Sargenta British Shorthairs

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Our Boys

We currently have 2 stud boys.

Pictured above by Robert Fox with thanks from Natalie, Tigatails
Champion Khancoban Silver Fox
Khancoban Silver Cobweb (30s) x Khancoban Rememberence (18)
Bloodgroup A
PKD neg

Fox is the oldest of the boys born in 2010. He was bred by Ann Cooper of Khancoban prefix. Fox was made up to Champion in April 2011 and won his first Grand Challenge Certificate in April 2012. In October that year he was BoV British Adult and was awarded the Reserve Grand. He has sired several Champions, BoV and Best in Show offspring.

Fox has lovely green eyes, good black to silver contrast and excellent spotting. He has matured into a lovely big cat with a wonderful temperament.

NEUTERED on 6.6.2016

Click for a link to Fox’s pedigree

Fox's Pedigree
Storms Pedigree

Champion Revodna Silver Storm
Colinswood Silver Jenson (18) x Ronaldo Silver Qiana (18)
Bloodgroup B
PKD neg

Storm is one of my Silver Tabby stud boy. Has a superb crisp sharp contrast and a super pattern his eyes are turning a promising green now.

He has a lovely pedigree and is a good outcross

Storms eyes have now turned green, he just needs an updated photo  he is also siring some truly stunning kittens.

NEUTERED on 6.6.2016 and now re-homed Oct.2016

Click for a link to Storm’s pedigree

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Our boys Show News

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