get out and about, especially as there is sooo much work in the garden waiting to be done. Still no party in sight for our birthdays, but the cat show is definitely on. If well enough, I will at least be able to see some friends!

 News 29th September 2005

I wanted to go to the Bletchley show on the 17th September, but alas could not find a lift in time. I was disappointed, as my granddaughters, my son and my new greatgrand children (who are now 7 months old and I have not yet been able to see ) all live in Bletchley and Milton Keynes. My grand daughter Charlotte is getting married on October 8th and again I have no way to get to her. I can not drive the distance, nor can I leave Fred at home unattended for the day. Fred`s 90th birthday is on the 15th October, my 70th on the 5th and we have been together for 50 years on October 19th. It would have been nice to have a party of sorts, but alas I could not get anyone to help me with organising this and am not well enough to do this all on my own. With Luck I will now be able to bring Fred to the Cat show on his birthday.

Bad news received at Maidstone Hospital today. For me to be able to avoid sitting in a wheelchair and be able to walk, I need an operation to straighten some toes. Alas there is no longer any funding under the NHS for any kind of Orthopaedic surgery on feet. Privately it will cost several thousand pounds, if I can find a consultant to take this on.

 Already we have lost all Dental treatment this year as well, after 40 years our Dentist is only treating private patients, and no longer works under the NHS.

 According to an article inthe Daily Mail recently a man is receiving a reversal sex change operation under the NHS costing £55.000 of Taxpayers money. Yet there is no funding available for normal necessary operations, and it seems, especially to peoply like myself, who have worked all my life and paid contributions to the system, we now either pay or die! No more choices.

 Already I have been told, that if Fred needs permanent care, I will lose half of the house we have paid for over 40 years. It will all be taken away now to pay for our care in old age. If we did not have to pay for all the illegal people who have entered this Country and contributed nothing to our system of health care, maybe I would now get the treatment I badly need, and all the thousands of others like myself. Scans for Breast Cancer are also no longer available over the age of 70! Looks like I am stuck all round!

Show September 2005

 GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan silver spotted was entered in the show in Altringham today. He won 1st Open, CC and BoB and first in all his side classes, but was unplaced in the Imperial. I have explained to his owner, that Uschan is still very young for this High Award and has some maturing to do before he can hope to compete successfully at that level. I am sure he will get there when the time is right, he certainly has the potential.

 Show News

 10th September 2005

Northern Counties Show Spenneymore. A very excited Lizz Benson has just rung me from the show to tell me, that her kitten Sargenta Silver Willow - Silver Tabby- was awarded 1st Open and Best of Breed. There were three kittens entered in the class. Today is Lizz`s first ever cat show with her first ever Silver Tabby and she has been looking forward to this day for a very long time. Well done Lizz for presenting Willow so well and many congratulations on a perfect day! Many thanks to judge Helen Light.

 Show News

 3rd September 2005

Congratulations to Wayne Vessay and Ch Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted. Uschi was awarded her 3rd CC and BoB at the British Shorthair Show in Stockport today. Thank you Wayne for showing her so well. My Thanks to judge John Hansson for awarding the title. There was also a nice silver spotted kitten at the show- Antiguason Silver Zinnia. She was awarded her Open 1st and Best of Breed. I understand that she is bred out of GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam.Nice to see the offspring coming along. This makes all my hard work worthwhile.

 Show News

 20th August 2005

Many congratulations to my friends Susan Knight and Steve Perry. Both had a very succesful day at the Three Counties show in Southampton today. Susan took three cats and won with all of them. Sargenta Silver Unique (aka Pumpkin)- silver spotted-1st Open and her 2nd CC.Pumkin did very well in her side classes, winning 1sts in large classes. Pumpkins daughter and Susan`s first home-bred kitten Shimmerclaw Moondaisy - silver tabby, 1st Open and Best of Breed at her 2nd consecutive show and finally GrPr Tufton Bilbo Baggins - silver tabby - was awarded his first Imperial Grand Challenge certificate. Full House Susan and well done!

 Steve showed Brighthelm Silver Virgil - silver spotted. He was awarded 1st Open and Best of Breed and got his 3rd CC, which made him up to Champion today. Well done Steve!

 I wish I could have gone with Susan, but unfortunately Fred can not now be left for long periods. No carers are available on a weekend. I took him to the Alzheimers Fish and Chips dinner instead and after yesterdays torrential rain the weather was quite pleasant today - made driving easier!

 Show News

 6th August 2005

 Finally ! GrCh Sargenta Silver Ushan silver spotted, 4th Grand and with it the Title ,awarded today at the Eastern Counties Show in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He was also awarded 1st Open, CC, Best of Breed and four firsts in his very large side classes. Well done Debbie.Thanks to his judges Neil Carter, John Hansson and Joyce Higgins.

 These wins were exceptional, after the traumatic experience Debbie had first thing in the morning. Ushan was penned at the end of a row and was upset by something placed in the litter bin next to him. Debbie was not prepared when Ushan shot past her and was lose in the hall. Any exhibitor would know, that at that time of the morning, when all the doors to the hall are open and people are arriving to pen their cats, it is the worst possible time to have a cat lose . Thankfully people reacted quickly, all the doors were shut and Ushan was caught. I don`t think that Debbie will forget this experience in a hurry!

 Show News

 23rd July 2005

Congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano (Silver Tabby) being awarded the Reserve Grand Challenge, 1st Open, Best of Breed and four firsts in side classes at the show in Edinburgh today. Well done Elizabeth.

 Grace Dennie was the judge for the Grand classes and she congratulated Elizabeth on the quality and presentation of Soprano.

Ch Sargenta Silver Ushan was at the same show .  He also won the Reserve Grand, 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed. Congratulations Debbie for showing him so well. Both cats are looking for their third Grand to give them the title.

 This result is especially pleasing in view of the recent hot weather conditions. My cats all look like motheaten hearthrugs at present. I have stripped their coats, and not one of them would now be in show condition. Full marks and my grateful thanks to both owners for keeping their cats in tip top shape to win these high awards.

 Show News

 16th July 2005

Congratulations to Sargenta Victorianna silver spotted, on winning her first CC at the East Sussex Cat show. Sadly, after the Open class judging, the day went downhill all the way. Both Vicki and a red tabby girl were calling and penned either side of Steve`s lovely Brighthelm Boy Silver Virgil, who won Best of Breed and another CC. The red girl was more interested in the boy and hissed and spat when taken out of the pen. That in turn got the boy on the defensive and Vicki joining in the fun. She could not be judged in any class after that. The hall temperature was inhuman for both man and beast! Full marks for the Show Manager, her team and all the judges, to carry on smiling and working under those extreme conditions. Apparently there was air conditioning in the other hall with the Long haired cats, but no such luck for the rest of us.

 Congratulations to my friend Susan Knight Her first homebred silver tabby kitten under her own prefix "Shimmerclaw Moondaisy" won her Open and Best of Breed. Well done Susan. Helen Nicholson also did well with her Metallicat silver spotted kitten silver Juliet - Open and Best of breed.


 14th July 2005

It is with great sadness that that I received the news today of the recent death of Vi Warriner. My sincere condolences to her husband Jim, who must be absolutely devastated by the unexpectness of losing Vi.

 I first got to know Vi when showing my household ginger pet Copper in 1981. Vi was showing a lovely ginger boy called Hugs and Kisses. Copper was long and lean with a Siamease kind of face, Hugs and Kisses had a lovely round face and a full coat. Copper always came second until the day he was judged at the Bedford show by Pinkie Shewbridge, who bred Siamese. Copper won.

 Vi showed some lovely HP`s all her life, mostly rescued, as she ran Paws and Claws Cat Sanctuary for many years. She started breeding Silver tabbies and Spotties later on and bred some lovely examples of the breed. Her stud boy was Downsman Silver Gordon, who got all his titles and managed to steal the Best of Breed away from me a few times. Vi never minded either way, win or lose, and was a lovely lady to be with at shows. I will aways remember her with great affection and she will be sorely missed!


 Ushan was awarded his third grand, but did not get his title, as two of his certificates were by the same judge.

 Show News

 25th June 2005

 Ch Sargenta Silver Ushan - Silver spotted was awarded his 3rd consecutive GCC, 1st Open and BoB at the Humnberside show today.This has made him up to a Grand Champion Many congratulations to Debbie, his proud owner and many thanks to Alex Welsh for awarding his third Grand.

 Birth Announcement

 20th June 2005

 Robocat Moonlight Bay gave birth to six silver tabby kittens today . Unfortunately she had a Cesar and was spayed at the same time. She is not very well at present, the very hot weather is not helping the situation. It also means, that in 12 weeks she will be looking for a loving lap to sit on. I have only owned Mona for a short 12 months and am devastated about this. At the moment I am helping her to feed 5 girls and one boy.

 Show News

 4th June 2005

 Well done Ch Sargenta Silver Ushan - Silver spotted. 2nd consecutive GCC, 1st Open and BoB at the Merseyside Cat Club show today. Many congratulations to Debbie. Ushan`s litter sister Ch Sargenta Silver Ullani is just about due to have her kittens - much easier to show the boys when the girls are busy.

 Congratulations also to Joanne Hewitson and Countrystyle Silver Emily - Silver Tabby. She was awarded her 1st CC and BoB at the Somerset Cat Club Show today. Emily is a daughter of Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Poldark - silver spotted. I am so glad that Poldark is still entire and siring such promising stock.

 Show News

 22nd May 2005

Many congratulations to Elaine Lucas and GrCh Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted.  Uilliam was awarded his third Grand today at the Midland Counties Show . He also won his Open class. Elaine`s other cat Ch Evawill Persha Florentina was awarded the Reserve Grand, Open and Best of Breed. This has made it a truly wonderful day for Elaine and her family, two such High Flyers on the same day is rare indeed - well done.

 Ushan winning his Grand last week has now given me two Grand Awards in a row, and I am naturally delighted that the new owners of my kittens are taking such good care of them.


 15th May 2005

Visits can now be arranged to view the current litters. There are some nice silvers and two lovely black smoke girls available to be viewed. Ages range from 7 weeks, 6 weeks and 5 weeks. All are for pets only and not for breeding. Several more cats are now in kitten.

 At long last the weather is getting warmer and will hopefully allow me to catch up with the garden.

 My website will be updated shortly. I finally got around to having some nice photos taken by Marc Henri and Robert Fox


Show News

 14th May 2005

Congratulations to CH Sargenta Silver Ushan for winning 1st Open, Best of Breed and the Grand Challenge Certificate at the North East Show in Scotland today. Well done Debbie for showing him so well, especially at this time of year when the cats are moulting. He must have looked really nice to be awarded the Grand!

 Show News

 9th April 2005

Todays Essex Cat Club show was held at their new venue, The Towerlands Centre in Braintree, Essex. This was an equestrian Centre with an added interest for exhibitors by way of an International Horse Jumping competition. Unfortunately that hall was cold and much of the enjoyment of watching the competition was taken away, as one felt like sitting in an ice box.

 Congratulations to my new Champion Sargenta Silver Ullani, pet name "Ulla", Silver Spotted female. She won 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed. She was well placed in large side classes by gaining another two firsts and a second. Sargenta Silver Udmilla "Milly", my silver Tabby girl was awarded her 2nd CC and Champion Robocat Smooth Operator came second against a really lovely silver Boy Satinmist Silver Starman bred by Isla Worsley-Waring. He was made up to Champion on the day and won the BoB. He was a very striking cat and deserved his award. Congratulations to their owners Mr and Mrs Levinson.

 It was a very nice show, easy to find, with a pleasant atmosphere. I always enjoy catching up with friends and fellow exhibitors, such as Steve with his lovely Brighthelm cats. Allan White of Robocats managed to come during the afternoon to see Robbie and I hope he liked what he saw.

My special Thanks must go to my friend and helper Lin Kemsley, who so generously gave up her day to drive me to the show. Her young daughter Harriet was with us and I hope she enjoyed it as well, especially as she had to get up at 5am. She was busy for much of the morning with her pad and pencils drawing the horses.

 I had a nice surprise when I came home as Fred had managed to feed all the cats!

This was the last of the shows for me, probably until October now, as most of the girls will be busy being Mums.

 Birth Announcement

 4th April 2005

Sargenta Silver Una gave birth on 4th April 2005 to a Silver Tabby girl and a smoke boy. Her kittens were not expected until some days later and unfortunately her first two kittens, both silvers, were stillborn. I was devastated at the loss. The kittens were still warm, but I could not revive them

 Birth Announcement

 28th March 2005

Sargenta Silver Tessa gave birth to five kittens early this morning. The best and biggest kittens in the litter

 are, as usual, the black smoke females. Sods Law! she has a spotted boy, a tabby female and a spotted female, which is very tiny at present.

 Easter Greetings

 27th March 2005

Fred and I wish all our friends and family a  Very Happy Easter. I hope you all have nice weather and a nice Holiday. We have had Sunshine for over a week now, all the Spring flowers are in full bloom and it is a real joy to be out in the garden. Much nicer than all that snow!

 Cat Show

 26th March 2005

 Ch Sargenta Silver Uilliam - Silver spotted was awarded his 2nd Grand, 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed at the Preston and Blackpool show today. Many congratulations to the Lucas family for showing Uilliam so well. Elaine also got another Grand and Open class win with her female Ch Evawill Persha Florentina - pet name Phoebe, bred by Linda Evans. Well done!


 21st March 2005

Ronald Silver Chloe gave birth to 4 silver spotted kittens this morning. Three boys and one girl. I mated her to Leo, hence the spotted kittens and not a Tabby in sight. All Pet quality.

 Show News

 19th March 2005

Surrey and Sussex Show - Woking. Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Vista, Silver Tabby on winning another 1st Open and Best of Breed. Sargenta Silver Valentino also won his 1st Open, congratulations to both owners Philippa and Clare for showing the kittens so well.

Sargenta Silver Verity flew the flag for the silver spotties. She won her 2nd CC and Best of Breed. Well done. Lallique Wambam Thamsmam was awarded his 2nd CC and Best of Breed. He is a Monty son starting late in his life with his show career. He was born in April 1998 and is proving the point yet again, that a British cat looks good for showing, when mature. Well done Anette.

 This is a show which I normally like to attend, but alas Chloe put pay to that for me this year. Ironically I could have gone, as Chloe is now late with her kittens. they were due yesterday.

 Show News

 6th March 2005

Thanks to my friend Susan having the courage to drive her car under the most appalling road conditions of snow and black ice, we safely managed to get to the Wessex show, held at the new venue in Salisbury, yesterday. Robocat Smooth Operator - Silver Tabby was awarded his 3rd CC and Best of Breed.This has made him yup to Champion. He did well in his side classes gaining another 1st, 2nd and third place. Thanks must go to Allan White for trusting me with this lovely boy. Sargenta Silver Ullani - silver spotted , was awarded her 2nd CC and Best of Breed. She also had another 2 firsts and a third in her side classes.

Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano- silver tabby, gained another CC and Best of Breed in Ireland and had an all red card Day, i.e. first in all her side classes. Alas the Grand and the Reserve Grand were witheld. Thank you Elizabeth for taking Soprano to Ireland - 8 hours on a boat, especially at this time of year when the seas are notoriously rough, would not be for me. The sea would have to be as flat as a millpond before anyone would get me on a boat! Even then I would probably manage to get seasick. My idea of fun would be to have a helicopter land on the playingfield beside our house and whisk me to the cat shows with minimum fuss. Apart from that, a nice comfortable car and a very empty motorway would be perfect!

Sargenta Silver Vista - silver tabby, and Sargenta Silver Valencia, silver tabby, did very well at the Southern British Shorthair show in Leatherhead. This was the second Open class win for Vista, who also won Best of Breed and firsts in her side classes. Valencia was placed in her side classes as well. I understand there were 6 entries in the Open. Well done Philippa and the girls. Congratulations to Steve of Brighthelm prefix. Both his girls and the spotty kitten had a good day.

 Fred is a little better, unfortunately the chest infection is not shifting as yet. He is watching the Grand Prix today, which enables me to catch up with things.Yesterday the Nurse came in the morning and helped him shower and made him a cup of tea. My friend Lin was in during the day to clean and feed the cats, the neighbours got Fred the newspapers and collected his prescription and I got away from it all and had a very nice day at the show.

 27th February 2005

Fred very slightly better. one step forward, two steps back. The weather is not helping. I woke up to four inches of snow this morning.Managed to clear that and feed the cats by 7.30am, then cleared the drive for the nurses, who cancelled the visit because of the severe weather conditions. It snowed all the morning, blizzard conditions and not very pleasant. It is dry and sunny now but for how long??? It seems weird to see all my daffodils and crocus`s out in bloom, pansies in hanging baskets look lovely too, but all covered in snow now. It is one of natures miracles that none of the flowers break off under the weight. Cat houses are also lovely and warm with the deep snow blanket on the roof.

 Congratulations to CH Sargenta Silver Ullliam for gaining another CC yesterday at Coventry and Leicester show.

 24th February 2005

No improvement. I was hoping to have better news by now, but the doctor confirmed that there was no change at all in Freds chest infection. He is slightly stronger and seemingly responding to the antibiotics

 but I was hoping for more progress by this time. Nurses still help me inthe morning , the rest of the day I am on my own. I will need to go out and get some food in soon, but there is no one to sit with Fred and I am not allowed to leave him. Hopefully it will all resolve itself soon one way or the other! I am very tired and it does not help to start the day with snow clearing before I can get to the cats and feed them. We have a steep drive in front of the house and I have to sweep that clear as well to enable the nurses cars to get in.

 I am supposed to be at a cat show on 5th March, but at this point can`t see me being able to do so.

 21st February 2005

Unfortunately Fred not getting any better. I thought he seemed to be, but not according to the doctor. Antibiotics changed today for stronger ones. Support promised for today but did not materialise. Nurse came yesterday morning, but not at night - too many urgent call outs. No nurse again this morning, maybe one tonight, but it is snowing now and as we all know it takes only a few flakes of the stuff and Britain comes to a complete standstill! Gritters are out now, but it is very wet and will all be washed away, the ice will form later and hey presto- no transport tomorrow morning. Maidstone is surrounded by hills.

 On a lighter side, once the Ambulance crews had decided that Fred was not going anywhere, they were more interested in the cats and proceded to do a full tour of all the pens admiring the inmates! Cats are fine, help available for them, but not the humans! I am very exhausted, but happy to know that you are out there wishing me well. Thank you for your prayers.


 19th February 2005

I appears that Fred had another stroke this morning, he had a very heavy fall. Ambulance again came and went. Wanted to move him to Folkestone, but I refused. If he died there it is too far away and I could not be with him. Still trying to get some help, i.e. home nursing, but nothing available for the weekend. All homes in Maidstone area full and Hospital refusing entry because of MRSA. My situation is now desperate, but I expect I`ll manage as usual .Alzheimers Society have been very helpful.


 18th February 2005

My husband Fred ill ill with a serious chest infection.( he is age 89 and has Alzheimers). The Ambulance have just been here tonight and informed me that on a Friday night Maidstone Hospital is full of drunks in A&E and no place for a sick person! They will try and arrange some help for me tomorrow, but even that might be impossible, because very limited help is available at weekends.

 This is a difficult time for me at the moment as I am not very well myself. 5 Cats are pregnant and due to kitten after 19th March, I still have a break until then.

 Please bear with me. I have a lot of emails stacking up at present and am getting behind in answering them.

 Show News - Scotland

 12th February 2005

Many congratulations to Champion Sargenta Silver Ushan - silver spotted. Ushan was awarded his title at the Scottish show in Glasgow today. 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed. Well done Debbie! Ushan was awarded his first CC in Altrinham on 25.9.04 with a Nomination for Best in Show. His 2nd CC and Best of Variety win came at the Cheshire show on 13th November 2004 and his final one was awarded today. He is a lovely cat and should now sire some really nice kittens.

 Show News

 12th February 2005

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Verity - Silver spotted on winning at the Croydon show today. She was awarded her 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed. Well done Gina. Congratulations also to Philippa Heaton who took her Sargenta kittens out to their first show. Sargenta Silver Vista - silver tabby won her open class and Best of Breed, Sargenta Silver Valencia came second. This was an interesting result, as both kittens are bred very much the same. Vista is a daughter of Robbie mated to Monties daughter and Valencia is a Monty - Mona kitten (Mona is Robbies sister). It was difficult to see which would develop into the better kitten at the 12 week stage and I look forward to the judges report on the placing of those two kittens.

 The silver Tabby Adult female was again won by Lesley Miles` Monty daughter, with Sargenta Silver Veronica and Sargenta Silver Ulissa in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. All three girls are very nicely marked, Lesleys just has the edge on lovely black/silver contrast and green eyes.

I very much look forward to getting to another show very soon. The operation on my toes was successful and I can finally get my trainers on again and walk at long last. It has been a long and very painful 4 weeks. Kittens will be due from around 19th March onwards and it will be nice to have the patter of tiny paws again!

 Show News Abroad

 6th February 2005

Many congratulations to Christine Losson and Ch Sargenta Silver Uranus. He was awarded his second CACIB in Brussels today against very strong competition. He will be looking for his final certificate in France or Germany shortly. I am extremely proud when my cats are well placed in other Countries, especially when they produce nice kittens as well.

 Show News

 5th February 2005

Congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Uilliam. He was awarded his 1st Grand Challenge, CC and BoB at the Shropshire show today. Kolinga Tigerlily won her first kitten open and BoB at the same show, she is a Monty daughter. Well done both of them.

 Birth Announcement

 30th January 2005

My eldest grand daughter Charlotte has just given birth to twin boys. I am a great grandmother now! Do I feel old? Not really - just very happy. Babies weighed 6.12lbs and 6.10lbs respectively and are called Jake and Danny. Can`t forget that one, reminds me too much of Jack Daniels Whisky. Apparently characters from the Soap Eastenders.

 Show News

 30th January 2005

Many congratulations to Robocats Smooth Operator - my darling "Robbie" . Robbie was awarded his 2nd CC yesterday at the Southern Counties show. My friend Lesley Miles` cat Tufton Tartamour (a Montaego daughter)was awarded the Best of Breed and beat my girl Sargenta Silver Udmilla (Milly)into second place. There was a line up of 5 exceptionally nice Silver tabbies, 3 boys and 2 girls. Sargenta Silver Uptownlad went into third place behind the Reserve Grand winner. He is an Orleando son, only 15 months old, but of massive build. It was really nice to see him there, I am sure he will have some wins under his belt very soon.

Sargenta Silver Ullani - silver spotted - was awarded her 1st CC and Best of Breed.It was a good show with some very nice Best of Variety winners.

Thanks to my very best friend Susan, who selflessly got up at 5am to take me to the show on a day, when she was not showing any of her own cats.This alone made it possible for me to be there and enjoy the day. Susan looked after me all day, as I had not recovered from my recent operation and was in a lot of pain. My grateful Thanks must also go to the judges Celia Leighton and John Hansson to make this day special. All three cats did well in their side classes.

 Show News

 22nd January 2005

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Uta - Silver Tabby and her owners Colleen and Andrew Brown. Uta was awarded her 1st CC and Best of Breed at the Notts and Derby show today. Well done.


 19th January 2005

Congratulations to owner Gina Brown , her homebred kitten Prudence and Sargenta Silver Veronica - Silver Tabby, on her success at the Whiskas Film Shoot. Both these kittens will feature on the Whiskas Christmas card and Christmas stocking for 2005. This was an exciting day for Gina, as lots of cats and kittens take part, but only a few of them become "Stars".

 Show News

 8th January 2005

The new year has got of to a good start with the Shorthair Cat Society Show in Telford. Ch Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted - was awarded the Reserve Grand, CC and Best of Breed, with Sargenta Silver Ushan in 2nd place. Sargenta Silver Ursinha ( silver spotted sister to Uilliam) was awarded her second consecutive Championship Certificate  and Sargenta Silver Ulke (silver Tabby) won her 1st CC. Congratulations to all their owners for showing them so well.

 Whilst all this excitement was going on today, I spend the Day in Brussels. My best friend Susan Knight gave both Fred and I a trip on Eurostar to Belgium as a Christmas present. We had a lovely time and it was the first time for us to have travelled on this exciting train and through the Channel Tunnel. Beats being Seasick!!!! I now know that I can send my kittens to Europe via the Tunnel with no worries at all. I always assumed that the train would be very noisy, but it was wonderfully quiet and the trip through the Tunnel was over before I even realised we were in it. Quite an experience all round, Thank you Susan.

 Happy New Year 2005

Ihave just seen the New Year celebrations from Berlin and Celebration Mile - The Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessaeule(Courtesy of satelite TV).Berlin, my birthplace and home for more than 20 years and still so full of memories. To my friends Sabrine Neumann and Frank Mueller my Best wishes for 2005 and much success with your silver breeding. You have some fabulous cats now.

 To all my friends and their felines in the UK and all other Countries around the world I wish a Very Happy New Year to all of you. I have had 91 Christmas cards with some truly lovely photos of the cats, for that I thank you. Some 30 plus cards and photos arrived by email,from those I have printed the photos of the cats.It makes breeding these lovely animals all worth while.

 My thoughts are also with the families who have recently lost their beloved pets and I wish you all Happiness in the New Year. To Emmy in Holland my Best wishes to her and Zoe, mother to six stunning silver tabby kittens, such a lovely present for you Emmy - enjoy and stop worrying now. No more time now, 2005 has arrived. Bless you All!

 PS. The fireworks have now started all around on the stroke of midnight and the noise is deafening. Many are going off right on top of the cat houses. I just went up the garden to check on the cats, every single one of them is outside, sitting on the top shelves and watching the fireworks! They are not the least bit bothered by the bangs, some of which are really bad, Robbie is mating his girl and not bothered either!!!! I worry, the cats don`t!


 30th December 2004

I have just received the sad news from Dr.David Johnson and Diane that GrCh Sargenta Silver Bellinda has died today. She went to her favourite place in the Summer House this morning and just peacefully slipped away in her sleep. Bellinda was 17 1/2 years old and the second litter from my foundation queen GrCh Zatasha Soft Touch. She will be much missed by her owners and by myself.

 Happy Christmas 2004

To All my friends around the world I wish you a Very Happy Christmas and much Success in 2005.

 I am very sorry that I could not send cards to each and every one of you, I had so many that it made this impossible. Most of the cards you send me contained photos and progress reports of your lovely cats and kittens. I really appreciate all the News, and am always so very pleased to hear how they are getting on, especially the older ones. I hope you all have a nice time tomorrow.

 Show News

 19th December 2004

Congratulations to all the winners at the Medway and Maidstone Show yesterday. This is always such a nice show with a real Christmas feel to it and rounded up the year 2004 very nicely.

Premier Sargenta Silver Salto - Silver spotted Neuter was made up by winning his third PC and Best of Breed. Well done Clare and Matthew Merenda. Clare and Matthew`s new kitten Sargenta Silver Valentino - Silver Tabby - won his 1st Open and Best of Breed. Valentino is the first silver Tabby on the showbench out of my new boy Robocat Smooth Operator to Ch Sargenta Silver Upsala. Thank you Clare and Matt for showing both cats so well and judge Helen Light for awarding the Open. Sargenta Silver Udmilla alias "Milly" won her 1st Open and CC at her first show. She was also judges choice on the day for Frank Wolstenholme. Thank you. Best of Breed went to Anette Box`s Lallique Wambam Thanksmam. He is a Montaego son born in 1998. It was his first show, many congratulations to him and Anette. Congratulations in theSilver spotted Adults go to Wayne Vessey and his girl Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted -. It was her first show and she won 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed beating my girl Sargenta Silver Ullani into second place. All three girls in the spotted line up were worthy of a CC according to their judge Caris White. The future of the Silver Spotties looks secure with such good quality cats. Any one of the three could have made it on the day, I especially liked the facial expression on the third girl Royalancer Dusky Lady, who was bred out of Steve`s Ch Brighthelm Silver Maestro.

 Show News

 4th December 2004

I have just received the news from Elizabeth Evans that Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano - silver Tabby - was awarded her 2nd Grand Challenge Certificate in Ireland today. She was told by the judge that Soprano was a lovely example of the breed with excellent coat and pattern . Elizabeth`s own bred cat Grand Champion Cadifee Dotsabracken - brown spotted Neuter was awarded her 2nd Grand Premier Certificate. Congratulations to both cats and, of course, their owner.

 It is really heartwarming to know that all my struggles and hard work have been so rewarded over the last few months. All of my cats have done well in their attempts for their titles. My grateful thanks go to the judges concerned, without whom there would be no shows and no awards. The cats are the stars, but stars can`t shine without the competition and the judge.

 Show News

 20th November 2004

 Supreme Show Birmingham

Many congratulations to Champion Sargenta Silver Uilliam - Silver spotted - and his owner Elaine Lucas. Uilliam gained his title at the Surpeme today. No mean feat winning at the "Top show of the Year". Elaine was told by the judge that Uilliam was a beautiful cat. I wish I could have been there to see him. It is rewarding to see that Montaego is still siring such lovley offspring.

Congratulation to Susan Knight and GrPrTufton Bilbo Baggins - Silver tabby. He won the Best of Breed in the Tabby line up, and impressive that was. Bilbo`s grandfather is Montaego as well. Steve Perry also had a wonderful day with his girl Gr Ch Brighthelm Silver Brigit. She was awarded her title of Grand - well done Steve and Brigit. Many congratulations to another of Montaego`s daughters, Ch Metallicat Silver Badja. She gained her title at the Surpeme today. Thank you Helen for showing Badja so well.

 It is wet, cold and miserable outside , but all this wonderful news has cheered me up enormously!

 Show News

 13th November 2004

 Cheshire Area Cat Club

Many congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano - silver tabby. Grand Challenge certificate at her first try for this high honour,1st Open, CC and Best of Breed. It shows what a mature girl can achieve when the time is right. Thank you Elizabeth for showing her so well. Sorpano is a Montaego daughter.

 A fantastic day was had by Debbie with Sargenta Silver Ushan - Silver spotted. Ushan was awarded 1st Open, CC and Best of Breed and then went on to win Best of Variety. Ushan is a Leo offspring. Two other kittens bred from Sargenta lines also had a very good day. Well done everybody!

I have recently received news from Dr Johnson about GrCh Sargenta Silver Bellinda - silver spotted. Bellinda is now 17 1/2 years old and still going strong. She has had no illness in all those years. David Johnson also still has Sargenta Silver Lydia and Pr Sargenta Silver Lyric. They are nearly 10 years old now and still going strong as well.

 Show News

 16th October 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Veronique - silver spotted 1st Open and Best of Breed  at the Kentish Cat Club Show today. Her sister Sargenta Silver Verity - silver spotted came second. When Adults, this result could well be reversed, as Verity has lovely clarity of spotting. At present Veronique had the better head and size. Helen Nicholson`s Metallicat Silver Badja - Silver Tabby was awarded her 2nd CC. Badja is the daughter out of my Montaego who won Best in Show at her first outing. Her jet black to pewter silver is truly outstanding. My new girl Robocat Moonlight Bay came second in the line up of four exceptionally nice silver tabbies.

 Congratulations to Gina Brown`s other girl Sargenta Silver Veronica - Silver Tabby kitten for winning her Open class. She is another good example of the breed with lots of potential. Well done Gina for looking after both girls so well.

 My special Thanks must go to Claire Merenda and her husband for giving me a lift to the show. Without their help and kindness throughout the day I would have not been able to go to the show, nor would I have been able to manage during the day. Carrying cat baskets is not possible when in pain with arthritis. Claire also had a lovely day in gaining her second Premier Certificate and Best of Breed for Sargenta Silver Salto - Silver Spotted Neuter. Born in 2001 Salto has now filled out his frame and looks very much like his father GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando. He is a classic example on how long it often takes for a British cat to fully mature!

 Last, but not least my congratulations to Steve Perry and Ch Brighthelm Silver Brigit -Silver spotted. Brigit was awarded another CC and Best of Breed, but topped her day by winning the Grand Challenge Certificate. She also is a great credit to the silver breeding and the Brighthelm cats of Steve and his partner Prof Handyside.

 There is now a very good line up of pure bred silver tabbies and spotties at almost every show and there is a very marked difference in those by comparison with the silvers, who have too many colours bred into their pedigree. We have to remember, that the input of the blue and black self colour many years ago was good in building up the silvers for size, but is not so desirable nowadays, as the self colours of today have improved their eye colour enormously. Who wants deep orange on a black/silver tabby? I don`t.


 13th October 2004

Sad news received from Sally Perkins today. Sargenta Enchantress Black Smoke female born 1.5.1990 was put to sleep this morning, as she had polyps in her throat and could no longer feed. Enchantress (pet name Becky) was a daughter of GrCh Sargenta Silver Alfred and Sargenta Silver Demelza. In the entire 14 years of her life Becky never had a single days illness and only went to the Vet for her Annual boosters - quite remarkable. Until two years ago she shared her life with a British Blue Neuter called Benjy. Sally refused to go on Holiday with her husband for more than 20 years as she would never leave Benjy and Becky. The loss of Becky today will leave an enormous gap in her life. I can`t begin to imagine what it will be like with no cats to cuddle and I wish Sally well for the future. Sleep well Becky!


 5th October 2004

I would like to thank my friends in the cat fancey for their kind birthday wishes today. This was especially appreciated, as all of my three sons had totally forgotten, that they had a mother! Not one single card from any of them. I must have done something wrong somewhere along the line.!

 Kitten availability

 3rd October 2004

I have a superb silver tabby male kitten ready to go at present. He was supposed to go as a stud boy, but has been cancelled. He is jet black on correct silver groundcolour and certainly show quality. I would like to sell him as a show neuter and he will make a lovely pet. His Dam is Ch Sargenta Silver Upsala (Monty`s daughter) who won Overall Best British Adult on her first outing and his sire is Robocat Smooth Operator.

 Show News Abroad

 3rd October 2004

Congratualtions to Champion Sargenta Silver Uranus (Silver Spotted). He was awarded his first CACIB in Belgium last Sunday. Uranus will now have to go to France for his next show, as the International Certificates have to be awarded by judges in another Country. The various stages to get higher Titles abroad are very much nicer. In the Uk We can only have the Titles of  Champion, Grand Champion, or UKGrand Chamion.

In Europe the Titles start of with Champion, International Champion, International Grandchampion, European Champion (for which 10 certificates are required) and the to World Champion - the Highest Accolade for any cats.

 It would make our showing so much more interesting in the UK, once we can go out of the Country and show abroad to gain the same titles. I understand, that GCCF woudl have to be affilieted to FIFE to enable us to do this. I sincerely hope that this will happen in the near future. My cats successes have proven, that we can win abroad, it is just a case of getting there.

 Apart from his success on the show bench, Uranus has also been busy in another area of his life by siring two wonderful litters of kittens. I am very glad for Marie-Christine and her family, that this is all working out for them.


 28th September 2004

MRI scan went alright today if one liked having ones head in a vice with the noise of several pneumatic drills around ones head. Headphones with Music (i.e. Classic FM) appeared loud at first until the scanner started, then they were completely drowned out by the noise. The time span was about 25 minutes. I still can`t understand why something, which is basically only a glorified x-ray, should have a waiting time of 3 months and now has a further waiting time of several weeks for the results. How lucky our animals are! We can just walk into the Vets surgery and treatment is available there and then.

 Show News

 25th September 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Ushan silver spotted for winning CC, Best of Breed, and getting a BIS Nomination on his first outing at the North West Cat show in Altringham, Cheshire. He is a son of GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando and Sargenta Silver Tania. Unfortunately Tania only produced one litter of superb kittens, but I had her spayed as she was bloodgroup B. I have kept her daughter Ullani, who is sister to Ushan and she will make her debut in 2005. At present she is nursing 4 wonderful kittens. Congratulations must also go to Ushan`s owner Debbie Sykes for showing him so well. thank you Debbie.


 24th September 2004

 Apologies to all my friends waiting to have e mails answered. My eyesight is very poor at present and I am having difficulties to spend any time at all on the computer. The virus, which has been causing bi-lateral vascular retinitis for more than a year now, is still not identified and very much present. The inflammation has been treated with daily steroid drops for all of that time. This treatment has now caused high pressure to built up in the eyeball (glaucoma) for which I have pressure reducing drops, unfortunately still alongside the steroids. MRI brainscan, which was supposed to be urgent way back in July is finally scheduled for this coming Tuesday, but I have been told, that the results of that will not go to the consultant for another two months after that. Needless to say, that the Opthalmic hospital consultant was not very happy, when I told him that and is trying to hurry things along. Isn`t our National Health wonderful?????? Go blind first, ask questions later!

 Show News

 18th September 2004

 Many congratulations to Helen Nicholson and Metallicat Silver Badja, Silver Tabby, on winning her CC, BoB and Best in Show British Adult at the Bucks, Oxon and Berks Cat Society Show today. Badja is a daughter of UKGrChSargenta Silver Montaego. It was her first Adult show and she is just over 9 months. Well done!

 Montaego has sired 258 kittens over the last eight years and many of them have been show winners in the UK as well as abroad. Both his daughters in Canada are the top winners in that Country for 2003-2004 and both have had some very nice babies this year.

Show News

 12th September 2004

Champion Sargenta Silver Uranus was awarded his title in Belgium today. Many congratulations to the Losson family and Marie-Christine especially for showing him so well. I understand that Uranus has also sired two litters of lovely kittens. Well done everybody.

 Uranus is a son of Champion Sargenta Silver Nickel and Sargenta Silver Tessa. Nickel is now neutered and it is nice to see one of the last sons he sired doing so well.

Kitten availability

 15th August 2004

British Blue boy still available, now getting to be a very hansome and large kitten. Needs to leave his Mum soon. Silver Tabbies and black smokes also ready for booking, will be ready early and mid October. No girls.


 14th August 2004

 Warning to anyone keeping animals in the home. A few days ago my husband Fred called me down from the garden to tell me that he was just going out. Luckily I followed him straight down into the house, as I was going out myself to take my kittens to the vet for their vaccinations. As I passed the living room door I noticed what appeared to be a light on. As this was highly unsual at that time of the morning I went in the room to investigate.

 Ulla had moved two of her kittens from the pen into the adjoining lounge and put them behind the settee. By doing this, she had knocked over the standard lamp. This is a very old lamp with a brass base and long stem connected to the lamp and shade. In the middle of the stem is a press switch and when the lamp was toppled over by Ulla, the switch hit the arm of the sette and put the light on. The shade and bulb landed at the edge of the coffee table. When I entered the room the table was already burning as the hot bulb had set it alight. Had I not gone into the room at that point in time, but gone out instead, it would not have been very long for a serious fire to take hold and burn the house down! Apart from Ulla there were two other Mums and their kittens in the house, and would have stood no chance at all.

 Non of this could ever happen if all appliances were switched off at the sockets or unplugged, but how many of us actually do this? To me personally this was a serious reminder of what could happen so easily, especially when animals are active in the house and can knock things over at any time.

Kitten Availability

 24th July 2004

Owing to holiday cancellation I have now available a beautiful silver tabby boy, ready 14th August and one blue boy ready 7th August. Anyone wishing to buy two kittens would find these two a handsome pair.

Show News

 18th July 2004

Many congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Unice, Silver Spotted. Unice is owned by Christa Hahn "of Golden Door`s" in Germany. She is a daughter of UkGrCh Sargenta Silver Montaego and Ch Sargenta Silver Tracey and litter sister to Sargenta Silver Uilliam, who has 2 CC`s to date. Thank you Christa for showing her so well.


 11th July 2004

 Robocat Moonlight Bay, better known as Mona has given birth to five lovely kittens last night - 3 boys and two girls sired by my Montaego.She was very civilised about it all by having the kittens before midnight, which I was really pleased about, as I had already been up for two nights waiting for the happy event. Upsala is due to kitten as well, hopefully she will get started soon as I am not at my best in the early morning hours


 New Home

2nd July 2004

 Sargenta Silver Ulrika is a beautiful Silver Tabby girl just 15 months old. She is bred out of my Leo to Ronaldo Silver Faith. Unfortunately she had a Cesar on her first litter and was spayed at that time. Her kittens are ready to leave her around 14th July. Ulrika has a very loving nature and purrs as soon as one looks at her. She is now looking for a loving lap to sit on. No dogs or small children please, as she is not used to either.

New Home

12th June 2004

Ronaldo Silver Faith - pet name FiFi is looking for a loving lap to sit on. Fifi had a placental separation and her one and only kitten was born dead. She was put on antibiotics, but because of the debris left in the womb, she had to be spayed only 3 days after giving birth. She was traumatised and could not understand why she was full of milk and had no baby. Within ours of the spay she had managed to remove all her stitches but luckily, with the help of lots of Arnica- everything held together. Fifi is fully recovered now, but she is lonely shut in my bedroom. I am looking for the kind of home where there is someone at home all day. In time Fifi would probably get used to another cat, she would also be alright with older children. All she needs right now is lots of TLC.She is a beautiful silver spotted and will return all the love given to her in full measure. She can be seen on my website.

Show News

5th June 2004

Many congratulations to GrCh Sargenta Silver Poldark on winning his title at the Somerset show in Bristol today. He won his Open and Best of Breed, was awarded his final Grand which gave him the Title, went on to win Best of Variety and ended this most fabulous day for his owner Joan Simmons by becoming "Overall Best British Exhibit". Poldark is now retired from the showbench. He was about to be neutered, but Joan has decided to keep him entire for just a little bit longer. Poldark is a true son of the late GrCh Sargenta Silver Dan with the wonderful short coat and excellent spotting and I am truly pleased for Joan to see this cat go out in a blaze of Glory.


 23rd May 2004

 Champion Sargenta Silver Rosita gave birth to 4 kittens today. Rosi needed help by way of oxcitocyn and I spent the entire night from 10pm until 7am at the Vet with her. It was a very near thing, but in the end a Cesar was avoided, but Rosi will now be spayed. She had 2 tabby boys, a georgeous jet black smoke boy and one tabby girl, which will stay with me to replace Rosi. Unfortunately most of the kittens born this year have been boys and the few girls I have had are not suitable for breeding or showing. I am sorry that there a so many of you waiting, which will be disappointed. At present there are no spotted kittens either. Sargenta Ursinha i.e. "Bumble" gave birth to four kittens on 14.5.04, three boys and one girl. Mother and babies are doing well.

 Show News

 23rd May 2004

Many congratulations Sargenta Silver Unique alias "Pumpkin" in gaining her 1st CC and BoB at the Midland Counties show today. She also did very well in her large side classes. Many congratulations to my friend Susan Knight for showing Pumpkin so well. Susan`s other cat GrPr Tufton Bilbo Baggins alias "Babycat"!!! was awarded another Grand Premier Certificate, PC and BoB. Pumpkins win meant a lot to me, as she was one of Nina`s kittens, when Nina was so desperately ill last year, and Lesley Miles came to the rescue to save those kittens.


 19th May 2004

All my kittens are now ready for viewing. Anyone waiting for a silver tabby or spotted please telephone me now to make arrangements to come and see them.

 Show News

 15th May 2004

Many congratulations to Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted. Uilliam was awarded his second CC at the Blackpool show today. Congratulations to Elaine Lucas and her family for taking such good care of Uilliam and showing him so well. It is especially nice to be awarded a CC at this time of the year as the weather has turned warm at last, which is nice for us humans, but does nothing for the coats of the cats. It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit on my patio this afternoon and without any doubt the temperature was around the same in the cat houses, inspite of shading. Most of my cats are beginning to look like moth- eaten hearthrugs!

 My Studs

 10th May 2004

It is with some sadness and very mixed feelings that I am writing this.My lovely boy Champion Sargenta Silver Nickel - Silver Tabby - was neutered yesterday. My friend Maggie Pascoe in Bromley had been waiting for more than a year to give Nickel a loving home. Both Dan and Marissa had such care, a loving family (to compensate for their confinenment during their breeding years) and total freedom of the garden. This was especially good in Dan`s case, as he had been my working boy for nearly 11 years and it was a great comfort for me to know that both Dan and Damaris, his sister, died happy and very much loved. I made a promise to myself then, that no stud boy would be kept that long again and Nickel was neutered age 7.

 I was very lucky to have been given the chance of owning a new boy in Robocat Smooth Operator - silver Tabby. "Robbie" was shown by his owner/breeder Allan White at the Shorthair Cat Society`s show in January 2004 and at the age of just 9 month was awarded his first CC. He has already sired two litters of kittens for Allan and has just been mated to my Champion Sargenta Silver Upsala. With any luck there should be some nice green eyed silvers resulting from that mating. I thank Allan for entrusting me with Robbie, it was hard for him to give up all his lovely cats and stop breeding for the time being. I just hope we will see some more Robocats in future. Good Luck Allan!

 Show News

 24th April 2004

Congratulations to my new Champion Sargenta Silver Upsala. She gained her Title today at the Bedford and District Cat Club show in Godmancherster. She was also awarded 1st Open, and Best of Breed. This has made her up to Champion in three straight shows. Well done Sally and many thanks to John Hanson for giving this award and making her up. Sally also picked up a second place in a classof 10 other exhibits by Aland Edwards and my thanks goes to Alan for that. It was due to the kindness of Clare and Matthew that Sally was taken to the show. Unfortunately I was unable to go due to building work being carried out at home, and would have lost out in a big way, if Clare and Matthew had not stepped in. They looked after Sally very well all day and my grateful Thanks goes to them. As Matthew so succinctly put it "You can`t win if you are not in"!

I would like to take this opportunity to say Good Bye to Alan, especially as I was unable to do this in person yesterday. As everyone in the UK knows, Alan is one of our most respected judges, who gives fair comment, and has not been afraid to say what he thinks about any exhibit he has judged. I have faired very well under him with my cats over the years, and much to my surprise, abroad as well, when Alan was judging in Holland and my cat won Overall Best Exhibit many years ago. He gave Monty and Monica their "Grands", a day never to be forgotten and of course recently Overall Best Exhibit to Sally.I looked forward to reading his comments in CATS magazine and He made the Supreme a little bit special when describing the Best of Variety winners. A pity no videos of that were ever available to the Exhibitors, we would all have benefited from that. I will miss you Alan and wish you well in your new Home of South Africa - Their Cat Fancy`s gain, our loss!

 Guestbook back online!

 13 April 2004

The Guestbook is now Finally back online! I have missed reading all your messages for several months now and look forward to all of you signing in and giving me your latest news!

 Happy Easter 2004

To all my friends here and abroad I wish you a Very Happy Easter Holidays with lots of warm sunshine to herald in the Spring. I hope you will all have a nice and restful holiday. In true British Tradition Hot Cross Buns will be eaten tomorrow- Good Friday - and I always look forward to that.


 6th April 2004

 Chloe was re-mated to Montaego. She again produced an amazing 8 kittens two nights ago.At the moment all kittens are doing well, with the usual two hourly feeds from me to give Chloe a hand. She is a wonderful Mum who has now raised a litter of 7, a litter of 9, another litter of 7 (nine were born) and now another litter of 9 with eight surviving. I fully expected a Cesar as she was late, but on exmination by the Vet I was told to hold off until the next morning.

 I was due to go into hospital on the 8th and was seriously worried. She was definitely booked for a Cesar on the morning of the 7th but did it all beautifully by herself druing the night.All nine kittens were born in just over 3 hours, once Chloe started, she did not hang around!

 Hospital Visit was unpleasant, but is over now. Unfortunately I won`t get the results until the end of May, it should have been only 14 days, but appointments just keep getting cancelled. As all these tests were scheduled for the beginning of the year (when I had no kittens to worry about)but as usual the NHS had run out of money and I had to wait for the start of the financial year in April. It no longer seems to matter that cancer can spread faster than the NHS can keep up with it. I have been there before and just hope to be lucky again and get away with it, inspite of having to wait.


 23rd March 2004

The kitten season has now got under way. Tessa started the ball rolling by giving birth to 4 kittens at the end of March. Tabby girl, spotted girl, spotted boy and smoke boy. They are very large kittens and already weighed 12oz on the 14th day. These kittens are sired by Nickel.

 Show News

 3rd April 2004

Kernow Cat Club show

Congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Poldark - Silver spotted. 1st Open & Best of Breed, Grand Challenge Certificate, an all red card Day and to top it all up "Best in Show". What a wonderful Day for Joan Simmons, his owner. Well done Bart and Joan. My thanks for looking after him so well. Unfortunately Bart will be neutered soon as Joan has given up breeding.

 Show News

 20th March 2004

Surrey and SussexChampionship show proved to be another excellent day for Sargenta Silver Upsala - Silver Tabby. 1st in her Open class , CC and Best of Breed, followed again by an all red card day. There was heavy competition with some excellent cats.Well done Sally!

Sargenta Silver Unique- silver spotted kittenand better known as "Pumpkin" belonging to my friend Susan Knight, also won her Open Class and was awarded Best of Breed. She looked extremely nice and drew lots of favourable comments from the visitors to the show. She appeared totally relaxed and happy all day, a trade mark of all of Susan`s cats - they are all so well loved and looked after, and it shows. My special Thanks must also go to Susan for taking me to the shows, without her help none of my cats would do any winning at all.

 Steve Perry also had a good day with Brighthelm Silver Yasmin - Silver spotted. Yasmin was awarded her 2nd CC and Best of Breed, and she also had some good results in her side classes. Yasmin is a Leo grand-daughter. Congratulations to Steve and Yasmin.

 Sargenta Silver Ulissa- a Silver Tabby Nickel daughter got beaten into second place by Sargenta Silver Upsala purely on size. She was 2 months younger and just over 9 months of age. She was a very nice looking cat and held her own very well by being placed in all her side classes, some of which were very large. Again she was in excellent condition - she just needs the maturity which comes with age. My thanks goes to the Wagstaff family, especially the children, who so oviously loved her to bits.

 The show closed early at 4.30pm, which is such a treat to the exhibitors - especially when we can all travel home in daylight hours.

Show News

 13th March 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Uilliam (Silver spotted) on gaining his first CC & Best of Breed at the Lancashire Cat Club show today. Well done Uilliam and the Lucas family.

 Show News Belgium

 7th March 2004

I have just received the good news from Marie-Christine Losson that her lovely spotted boy Sargenta Silver Uranus was awarded his first CAC in an International Show in Belgium today. Uranus is a Nickel Tessa boy and was just 9 months and 4 days old. It was a remarkable achievement for him, as he was up against some very much bigger cats. Marie also won Best of Variety with a 5 months old kitten and was nominated Best in Show. Well done to all the Losson Family, especially the children, who love their cats to bits and look after them so well. Congratulations!

 Best British Exhibit

 6th March 2004

The 1st Championship show of the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club, which was held today, has proven to be a very memorable day for me. Sargenta Silver Upsala (Sally) won her Open Class and Best of Breed and had an all red card day in her side casses. She was then nominated for Best in Show alongside 18 other top class British Adults. Sally is just under 11 months old, but she managed to Win Best in Show British Adult . If that was not glory enough she went on to win Overall Best Exhibit in Show! (I`m still in shock!!!)

Sally is the Silver Tabby daughter of my UK Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Montaego and Ronaldo Silver Chloe. By a strange co- incidence Montaego won Overall Best Exhibit on 1st March 1998, when the club held its first Exemption show, and now his daughter has done the honours of winning at the Clubs first Championship show.

 My special thanks must go to Mr Alan Edwards, who made this fabulous day possible. Many thanks to her other judges Miss Caris White,Mrs Jan Bradley , Mrs Celia Leighton and Mrs Caroline Wren.

There was an excellent entry of 132 British cats and among them some stunning exhibits. The silvers were well represented.

 My silver spotted kitten Sargenta Silver Una was second in her open class and won another two seconds and a third in her side classes in a line-up of 8 and 10 kittens respectively. She is also a Monty daughter and did me proud.

 Congratulations to all my friend`s cats who also did so well today.

Show News

 2nd March 2004

This is just to remind everyone that the British Shorthair Specialist show run by the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club is this Saturday 6th March at the Therfield School, Dilston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey. This show is particularly important as it is the 1st Championship show for the Club. I wish everyone taking part Good Luck and Success.

Show News from Canada

 14-15th February 2004

Congratulations to Lyn and Bob Smirl in Canada and their two new Champions Sargenta Silver Undine (Diva) and  Sargenta Silver Ulla (Luna).Both girls are Silver Tabbies bred out of my UK Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Montaego and Ronaldo Silver Chloe. The girls gained their titles at the weekend in the United States.

I quote from Lyn`s mail:" ALL of the judges spoke very HIGHLY of the girls. As one judge was handling them she said to the crowd that it was sooo rare to see a silver tabby Brit and that she had only ever seen one before in her lifetime, and that it was NOWHERE NEAR the quality of these girls. She considered it a privilege to see such "outstanding specimens". All judges agreed that the markings on both girls were outstanding ... remarkable ... breathtaking. The judges all had a tough time with 4 of them giving Diva top marks and 4 giving Luna top marks. Both came home with their Champion titles."

I thank Bob and Lyn for showing them so well, especially considering the distance they have to travel to shows, and the effort this requires.

 Cat Show - Shropshire Cat Club

 7th February 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Uilliam - silver spotted, better known as Little Willie, for winning his Open class and Best of Breed today. Credit must go to the entire Lucas family for looking after him so well and presenting him in Tip Top condition. Well done and many Thanks.

Uilliam is the litter brother to Ursinha, who won both at Shorthair and Notts & Derby shows recently, and the other litter sister Unice, who did so well for Christa Hahn in Germany.

Southern Counties Cat Club Centenary Show

 31st January 2004

Congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Soprano - Silver Tabby for winning her 3rd CC today and gaining her title. Well done Elizabeth. It was very nice to see such a strong line-up of Silvers at the show. Spotteds were well represented in Adults, Kittens and Neuters and the standard was high.

 Spotted Adult CC went to Champion Ronaldo Silver Helen, who also gained her title today. Her litter sister came second (5 in the class) The dam of both girls was my Sargenta Silver Nadia.Congratulations to her owner Mrs Gill and her breeder Jack Panting.

 The spotted kitten class was won by my Sargenta Silver Ullani - a daughter of my Orleando and Sargenta Silver Tania and she looked every inch her mother`s daughter. Another Ronaldo girl came second and Robocat Silver Sade bred by Allan White was third. The judging would have been close as all three girls had excellent spotting and good silver contrast.

 There was a nice young boy on show today Tufton Toppolino - silver tabby. Not quite 10 months old, lovely dark black/silver contrast, pattern excellent with completely closed oysters, eyecolour green. He will be great asset to the silver breed in future and one to watch!

What a nice surprise to see such a beautiful smoke kitten Dejakin Major Tom. He was awarded his Open class and Best of Breed. Well done. I would like to see a lot more smokes being shown, they are such handsome cats and deserve to be much better known and recognised.

 In the Neuters Susans Knights GrPr Tufton Bilbo Baggins - silver tabby won another PC and Best of Breed. This cat is a real Ambassador for the breed, he rolls on his tummy in his show pen and plays up to the audience. He is acquiring quite a fan club of his own! He enjoys being in a show pen, so much the ideal pet to own. Another nice Neuter, this time the female silver tabby of Peter Neate Pr Kimberdale Bonnington

collected another PC. The Kimberdale prefix has been around for many years and Peter and his wife have shown some lovely cats in the past - much before my time.

 The show today had some 647 cats entered, largely because of this Centenary year, some very good exhibits in all sections were there to be admired. The quality of all British cats was very high - I saw some lovely blues and blacks and could have been very tempted to take them home


 Cat show

 21st January 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted kitten-for winning at the Notts & Derby cat club show today her Open class, Best of Breed and being placed 1st in all three side classes, which were very large classes with more than 14 kittens in one and 18 in another - some stiff competition. Well done Wayne. Ursinha is a Monty-Tracey daughter. She is also the litter sister to Sargenta Silver Unice, who is winning in Germany.

 Another win went to Sargenta Silver Ulke -Silver Tabby- who also was placed 1st in her Open class and was awarded Best of Breed as well. Her sire is Orleando and her dam Rosita.Well done Colleen Brown for showing her in excellent condition.

 Cat Show Germany

 17 - 18th January 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Unice - silver spotted kitten, for winning her Open class and Best of Breed on two consecutive days in Wiesbaden/Niederhausen,Germany at the weekend, getting nominated for Best in Show and going on to win Best in Show. Well done Christa and Unice.


 Cat Show

 10th January 2004

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Ursinha - silver spotted - for winning her Open class and being awarded Best of Breed at the Shorthair Cat Society`s show today. Well done. Thank you Wayne for presenting her in such good condition.I wish I could have been there. This show, so ably run by Celia Leighton, always attracts some very good quality cats where one actually has to fight off some competition, and therefore makes entering more of a Challenge and winning a Bonus.


Happy New Year to all my family and friends. Have a nice Day today! I wish you all much success with your cats- breeding as well as showing in the year 2004. Thank you for all the nice cards I received via email today.

 The weather in Maidstone is typically British, wet, dull, warm, drizzly - Alas no snow. I would like sunshine, cold clear air, frost and snow, but for that I realise I would have to move.

 28th December 2003

Happy Christmas - it has to be a joke! Imagine family gathered together, hours spend in kitchen preparing for Christmas on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas morning. Champagne poured, dinner ready to be served. Piece de Resistance - the Turkey!. Cooked to to perfection and looked fine. Started to carve and with the first cut of the knife, oh dear. The smell could have done a dead body in a mortuary proud!! Nobody would have wanted to eat that, nor by that time the rest of the dinner. It would be fair to say that my Christmas day was ruined.

 Contacted shop on 27th, who were very apologetic, send Grocery vouchers and also took the time and trouble to send me enormous bouquet of flowers! Read in Sunday paper that 800 Turkeys supplied to workers of a firm in West Yorkshire by their boss were all off, and firm was giving out vouchers to compensate. It would be interesting to see a survery of how many Turkeys were actually safe to eat on Christmas Day.

My friend Susan cooked a beautiful Dinner, complete with fresh Turkey, for us on Boxing Day and a lovely Day was had by all. Thank you Susan. Unfortunately the cats lost out as well, as they usually have most of the Turkey anyway.


 24th December 2003

Fred and I wish a Very Happy Christmas and much success in the New Year 2004 to all our friends.

 I was very touched to receive 92 Christmas cards by post with many of them containing photos of my cats and kittens, the oldest being 14 1/2 and the youngest just 4 months. All the re-homes have settled and are happy in their new homes. I also received many good wishes, cards and photos by email, all in all more than 100.

 I thank you all and want you to know, that this has made my Christmas very special. I am sorry that it is not possible to answer all of you individually and hope you will forgive me for that.

National Cat Club Show

 13TH December 2003

Congratulations to my friend Susan Knight and her beautiful Silver Tabby Neuter GrPr Tufton Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo Baggins, better known as "Babycat" was awarded "Best British Exhibit" at the National. This is indeed a very high accolade and has at long last been awarded to a Silver Tabby.

This was a double for Susan, as Babycat was made up to Grand Premier at the Supreme Show in November. Congratulations also to his breeder Lesley Miles for breeding such a lovely exhibit. He is a worthy winner and true Ambassador for the breed! Well done!


 5th December

Tania, Tallulah and Petra have today been collected by their new owners. It feels absolutely horrible and I miss them badly. Every time I go to feed my remaining cats and walk past all the empty cat houses and runs I feel very sad. At least all have some very nice homes , will be indoors for the winter and pampered to death.

Better news from the hospitals is , that my right eye has now completely healed and the left one is well on the way. Some vision was lost along the way, but at least it seems now to be halted. The whole incident is still based on the theory that it was a virus infection, but no one has actually come up with a conclusive answer. All other tests looking quite positiv as well.


 13th November 2003

More bloodtests carried out at Maidstone Hospital today, unfortunately vascular retinitis still present, but other tests look more encouraging. Spaying programme of my cats is still continuing and Nina will join her new family this weekend. Petra, Tania and Tallulah will follow shortly. Poppet and Candice are now well settled into their new homes and very much loved.


 13th November 2003

After a very short illnessSargenta Silver Joshua, silver spotted born 30th May 1993, was put to sleep today. He was the very much loved and now very much missed pet of the Gilder family who grew up with the children, who are now teenagersand are desperately sad.


 11th November 2003

I have just been given the sad news that Premier Sargenta Silver Dazzler has died today. Dazzler was born on 18.4.89 sired by Ch Shadowmine Bilbo and Ch Aduesh Leisanna. He was a very large silver tabby with massive bone structure and lovely clear black/silver markings. His size is very rarely seen in silvers of today and he would have been very valuable as a stud. Dazzler was Ann and Les Stubbs` family pet, very much loved and desperately missed today. I am sorry Ann that you have lost him, but I am sure he is in a lovely place now.

 Show News

25th October 2003

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Umbra, silver tabby, for winning his first show. Open class, Best of Breed and 4 red cards. What a fabulous day for owner Suzanne and Michael Hales. This was the West Country Cat Clubs 2nd sanction show in Street and I gather a good time was had by all. Exemption and Sanction shows seem to be so much more friendly than Championship shows both for the owners and the cats. Well done everyone.

Show News

 18th October 2003

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Ulysses, silver tabby, on winning his open class at the Kentish Show in Ashford today. Thanks to Diane and Andy Lamacraft for looking after him so well. Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Salto, silver spotted, on winning his first PC and BoB at the same show, well done all of you.There was a lovely line-up of silver spotties, so very nice to see so many all at once.Congratulations to Steve Perry`s Brighthelm Silver Willows, who took the Open and Best of breed and did well in all her side classes and her litter sister Brighthelm Silver Yasmin, who came second. Grand dad GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando can be justly proud as well.

 General News

 27th September 2003

Tania`s kittens are already 9 weeks old and going for their first vaccinations today.Her smoke babies are beautiful with nicer temperaments than their silver siblings. It puzzles me why everyone just wants silvers and not the very lovely smokes?

I have been trying to tidy the garden and getting the bulbs in before winter starts. The plastic has gone up in front of the cat houses and they are all snug and ready for the cold weather. Fred can`t help anymore, it is hard to realise that he is 88years old next months. It takes me twice as long to do the jobs he used to do.

My eyesight is not getting any better and according to the Hospital yesterday, nothing has changed for the better overall. I am still waiting to see the consultant at Maidstone hospital. Nobody seems to have any idea where this illness is coming from and what is causing it. Therefore there is no treatment at present.

Candice has gone to her new home yesterday in Romsey, Hants and, although I miss her badly this morning, she will be well looked after by Annemaria and her husband.

Show News

 6th September 2003

Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Tigress, silver spotted , on winning her Open class, Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at the Herts and Middlesex Show today. This is her owner Georgina Brown`s first attempt into the world of Cat Shows. Well done Georgina and Tigress!


 5th September 2003

Alas no good news on that front yet, more tests arranged with specialist at main Maidstone hospital. Blood test for Toxoplasmosis has shown positive, but not relevant at present. What else could I expect when breeding cats? Bi-lateral vascular inflammation with cotton wool spots behind the eyes still there and origin is still unknown. Cholesterol levels apparently through the roof, must really try hard to leave chocolates alone. My friends in Belgium and Switzerland are not helping with this endeavour when bringing their georgeous chocolates to the UK. German Brandy Beans and Cherry Liqueur chocolates also have a fatal attraction with me, and Fred never gets a look in. Dietician`s advice to eat carrot and celery sticks does not have quite the same appeal!

 New Birth

 3rd September

Five kittens born to Petra and Leo this evening. Three silver spotted girls - two very dark- and two silver tabby boys, very nicely marked. All very large and healthy kittens and no trouble to Petra at all. She is a good Mum who takes it all in her stride.


 30th August 2003

22 hours after giving birth Tallulah came downstairs and my husband remarked that she was walking funny. I just managed to grab her in time to deliver kitten number five, a beautiful tabby boy. I had kept her on caulophyllum tablets throughout the day as she had retained one placenta and Ithought on Friday, that there was another kitten. As she did nothing more for several hours I convinced myself that I was wrong. It would be so much easier if breeders in this Country could be given Oxytocin by the vets for such an occasion. Tallulah is happy with her lovely babies and can`t understand what the fuss was all about anyway.

 New Birth

 29th August 2003

Tallulah gave birth to four beautifully marked silver tabbies this evening. It was a textbook delivery and all over within 2 hours. She has three girls and one boy. Mother and babies are doing fine.

Sargenta Silver Unice had an uneventful trip to Germany today as well, and is already settled in her new home with Horst and Christa Hahn in Pforzheim. It was a bit sad that they only managed to stay in England for 3 hours before turning round and making the long journey home. I would have welcomed the chance to catch up with German cat breeder news and hearing about the beautiful part of Germany where they live for a bit longer. I was evacuated from Berlin to that part of Germany from 1941-1944 and have been back a few times when Motor Racing was held at the Nuernburgring.


 27th August 2003

Nickel-Tessa and Leo-Rosita kittens have now all gone to their new homes. Just one silver tabby female available from Tessa. Monty-Tracey kittens will be collected this weekend, with one silver spotted boy still available from that litter.

 Some of the 8 kittens from the Leo-Tania litter are still available, spotted boys and smoke girls.

Tallulah and Petra are due to kitten and that will be the last of Sargenta kittens for a while, certainly nothing until next year - if I am still alive and able to breed in a very small way. Most of my breeding stock will be spayed and neutered very shortly and re-homed

 Candice is still looking for that elusive lap to sit on!

Hospital Tests

 22nd August 2003

Angiogram carried out this am showed conclusively that there is an infection in both my arteries as well as veins, origin not clear at present but prognosis not good. Apparently my immune system is breaking down. A lot more tests have been carried out today and the results should be back within the next 14 days. I am now seriously concerned about my cats, especially Tallulah and Petra, which are still due to kitten. Nina is making good progress and has all her kittens back with her today. Lesley Miles has been a real friend and I can`t thank her and her cat enough.Tanias eight kittens are growing as well and are starting to feed by themselves, taking the load of their Mum.

Kittens and Nina

 15th August 2003

 Tania and all eight of her kittens are doing fine. As usual the smokes are the biggest. Nina is making slow progress and now has two kittens with her. Two are still with Lesley. Words can never be adequate to Thank Lesley. She was an absolute lifesaver when I could not do anything more to save my babies.

The weather has finally broken and we have a breeze, which has cooled things down. In the afternoon the temperature in the garden was still 40 degrees, but it did not feel so hot anymore. It was lovely to see all cats and kittens playing yesterday morning instead of just lying there like dead lumps.

It was quite strange to pick tomatoes in the greenhouse which had actually cooked on the vine. The farmers in Kent are losing their fruit crops, as apparently they also are cooked on the trees. Maybe we should start planting Olive trees?

I have spent many days recently at the Vet with Tania and Nina and seen some gruesome things, which need not have happened. Dogs locked in cars in the car parks, Guinea pigs and rabbits in conservatories unshaded, rabbits in garden sheds. Remarks by crying owners"They were in the shade when we went to work in the morning and we did not realise how hot they would get when the sun came round in the afternoon!" Everyone was shocked and sorry, but it was far too late for the poor animals. It is bad enough when one tries to protect ones animals and they die, but this constant sheer stupidity and carelessness really is upsetting.

 What more can be done to educate people???


News update

13th August 2003

Nina is still very ill at present. Two of her kittens have sadly died, but three have gone to Lesley Miles to be cared for by one of Lesleys Mums, who had just given birth to three kittens of her own. Nina has one kitten with her and it is looking fairly hopeful.

 More eye tests arranged for 22nd August, at least I won`t have to wait too long.

 The weather is still gruesome, but hopefully will change soon. All other cats and kittens are fine and Tallulah and Petra are looking good as well, kittens due 29thAugust and 2nd September. Thank goodness it will all be over soon.


Sad News

11th August 2003

Sargenta Primadonna, my lovely blue girl, suddenly died today at the Vets of a massive pulmonary embolism. She was spayed last Tuesday and never fully recovered from the operation. As we are experiencing temperatures outside of 40 degrees, and yesterday over 50degrees and my garden is South facing, a combination from the operation and the unbearable heat was thought to be the cause. Donna was quiet the last two days, but this morning had very visible breathing problems. Xrays showed fluid on her lungs and whilst she was being given a steroid injection, she suddenly died and could not be revived. I am totally devastated.

Champion Sargenta Silver Nina gave birth to six lovely kittens on Saturday morning, but Nina and her kittens are also fighting for their lives. Unfortunately Nina was poisoned by something she ate in the gardenonly two days prior to kittening. I had let her out into the garden for a short run every evening and she caught two frogs which she started to eat. I managed to take them away from her. Her hunting instincts were strong because of the impending kittening. She managed to have the kittens without a Cesar, but I could tell, that she was ill throughout. The Vet put her on the drip immediately the last kitten was born and she was re-hydrated Saturday and all day yesterday and is with the Vet today. I have her home at night and feed the kittens. All six kittens are now affected and are given Lectate only. Nina is showing some slight improvement today but only time will tell if she and her kittens can make it. The kittens are by Montaego and it was to be Nina`s last litter. All are beautifully marked and it is heartbreaking to see them struggle to survive.

I was given the bad news last week that I am going blind and that I could have a stroke at any time. Narrowing of the Arteries detected behing the eyes, blood tests have been carried out and CT scan is awaited. What else can go wrong?


I have some lovely silver tabbies, spotteds and smokes for sale at present, one ready now, otheres after 22nd August. Rositas smokes and tabbies are extremely nice and I am hoping that the silvers can go together with the smokes to any home wanting a pair.


 Tania`s kittens

 27th July 2003

Sargenta Silver Tania gave birth to eight kittens today. She started at 4am and finished at 6pm, 7 of those hours at the Vets with a drip going in and oxytocin. No Cesar needed at the end, but I wonder who felt worse for wear, Tania or myself? She had four fabulously marked silver spotteds, three boys and one girl followed by four smokes, one boy and three girls. As Tania is B bloodgroup and was mated to Leo who is A bloodgroup, her babies had to be hand reared the first 16 hours, but both mother and babies are doing well. Rositas babies are nearly 9 weeks old and Rosi has now been separated from them and is helping Tania with two of her babies. At present it seems to be working. As usual, the smoke kittens are again very much larger than the silvers, I wonder why?

Kittens - Canada

 19th July 2003

Blue boy Usuma (meaning Lion) and silver kittens Undine and Ulla are now happily settled in their new home on Vancouver Island. Although this was a very long journey, the stress was minimised, as all three kittens were allowed to travel with their owners inside the cabin.I thank Air Canada for transporting them in this way. The two blue boys Ulfius (now Alfie) and Ultrabrite (Bertie) are also living in the lap of Luxury with Emma in Guernsey. Primadonna, their mother will have to be spayed, as she has decided, since having the kittens, to bash up everyone in sight, including her daughter Ursina, who is staying with me. I was hoping that Donna would settle down in the company of her daughter, but she has decided otherwise. I hope that spaying will calm her and she will find a nice home later on.

Candice is still looking for just the right home, hopefully with her silver tabby kitten Ursula.

I have just heard the good news that my friend Susan Knight`s cat Tufton Bilbo Baggins has been awarded his second Grand Premier Certificate today. Many congratulations to his breeder Lesley Miles, Susan and of course "Babycat"


 29th June 2003

Kittens from Chloe, Candice and Donna have all grown into beautiful animals. Two of Chloe`s girls and one of Donna`s boys will make their way to Canada next week, and their new owners will arrive in Britain tomorrow to come and visit their new treasures.

Candice will be looking for a new home shortly, no very young children please. Although Candice and Chloe have always lived together, Chloe was dominant and therefore Candice could now do with a loving lap to sit on, and no other animals to fight for favours. I also have one of Donna`s blue boys still available. Poppet had her kittens to Nickel on 29th April, Tessa and Tracey had lovely babies in June. Some smoke boys and silver tabbies are still available. Rosita had two tabbies and two smokes which will be available to anyone looking for two kittens.

Fred and I are still keeping well, but the high Pollen count and the very warm weather have caused us both some breathing problems. The cats and kittens seem to take the warm weather in their stride. Today the temperature was a very warm 30degrees on my patio and not much cooler in the cat runs. Some rain to water my flowers would be very welcome.

Important Information

 24th May 2003

It has been brought to my notice that a breeder in the USA has acquired a Silver kitten from a Pet Shop with the name Sargenta Musette, imported from Russia at 8 weeks of age. I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this kitten and have not sold a kitten of that name to either Russia or the USA. No kittens would ever be sold anywhere, either in the UK or Abroad without full Pedigree, GCCF registration document, Vaccination certificate and certainly never at 8 weeks of age.

 There was a kitten of mine registered as Sargenta Blue Musetta, born 16.4.1996. She was a blue spotted out of GrCh Sargenta Blue Gismo and Ambastar Gabriella. This kitten was sold to Dave Werbeck in London and I heard, that a year later she was sold on to Marianna Garley in Lincolnshire and registered with the CA. I was not given the chance to buy her back. I was asked at a later stage if I would consider to mate one of Musetta`s offspring to one of my studboys, but I refused and have heard no more since that time.

 I sincerely hope that it would not be possible to register kittens abroad with my prefix of Sargenta and am grateful to everyone who has brought this matter to my attention.


 10th May 2003

Sargenta Silver Poppet gave birth by Cesar on 29th April to five kittens. I am keeping her silver tabby daughter to replace Poppet, as she was spayed at the time of birth. She has two very nice black smoke boys in her litter.


 28th April 2003

Ronaldo Silver Chloe gave birth to 7 silver tabby kittens on 8th April - mostly boys. Her sister Candice had six kittens by Cesar on the same day, 2 black smoke boys and 4 silver tabbies. Only one of them female which I am keeping to replace Mum, who was spayed at the same time. Primadonna gave birth to 7 blue kittens on April 15th, again mostly boys.

 No enquiries for tabbies please, as most of them are spoken for at present. Booking will be taken for Blues when a little older.


 9th April 2003

I have today received the sad news that Ch Sargenta Silver Damaris (Silver spotted) died at Christmas whilst alseep on Maggies bed. Her brother GrChSargenta Silver Dan peacefully passed away on 28th March 2003 whilst alseep on his favourite chair in the garden. Dan will be remembered by many breeders at home and abroad for siring such lovely kittens.Both were 14 years old and ended their working lives in a family home much loved by their new owners and are now sadly missed.

Show News

 5th April 2003

Congratulations to Ch Sargenta Silver Poldark, silver spotted. He was awarded his first Grand Challenge Certificate and 7th CC at the Kernow Cat Club`s show today. Well done Joan for showing him so well.

Subject kittens

 26th March 2003

Two kittens were born to Ronaldo Silver Faith this morning. One was a silver tabby female and the other a silver spotted boy. Both kittens are booked - No enquiries for kittens please, as there are no more born at present and I now have a waiting list

Subject:New Website

Date: 18th March 2003

Message: I hope that you have all seen my new webpages and will sign in my Guestbook. My thanks to Andy and Diane Lamacraft of Rosauris British Shorthairs, who have worked so hard to make this possible.

Subject: Show News

Date: 18th March 2003

 Message: Congratulations to my new Champion Sargenta Silver Tracey (silver spotted). Tracey was awarded her 2nd CC and Best of Breed at the Croydon Cat Club show on 8th February and her third at the Wessex show (and Best of Breed) on March 1st 2003. She gained a 4th consecutive CC and Best of Breed at the

 Surrey and Sussex Show last Saturday 15th March and will now be retired for breeding.

 My friend Susan Knight`s cat Tufton Bilbo Baggins (silver tabby neuter), who is a grandson of Sargenta Silver Montaego, was made up to Premier at the Wessex show and also gained a 4th PC and Best of Breed at the Surrey and Sussex. Well done Susan and "Baby Cat"!

Subject: Show News

 Date: 25th January 2003

 Message: Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Tracey, Silver Spotted. She gained her first CC today at the Southern Counties Show at the young age of 9 1/2 months. Aljora Fabulous Felix took the Best of Breed. Felix is a Son of the late Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Alfred. Tracey is his Grand-daughter. Amshula Silver Starmaker was awarded his first CC. He is a Son of my GrCh Adentsh Silver Orleando. Well done to all the Silvers.

Subject: Contact

 Date: 12th January 2003

 Message: I apologise to anyone waiting for a reply from me to their e-mails. My telephone line, and thereby the computer connection, has been out of action since 7th January and has only been fixed today. We are not used to having snow in the South of England and when we get just a little bit, it seems to cause havoc with all necessary services such as Telephones, Road, Rail and Air Travel. I often wonder how Countries manage where there is real snow!!!

Subject: Show News

 Date: 4th January 2003

 Message: Congratulations to Grand Champion Ronaldo Silver Coco, Silver Tabby. Coco was awarded his title at the Shorthair Cat Society`s show today. Coco is the litter brother to my girls Ronaldo Silver Candice and Ronaldo Silver Chloe. Well done Coco

Subject: pacemaker

 Date: 2nd January 2002

 Message: I am happy to tell you that Fred finally had a pacemaker fitted late this afternoon and is progressing well

Subject: New Year

 Date: 30th December 2002

 Message: To all my friends everywhere I wish a Very Happy and prosperous New Year. I also wish you much success with your animals in 2003. I take this opportunity in apologising for not keeping up with the answering of my incoming mail. Fred suffered a minor heart attack on Christmas Day and has not been well since. He is now back in hospital yet again awaiting the fitting of a pacemaker. All cats and kittens are fine and I am coping.

Subject: CAT Show

 Date: 21st December 2002

 Message: Congratulations to my Silver Tabby Champion Sargenta Silver Rosita for winning another certificate at the Maidstone & Medway Cat Club`s show today. She was also awarded Best of Breed. Well done Rosi! I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends at home and abroad a very Happy and peaceful Christmas. I hope that you all have a wonderful time!

Subject: Cats and kittens

 Date: 17 December 2002

 Message: Nina gave birth to four kittens on November 1st.Two black smokes and two silver spotteds. Each pair, i.e. a silver and a smoke,will be going to their pet homes at the end of January. Petra gave birth to 4 silver spotteds at the end of November but all are spoken for. All Adult cats, which needed re-homing have now gone. Philippa was spayed after the Kentish show and has also gone to her new family. They already own a silver spotted boy, who was bought from me in 1993. Much to everyone`s surprise both cats got on well together within just a few days and I have received some lovely photos back to show them sleeping and feeding together.

Subject: Show News

 Date: 26th October 2002

 Message: Congratulations to Sargenta Twilight - British Shorthair Black Smoke kitten- on winning her Open class and Best of Breed at the Yorkshire Show in Doncaster today for her owner Edward Wisniewski. It is very nice to see a black smoke being shown, hopefully more owners will follow suit. Well done Ted and Twilight!

Subject: cat shows

 Date: 19th October 2002

 Message: Congratulations to my new Spotted Champion Sargenta Silver Phillipa on gaining her title at the Kentish Show today. She was also awarded Best of Breed and gained another two first places and a third place in her side classes. Congratulations also to my kitten Sargenta Silver Tracey (Silver spotted).She made her debut in style at the same show by winning her Open class and Best of Breed. She won another three second places in her side classes (one of them in a class of 13 other cats). Both cats were much admired for their beautiful spots and outstanding temperament. I am very proud of them.

Subject: computer glitch!

 Date: 15th October 2002

 Message: I have been informed, that emails are not being received by my computer. Please check that all mails are send to If you do not receive and answer within a reasonable time, then I have not received your mail. Please try again, as I hate losing friends who must assume, that I am not answering their mails, when in fact I have not received them. Alle meine Freunde in Deutschland bitte notieren, das mails verloren gehen und muessen das word fsworld in meine addresse haben. Alles was durchkommt, wird beantwortet, wenn das nicht der Fall ist, koennt ihr wissen, das nichts angekommen ist.

Subject: cat show

 Date: 11th October 02

 Message: After a long break during the Summer, it is finally time for cat shows again. The Kentish Cat Society has their Annual show next Saturday and I will be there with one of my new kittens from this year`s litters. Fred and I will also be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary on that day! All other kittens have now gone to their new owners. Telstar, the black smoke boy, will be flying the flag for Sargenta in Scotland. He should improve the size in silver breeding considerably. I am having some plastic surgery to my face on 8th November and hopefully get rid of the skin cancer once and for all! Nina will have had her kittens by then and I have something to look forward to. The weather has been lovely and sunny for several weeks now and I am busy getting the garden in shape and all the bulbs planted before winter sets in.

Subject: kittens for sale

 Date: 08.09.02

 Message: Two black smoke boys, one smoke girl and one brown spotted boy will all be ready on 21.09.02.They are of stunning size as their mother is my blue Sargenta Soft Touch and their father is UK Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Montaego. Sofie is also looking for a new home as she had a Cesar on her first litter and was spayed. She is only 14 months old. Silver Tabby female Aelric Silver Suzie is available for a pet home. She is 9 months old, but has the wrong eyecolour for my breeding.Also she is too small to be bred with my giant boys. All other kittens are now settled in their news homes. Only one more litter will be born this year early November. These will be spotted kittens from Leo and Nina. The weather seems to be changing and there is a distinct feel of autumn now. Time to get the garden back into shape.

Subject: Orbituary

 Date: 08.08.02

 Message: GRAND CHAMPION SARGENTA BLUE GISMO 11.07.91 - 08.08.02 It is with great sadness that I have had to say good bye to Gismo today. Gismo was the only BLUE SPOTTED male Grand Champion ever to have gained that title for this breed. He was a major influence in the breeding of the blue/silver series in this Country. Gismo won all his shows in style. The National Cat Show in London as a kitten in l991, then in l992 and l993. The Supreme Show in Birmingham he won in 1992 and 1993. His show career spanned just over 2 years. He won 14 Best of Breed, 12 CC`s, 4 Grands consecutive and 1 Reserve Grand.He had an all red card day at almost every show entered, and was truly a magnificient example of his breed. Gismo was retired in l996 from stud work and has lived with my son Brian until today. Brian was with me at the Vets when I held Gismo in my arms. He purred as he gently went to sleep. God Bless.

Subject: Fred & cats

 Date: 02.07.02

 Message: Fred`s monitor is recording well and has supplied nearly enough data for the cardiologist to consider pacemaker. All Chloe`s and Petra`s kittens are now in their new homes, three have gone to Germany. Soft Touch has had her kittens yesterday, another Cesar and again all boys. Three superb British Blacks amongst them. Half of my breeding queens are being re-homed very shortly. Rianna, Rachel, Phillipa and Sofie because of Cesars, Kimbelle is now too old for breeding. Rachel, Rianna and Kimbelle had all boys, but my new queens will be spotted daughters from Petra and Phillipa, a spotted from Jack of Ronaldo Prefix and a tabby from the Aelric prefix. Photographs will appear on my site later.

Subject: kittens

 Date: 9.05.02

 Message: All kittens are now ready to be viewed, mostly tabby boys, one blue boy and one blue girl.

Subject: Out of hospital

 Date: 8.05.02

 Message: Fred is finally at home. No pacemaker fitted. Instead monitor inserted under skin. Handcontrol supplied for Fred or someone else to activate the monitor when he has a blackout!!!! Since he has no warning of this and is out within a matter of seconds, how is he supposed to operate this control, apart from the fact, that he would not be able to do this anyway, can`t see enough for that. This has been a stupid waste of resources to keep someone in hospital for eight weeks, caused a lot of distress and has basically achieved nothing. Fred is happy to be with the cats and was surprised, that they all still recognised him. Donna sleeps on his bed at night with her kittens in the same room.

Subject: hospital

 Date: 29.05.02

 Message: Fred is still in hospital. He has been in there for 6 weeks now and is still waiting for a pacemaker. A tilt- table test is necessary and there is a waiting list for that. This constant waiting is very distressing for Fred as well as myself. He is beginning to feel, that he will never be able to come home, but I still have hope. Rianna had a Cesar on Monday, but the Anaesthetic went wrong and left her damaged. Her one kitten was given to Poppet to rear.We also have a very large garden and there are 150 plants waiting in the greenhouse for my attention. Everything is growing at the rate of knots, but I expect that I will manage in the end.

Subject: Show win abroad

 Date: 14.05.02

 Message: I have just received news from Frank and Anna in Berlin that Sargenta Silver Sharlene was made up to Champion and also won her 1st International Certificate. Well done to Sharlene and her devoted Slaves!

Subject: hospital

 Date: 14.05.02

 Message: Fred holding on and waiting for pacemaker to be fitted. 24hour monitoring requested four days ago, but unfortunately equipment required not available as yet. Very frustrating for everyone concerned, but more stressful for Fred and myself. Candice and Donna both now have their kittens. Many thanks for all the good wishes. All emails with CAT PICTURES are surrounding Fred in the ward and I am quite sure, that most normal people think that we are mad!!!

Subject: hospital

 Date: 4.05.02

 Message: Fred still in hospital and back on monitors, heart very weak. Insertion of pacemaker planned, but unable to be fitted as yet. Candy`s kittens now 2 days overdue, but I am coping.

Subject: Good News

 Date: 30.04.02

 Message: Fred is off the monitors now and making good progress. There seems to be very little damage and we are just awaiting confirmation via the CT scan which will be done soon.

Subject: hospital

 Date: 28.4.02

 Message: In view of the fact that my husband has suffered two strokes in the last 24 hours, I will not be able to answer my emails at present. I will deal with things as soon as I am able. Please be patient.

Subject: new title abroad

 Date: 22.04.02

 Message: I have just received the wonderful news from Els Haegens of the van Rietveld cattery in Belgium, that Sargenta Silver Renee is now Grand European Champion. That is an amazing achievement in such a young cat. Many congratulations to Els and Renee. Renee will now hopefully sire some wonderful kittens.

Subject: Front Cover

 Date: 15.04.02

 Message: The front cover of May issue Cat World Magazine features Sargenta Silver Phoebe, silver tabby. She is the sister of Ch Sargenta Silver Poppet. I hope you all like her face. Further information can be found on

Subject: miracle litter

 Date: 15.4.02

 Message: An amazing 9 (nine) silver tabby kittens were born to Chloe on 11.4.02. Nine carbon copies of Monty! All kittens are of even weight and size and doing well. Chloe is rearing 8 of them.Petra has taken on number 9. She gave birth to 6 kittens of her own two days prior to Chloe. I have never seen such a large litter with a British cat before and it is truly a miracle, that all are doing well. No enquiries please until Mid- to end of May.

Subject: Funeral

 Date: 09.04.02

 Message: Fred and I will be observing a day of mourning today in respect of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. During his 24 years service in the RAF Fred has met the Queen Mum on numerous occasions, especially whilst stationed in London during the war. I am a Berliner, but have admired the Queen mother for her unwavering consistency in an ever changing and turbulent world. This is truly the passing of an era.

Subject: show news

 Date: 16.03.02

 Message: Congratulations to my new Champion Sargenta Silver Rosita(18) on gaining her 3rd CC and Best of Breed at the Surrey and Sussex show. She was much admired on the day. Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Rianna (30s) for gaining her 2nd Certificate and also being awarded Best of Breed. This was an especially nice achievement in view of the fact, that she has just had a pyometra after being given the pill, and with the help of homeopathic treatment seems to have recovered.

Subject: Show Wins Abroad

 Date: 03.02.02

 Message: News from Berlin received today: Sargenta Silver Sharlene made Junior Champion and received Best in Show Nomination at the young age of 8 months. Well done Frank and Anna. Arielle, daughter of Sargenta Silver Oonagh, was made up to Champion and won Best of Variety for Sabrina Neumann twice in a row. Many congratulations to Sabrina and Arielle for a job well done!

Subject: show wins

 Date: 02.03.02

 Message: Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Rianna (Silver spotted)on winning her 1st CC and Best of breed at the Wessex Show in Poole.She was also placed 1st and 2nd in her side classes Congratulations to Sargenta Silver Rosita (Silver Tabby) on gaining her second successive CC at the same show. Rosita`s side classes were large, but she managed to gain a 1st in a class of 12 and two third placings in classes 0f 9 and 10 respectively. I am very proud of both girls.

Subject: show wins abroad

 Date: 12.02.02

 Message: I have just received news from the Czech Republic via Olga Griffithsova that both her Silvers have been awarded their New Titles at Bratislava in Slovakia last Saturday. My congratulations go to "IntCh Sargenta Silver Ricardo"(Silver Tabby) and "IntCh Sargenta Silver Rosebud"(Silver spotted). Well done Olga.

Subject: show wins

 Date: 10.02.02

 Message: Congratulations to my lovely silver tabby girl Sargenta Silver Rosita on gaining her first Challenge certificate and Best of Breed at the Croydon Cat Club Show yesterday. Congratulations also to Sargenta Silver Phillipa - silver spotted - on gaining her second Certificate at the same show. Well done girls!

Subject: Orbituary

 Date: 30.1.02

 Message: I have just heard the sad News from Russia via Irena Alexandrova that her mother Galena`s cat "IntGrCh Sargenta Silver Ludovic" has suddenly died from suspected kidney failure. My heart goes out to Galena for this sad loss, as I know just how much Ludovic meant to her.

Subject: hospital

 Date: 23.01.02

 Message: Operation finally carried out on 18.1.02 and I am now minus one very large gallstone and my gallbladder. I am recovering very quickly. I would like to thank all my friends here and abroad for all their good wishes and support. It is now "full steam ahead" for the mating season. Rachel has started the ball rolling with Leo.

Subject: Hospital

 Date: 7.01.02

 Message: Emergency Operation has been cancelled for today as no beds available at Maidstone Hospital due to large intake of accident victims, i.e. bad weather. Hopefully re-scheduled for next week Jan 15th

Subject: show win

 Date: december 2001

 Message: Many congratulations to Int Gr Ch Sargenta Silver Renee (18) on winning his first European Certificate. Thank you Els for showing him so well

Subject: hospital

 Date: 21.12.01

 Message: I will be admitted to hospital on Jan 3rd for pre admission tests and hopefully will have major surgery on January 7th 2002. I will answer all emails as soon as I am back home and able to do so.

Subject: cat shows

 Date: 15.12.01

 Message: Congratulations to my two new Champions Champion Sargenta Silver Rachel(30s) and Champion Sargenta Silver Poppet(18) on gaining your titles at the Maidstone and Medway Show on Saturday and also being awarded Best of Breed. Congratulations to Clare Cook`s kitten Sargenta Silver Salto (30s) on winning 1st Open and Best of Breed at the same show. Well done all of you!

Subject: show wins

 Date: 24.11.01

 Message: Supreme Show 2001 Monty has done it!! UK Grand Champion Sargenta Silver Montaego has been awarded the UK Grand Challenge Certificate for the second time and now hold the Title of UK Grand Champion for all time! Well done Monty for making this such a fabulous day for the Silver Tabbies. 15.12.01 Congratulations to my new Champions Ch Sargenta Silver Poppet(18)and Ch Sargenta Silver Rachel(30) on gaining their titles at the Maidstone & Medway`s Cat Club show and being awarded Best of Breed congratulations to Clare Cook`s Sargenta Silver Salto(30s) on winning 1st kitten Open and Best of breed at the same show. Well done all of you!

Subject: Out Of Hospital

 Date: 02-11-01

 Message: Ive just come out of hospital today and wuld like to thank everyone thats been emailing me, I will get back to you in a few days. Thank You Ursula

Subject: Congratulations

 Date: 23-10-01

 Message: Champion Sargenta Silver Renee (Silver Tabby) in Belgium and his owner Els Haegens Champion Sargenta Silver Ricardo (Silver Tabby) and Champion Sargenta Silver Rosebud (Silver Spotted) in the Czech Republic and their owner Olga Griffithsova Congratulations for Success at the Kentish Show , Ashford on 20.10.01 Sargenta Silver Rachel (30s) 2nd CC Sargenta Silver Minstrel (18) PC and Best of Breed, owner Susan Knight Sargenta Silver Salto (30s) 1st Open win as a Kitten in his first show -owner Clare Cook and last, but not least my blue baby on her first outing at 3 1/2 months Sargenta Soft Touch (16) 1st Open and Best of Breed in a class of 8 and first in another class of 10 Well Done to all of you!